Cairns Botanical Gardens - Flowers, Leaves And Lots Of Colour.


If we knew the names of all these wonderful blossoms we would gladly tell you. However, we can show them to you . . .




Above: Carnivorous plants! Now these interesting specimens we can tell you something about, courtesy of information supplied by the Botanical Gardens. They belong to a family commonly known as ‘pitcher plants’ of which there are about seventy species. The pitchers are modified leaves and the examples in the left picture even have lids. Insects are attracted to the mouth of the pitcher by nectar glands. The surface just inside the lip is extremely slippery and the the insects fall into the liquid which partially fills the pitcher. Glands produce a digestive fluid which dissolves the insect. Carnivorous plants are usually found where the soil is low in nutrients and the plants supplement their diet with proteins and minerals from insects.













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