Pictures from the Daly Waters Pub
  The bar of the Daly Waters pub with items of underwear hanging all over the ceiling.  
  Another view of the bar.  
  As the sign says, Australia's most remote traffic light.
Confused the hell out of me when we arrived. It's permanently red.
  No caption needed.  
  There was entertainment every evening and it was hilarious.
Here Frank sings a bush ballad. He could do a mean Johnny Cash too.
  Frank performing with one of his “Wedge-tailed Eagles” on his hat.
He swore they were young eagles. Looked like chooks to us!
  This mob of geriatrics had ganged up for the night. Pam felt out of it, being under 60. However . . .
  . . . after a few glasses of 'red' her inhibitions had completely disappeared.
Frank has two "eagles" on his head.
  Young Patrick Webster - quite a star and still fourteen.