Page 110: Mostly pictures . . .
  around, From and of  mount buffalo.  
  Bright, bathed in sunshine, seen from the Apex Lookout which we found after ascending on of Pam's 'goat tracks'.  
  An overcast day. Looking up from the Buckland Valley to where water cascades down into the Buffalo Gorge.  

Some pretty alpacas (look at that middle one) being reared for their wool in the Buckland Valley.
It had rained recently and some of their soft fleeces were matted. Alpacas are from South America. They are related to llamas.

The 'Ladies Bath Falls' are on Mount Buffalo. How do you prefer your waterfalls, with a fast exposure (left) freezing water droplets in mid air?
Or with a slow exposure (right) merging all the falling drops into a striped sheet of water?
  There's a case for both but in this instance I prefer the right hand picture - and I love the colour of the moss-covered rocks beyond.  
  Talking of moss-covered rock, the whole rock face alongside the path at this spot was a lovely, cool green.
The path led up the mountain from the Ladies Bath Falls to the Lower Eurobin Falls.
  Just out of interest, that name "Eurobin" is supposed to be of Aboriginal origin though its meaning is not known. It doesn't seem like an Aboriginal word, but who knows? It is pronounced You Robin. Pam and I had been pronouncing it as if it was a waste receptacle for the European Community. I expect they might like to drop Greece into it at present.  
  Not so much a water fall as a water slide.  
  Good old Pam, climbing steadily, never giving up. I bound up the steps so Pam thinks I'm fit, then collapse
in a trembling heap as soon as I'm out of her sight.
  And the Upper Eurobin Falls  
  After the three water falls we carried on up to the Chalet. I used a 200 mm lens to look down on Porepunkah again.  
  As you've probably never heard of Porepunkah outside of these pages, this picture will be of no interest whatsoever. So while you're yawning (yes you are, be honest) I'll tell you that our caravan is just behind the pine tree plantation on the hill on the right of the picture. I know you don't care, why should you? Feel free to send me pictures of your house obscured by a hill if you like.