A Farewell Cocktail Party
After staying for fourteen months, the time finally arrived to say goodbye to all our friends in Tamworth. Pam's workmates told her they had organised a night out and we were to go smartly dressed. This alone was a problem for us . . . grey nomads don't carry evening dress as a rule. Added to that was the fact that it was all very hush-hush; we didn't know what to expect.

On the evening we were picked up by Mary (pictured somewhere below) at 18:45. Mary said we were to collect another of the friends, Leonie, before proceeding to our destination.

On arrival at Leonie and Alan's home, Mary switched off the engine and said, "Out! I'm not taking you any further." A cocktail party had been arranged. It was a wonderful evening and so kind of Leonie and Alan to have the party in their home and for everyone to contribute to the evening.

Here are some of the pictures taken that evening. They started off in focus but as the evening progressed, focus, composition and exposure deteriorated.
  Roslyn, Nathan, Pam and Robert.  

  Left: Pam with Ben. Right: Kevin and Wendy.  
  Michael, his wife Kim and Leonie.  
  Front row: Roslyn, Robert and Pam. Back row: Allan and Peter.  
  Ian, Mary and Ben. Ben and Maria.  
  Robert. Ian and Pam.  
  Gail, Clive, Mary and Peter.  
  Edward and Jane.  
  Part of Mary, Nathan (behind), Alan, Maria, Peter and Merinda. Peter and Alan.  
  Front row: Roslyn, Robert and Pam. Back row: Allan and Peter.  
  Mary and Peter.  
  Roslyn, Allan and Pam.  
  "Michael!!! Michael who?"