Pam's Index

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Month Year Location
July 2004 A 'shakedown trip' in preparation for the BIG ONE.
December 2004 After unavoidable delays we finally set off across the continent.
January 2005 The Eyre Peninsula, the Yorke Peninsula, the Clare and the Barossa Valley wine regions.
February 2005 Adelaide and Victor Harbor.
March 2005 More Victor Harbor and south to Mount Gambier.
April 2005 Adelaide, the Riverland, Port Augusta, the Pichi Richi Railway, Woomera and Coober Pedy
May 2005 On north to incredible Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon then Alice Springs with all it has to offer the tourist.
June 2005 On north via Wycliffe Well, Tennant Creek, Daly Waters, Katherine and Kakadu National Park to Darwin.
July 2005 South again to Litchfield National Park, Douglas Daly, Katherine, Mataranka, then east to Mount Isa.
August 2005 Mount Isa then on to Charters Towers, a 'freebie' at Rollingstone then north again to Cairns.
September 2005 Based in Cairns we visit Green Island, Karunda, the Botanical Gardens, Yorkeys Knob and Mossman Gorge.
October 2005 And yet more Cairns.
November 2005 Townsville, Emerald, Longreach, Charleville, Roma and St. George.
December 2005 From St. George to Toowoomba then Christmas at Jimboomba.
January 2006 Jimboomba to Lake Keepit via Glen Innes and the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
February 2006 Tamworth during and after the Festival then on to Sydney.
March 2006 Goodbye Sydney, hello Toowoon Bay and on to Newcastle, Taree and Ballina.
April 2006 From Ballina back to Queensland and good old Ross and Jan Taylor's place at Jimboomba.
May 2006 On north to Mooloolaba, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island and Woodgate Beach.
June 2006 A town called 1770, north to Gladstone then a fast run to Cairns.
July 2006 In and around Cairns.
August 2006 North on a safari to the last frontier - Cooktown.
September 2006 Our last month in Cairns. Perhaps.
October 2006 We move south from Cairns and skydive over Mission Beach.
November 2006 Cape Hillsborough, Emu Park and lots more.
December 2006 We decide to stay in Emu Park for Christmas.
January 2007 More of Emu Park then back on the road.
February 2007 From Tamworth to Port Macquarie then Katoomba.
March 2007 More on Katoomba then on to Kiama, Batemans Bay and the fabulous Snowy Mountains.
April 2007 Canberra, Orange, Mudgee, Dubbo and on to Lightning Ridge.
May 2007 We leave Lightning Ridge for Mitchell and on to Blackall and Longreach.
June 2007 We finally leave Longreach for Julia Creek and the Gulf.
July 2007 A rodeo in Georgetown, lava tubes in Mount Surprise, then Cairns.
August 2007 North to Cooktown then south via Cairns.
September 2007 Cairns south to Cardwell, Midge Point, Sarina and Emu Park.
October 2007 More Emu Park and then on to Biloela, Chinchilla, Stanthorpe, Casino, and Grafton.
November 2007 More Armidale, Port Stephens and then Narrabeen, Sydney.
December 2007 A bit more of Sydney then we escape back to the bush.
January 2008 Tamworth for our third Country Music Festival.
February 2008 Back on the road. Gilgandra, Cobar, Broken Hill, Mildura and Renmark.
March 2008 Still in Renmark then on to Adelaide and up to Alice Springs.
April 2008 We leave Alice Springs for Katherine and then Kununurra in the West.
May 2008 Well settled in Kununurra then moved on via the Bungle Bungles to Fitzroy Crossing.
June 2008 Derby and on to Broome.
July 2008 Two more weeks in Broome then Port Hedland, Newman and Tom Price.
August 2008 Onslow and then . . . more Onslow.
September 2008 Exmouth, right at the end of a very long peninsula.
October 2008 More Exmouth then on to Coral Bay and Carnarvon.
November 2008 Shark Bay, Kalbarri and back to Perth.
December 2008 Back in Perth - but for how long?
January 2009 Starting the new year in Tamworth - for the fourth time.
February 2009 The Festival behind us, we get jobs in Tamworth.
March 2009 The tide has turned, the bank balance is no longer intent on suicide.
April 2009 Drama! Did Pete Mate have a stroke? Tests will reveal all.
May 2009 The temperature drops as winter approaches.
June 2009 Winter in Tamworth.
July 2009 And more winter in Tamworth.
August 2009 Guess what? Even more of Tamworth.
September 2009 See above.
October 2009 See above. We're itching to move on.
November 2009 Spring has well and truly sprung.
December 2009 Christmas approaches - already.
January 2010 A whole new year ahead.
February 2010 Onwards towards Victoria - at last.
March 2010 The Alpine Region of Victoria.
April 2010 More of The Alpine Region of Victoria.
May 2010 The Bright Gala Day to start another month in Porepunkah.
June 2010 Winter is here . . . and at last the snow!
July 2010 A once in a lifetime opportunity to see Lake Eyre with water in it.
August 2010 We tour the Great Ocean Road.
September 2010 The end of the road - Torquay. Then on to Mildura.
October 2010 The end of the Mildura Country Festival.
November 2010 Phillip Island, Toora, Sale and on to Bairnsdale.
