Page 120: More Pictures of the shipwreck coast
  The weather was cold, wet and windy but the Twelve Apostles attracted colourful crowds all day.
Some – though not many – were talking in English.
  Stormy skies and a brief burst of sunshine make for dramatic contrast.  
  A wave bursts onto the cliff and rushes up the gorge towards . . .  
  . . . the mouth of Thunder Cave.  
  Incoming wave with a background of drifting spray.  
  Mist wafts from the Blowhole which was having a lazy day. It managed just a hint of a rainbow.  
  Surely that's not blue sky? The water in the bay resembled detergent in a washing machine.  
  When the signs warn you to stay on the track they know what they're talking about.
You just never know what's beneath you – if anything.