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Back in Emu Park, we hang up our tow bar.

First let me apologise to any confused reader for the way this narrative has disintegrated over the previous few pages. Truth be told, the old bugger who writes it is now 76 and getting tired. After thirteen fantastic years of continuously touring this most wonderful country, both body and mind are slowing down. Our faithful Mitsubishi Pajero, with us from the beginning, has passed the quarter million kilometre mark and it's hard to know how much more service remains in it. I believe it could easily double its present mileage, based on its previous record . . . but there's no way of knowing. Congratulations to Mitsubishi on producing such an amazing vehicle - it's a 2002 'NM' Exceed 3.2 litre diesel model.

Pam and I are both in agreement that it's time to settle down and that there is nowhere we'd rather be than in Emu Park. We found an ideal house which is still under construction and we can't wait to move in. After all these years of accumulating possessions we can hardly move around in our twenty-one foot Jayco Starcraft caravan

If we have one regret in 'retiring' now it is that we never took the caravan to Tasmania, (though we did briefly explore the island way back when, on a ten-day bed-and-breakfast tour). However, all in all, we wouldn't change a thing.

So . . . goodbye to all who came along with us on this site. It's been fun.

Pete and Pam

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