December 2010 Our sixth anniversary on the road and Christmas in Bairnsdale.
January 2011 A couple more weeks in Bairnsdale then over the mountains.
February 2011 Back in Porepunkah. Like coming home. Then on to Geelong via Warragul.
March 2011 Geelong, Ballarat and then Horsham for more country music.
April 2011 Unexpectedly back to Mildura then Castlemain and Shepparton.
May 2011 The Autumn Festival in Porepunkah then on to Tamworth via Temora and Forbes.
June 2011 Two weeks in Tamworth then on to Brisbane.
July 2011 Three more weeks in Brisbane, then on to Maroochydore.
August 2011 A few more days in Maroochydore then north to Tin Can Bay and Emu Park.
September 2011 Much jollity in Emu Park.
October 2011 More jollity in Emu Park.
November 2011 We leave Emu Park and head south to Temora.
December 2011 Goodbye Temora, Bathurst for a few days, Sydney for a few more then Christmas in Tamworth.
January 2012 A lovely Christmas in Tamworth then the old man makes seventy. Yet another C.M. Festival.
February 2012 On from Tamworth to Narromine, Cowra then Young.
March 2012 Rain, rain and more . . . rain.
April 2012 Easter in Albury, fun with Greg 'n Bev then on to Porepunkah.
May 2012 The Autumn Festival in Porepunkah and a surprise.
June 2012 Back to Emu Park and warmth.
July 2012 Still in Emu Park.
August 2012 Becoming a little too comfortable in Emu Park.
September 2012 A nasty virus that won't go away.
October 2012 All our friends have gone!
November 2012 Back to Temora and round the south-east coastline. All new.
December 2012 Eden on the far southern coastline of New South Wales.
January 2013 Most of the month in Eden then west into the State of Victoria.
February 2013 We leave Bairnsdale for Dandenong for some maintenance to the car, caravan and ourselves.
March 2013 Three more weeks in Dandenong where health checks are nearly over.
April 2013 Wangaratta and on to Porepunkah where we f-f-f-freeze!
May 2013 The Bright Autumn Festival then we go north, chasing the sun.
June 2013 Back in Emu Park, Queensland, to thaw out.
July 2013 A whole month without alcohol to raise money for cancer patients - Dry July.
August 2013 Enjoying being home in Emu Park with all our old friends.
September 2013 A sad time as all our friends are drifting back south.
October 2013 We leave Queensland for a date with friends in Temora.
November 2013 Temora for the big air show then south to Porepunkah.
December 2013 More of Beautiful Porepunkah.
January 2014 We start 2014 in Temora, N.S.W. then move to Yass
February 2014 Goulburn and fun on the railway.
March 2014 Still in Goulburn but getting itchy feet.
April 2014 Temora for a few days then heading north.
May 2014 Goondiwindi Cotton Tour and north to Emu Park
June 2014 I have my right ankle fused. No more walking stick?
July 2014 I experience life in a wheelchair
August 2014 Going from strength to strength
September 2014 With neither crutches nor pain
October 2014 Time to hit the road. We're last of the gang to leave.
November 2014 Tamworth and on south.
December 2014 Goulburn for Christmas with Peter and Karen.
January 2015 Enjoying Goulburn so much we're staying three more weeks.
February 2015 Traralgon to visit a great friend then across Melbourne to Werribee South to attend the Avalon Air Show.
March 2015 We start March in Daylesford moving on to Halls Gap in the Grampians National Park then Swan Hill.
April 2015 We just arrived in Mildura for a full month.
May 2015 The big hike north from Mildura to the sunny Tropic of Capricorn
June 2015 Back in Queensland, God's Chosen State (in the winter).
July 2015 Finding new things to do from Emu Park
August 2015 Our last month in Emu Park for 2015
September 2015 Plans on hold due to a health issue. Still in Emu Park.
October 2015 South to Brisbane for a hospital visit.
November 2015 More weeks in Brisbane. Surgery for P.M.
December 2015 Cancer removed, back to Emu Park to recuperate.
January 2016 We start our 12th year 'on the road'.
February 2016 Heat, humidity and a new hip for Pam.
March 2016 Pam's doing well with her new hip.
April 2016 We both have cataract surgery.
May 2016 Winter - and the Mexicans - will soon return.
June 2016 So many social occasions, so much food.
July 2016 Winter is here and the park full.
August 2016 Glorious winter weather.
September 2016 Spring and the park is half empty.
October 2016 Major disruption before we leave.
November 2016 The Red Centre.
December 2016 Adelaide ... but where next?
January 2017 Two weeks in Perth and back to the bush.
February 2017 Drifting back to the east. Halfway across the continent.
March 2017 Back in Victoria and summer's over.
April 2017 We arrive back in Emu Park after visiting some showgrounds.
May 2017 All quiet in Emu Park.
June 2017 Flat out organising events.
July 2017 Busy, busy, busy and a new knee on 17th.
August 2017 Managing on two, then one, crutch.
September 2017 Crutches gone and all's well.
October 2017 Spring has sprung. Another new knee for me.
November 2017 The month I began with one crutch and finished with . . . ?
December 2017 Crutch-free and on the move, at last.
January 2018 All the Christmas nonsense is over. Visitors expected.
February 2018 Will we wrap up our website soon?.