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Hello and a warm welcome to pete-n-pam.com. I'm Pete; my wife and soulmate is Pam.

Pam and I used to live a fairly mundane lifestyle in a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Like so many Aussies, we dreamt of buying a motorhome or a caravan and setting out on an open-ended adventure to explore this vast, diverse and beautiful continent. In 2004 we did just that; we bought a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Jayco caravan and, just before Christmas of that year, we left home, pointed the 'rig' east, and just drove.

Since then we've travelled the length and breadth of mainland Australia . . .

All these magic places are still there, just waiting for YOU! I hope these pages encourage you to do something similar - it's a wonderful life - but if not, please share our experiences here.

Before we left home we started this web site so that our family and friends could keep track of us. Realising how rudimentary our earlier efforts were, we have now commenced a rework of the site. Our early pictures leave much to be desired but later a Canon EOS 60D remedied that as you'll see. Now bad pictures are down to the photographer - no more excuses.

Our web site is in three sections:
  1. The Main section covers the story of our travels with pictures, some history and occasional opinion.
  2. In Pam's Journal she gives her daily perspective of our nomadic lifestyle.
  3. The Miscellaneous section is just that, extra pictures, Aussie legends, poems - items that don't belong elsewhere.

The three grey buttons at the bottom of this page will take you to each of the three indexes. The coloured buttons take you directly to the latest page in the Main section or Pam's Journal.

Many people have kindly contacted us to correct errors, to both give and ask advice and - yes, even to pay us compliments. We have met so many wonderful people from every state and territory and from all walks of life that our circle of friends is continually growing.

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