Pictures From The Opal Mining Town Of Andamooka.
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 Security for your DVD player. This abode comes with a combined fly screen and security mesh.

The dunny is strategically positioned to isolate noxious odours and give panoramic views.

The Andamooka Council meets every Thursday.

Suave and sophisticated - the trader's signs inspire instant confidence.

. . . .and this year, rust is ‘in’ at Andamooka.

That odd shaped building into which Mrs B is about to disappear is the Visitor Information Centre. It is made from . . .

. . . beer bottles.

This desirable residence has just listed. All modern conveniences and planning permission for a pool . . .

Ah, this is more like it. With a drop of paint, a white slimline telephone and a "Chez Nous" plaque by the door . . .

. . . or what about this fully modernised detached home? Add a patio and carport, be the envy of the neighbours!

The unique ablution facitity offers unsurpassed ventilation and the latest in 'audio discretion' (out of earshot of the house) . . .

. . . and the seat is of unique design, the cabinet being crafted from 100% genuine wood panelling.

The very latest! This tasteful, split-level abode is set off by 'verge art' and comes with its own chimney.

You'll never 'tyre' of this house. The sunken garden is complemented by the sunken house. And check that outlook!

The latest in public transport. Why operate a fleet of buses when you can fit everybody in one?

Al fresco dining, Andamooka style, with a windbreak to keep out that annoying breeze.

One of the smarter buildings, the Andamooka church has its own convenience.

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