Views Of, and From, Kings Park. Others of Perth from across the Swan River.

  A view of Perth city from across the Swan River in South Perth.  
  Why is the Swan River so named? Because the early settlers discovered black swans living on it. They're still here.  
  Kings Park is so much more than just a place to lounge in the sunshine.  
  Looking down on the freeway interchange from Kings Park with the city behind.  
  Above and Below: Two Views of the Pioneer Women's Water Garden, Kings Park.  
  In the park we came across a wedding with a piper. We didn't know the party but take a look at the similarity between the bride's smile and that of the young man next to her. Now compare the groom's expression and that of the young lady on his left. Both heads slightly cocked, similar slightly quizzical smiles. Waiting for them nearby was . . .  
  . . . a beautiful stretched limo. The driver told me this car is one of two identically restored 1928 Ford Tudors powered by V8 engines running on gas and with Jaguar suspension, front and rear. Their registrations? UNIQUE 01 and UNIQUE 02.  
Not quite so pristine but adding a touch of character was the Perth Tram which travels from Kings Park to the Casino via Perth City.
  In the foreground, though hard to see in bright sunshine, is the Flame of Remembrance in the centre of the Pool of Reflection. The four torches represent the Army, Navy, Air Force and Women's Services. They were lit by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000. Beyond that is the Perth War Memorial and the backdrop is of the Swan River flowing either side of Heirisson Island.  
  In the centre of this picture is a large boab tree transported 3,200 km to Kings Park from Telegraph Creek in the far north of Western Australia where they grow abundantly. It was planted here on 20th July 2008 and as yet, five months on, has no foliage. It had to be moved to make way for a new bridge on the Great Northern Highway.  
  This is a photograph of a picture on a placard near the boab tree in Kings Park. It illustrates the fun they must have had on the long journey, said to be the longest road journey in history for a tree of this size. It must have caused mayhem.  
  The start of the splendid glass-sided tree top walk - a fairly recent addition to Kings Park's attractions.  
  From the tree top walk we had an excellent view over the renovated Old Swan Brewery to the high rise buildings of South Perth, the Swan River to their left and the Canning River to their right and the Darling Scarp beyond. I'm not sure what the Brewery buildings are used for today though I believe there's a very expensive restaurant there. Before the buildings were renovated the Aborigines held up work for a long time claiming it was a 'sacred site' because a mystical snake called a woggle lived there. Numbering just 3% of the population, they're sometimes allowed to wield disproportionate power.  
  Here is Lord Forrest looking as dignified as a lord can with copious quantities of bird poo running down his face.