Pictures From The Mudgee Airshow, 21st April 2007

There always has to be one show-off, doesn't there? Three of the R.A.A.F. Aerobatic Team, the Roulettes.

This colourful model aircraft could hang stationary on its propeller indefinitely, then increase power and climb away.

A 64-year-old Dakota flew joy flights all day. It didn't really have a double engine failure, the camera's fast shutter speed froze the propellers.

A police car lines up with a Pitts Special to race to the far end of the runway and back. The car got away first and was faster in the turn, but . . .

. . . on the return leg, shimmering in the heat off the runway, the Pitts caught it and shot past to win.

Triumph - a highly aerobatic little monoplane tumbles backwards out of its smoke in a 'hammerhead' slide.

And then disaster. The same 'plane was lined up to race a fast car but the Plexiglas cockpit canopy wasn't latched. As soon as the pilot opened the throttle the
propeller blast whipped open the canopy and smashed it to pieces. Here the race starter looks on in sympathy as the distraught pilot holds his head.

There was an auction - without a reserve - for this new Harley Davidson. $21,500 was raised for the local hospital.

This little aircraft is a purpose-built water bomber. Here it was dumping over 3 tonnes of water on a 'fire'.

Yak, Yak,Yak. These three Yaks called themselves the Russian Roulettes.

Before two four-wheel-drive cars had a tug of war, the firemen decided a carpet of foam would make the contest more fun.

Ford and Toyota 4 x 4 in a tug of war, but it was no contest. The Toyota driver playing mercilessly with the Ford before inflicting the coup de grâce.

Passing in opposite directions, a Dak and a Yak.

A Mustang pilot carries out an inspection of the crowd.

And finally, the sleekest aircraft on the field, a DG-505 glider.

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