South Australia ~ February 2005

Tuesday 1st February 2005

We set off for Adelaide in good time. What we hadn't taken into account was that we had been two months in country towns. All of a sudden it seemed like a million cars coming from all directions. We managed to get into the wrong lane and had to turn left. Then the fun started!

I - who can't tell my left from my right - was map reading to get us back on the right road. You can imagine Peter's stress levels rising - talk about grumpy! The rain didn't help much either. Anyway we eventually arrived and the caravan park is nice but not as nice as Nuriootpa. Early evening we decided to take a walk and found a nice sports club that served the public. The drinks are cheaper than the pub and so are the meals.

Editor's note:
Several times, during her ramblings in this journal, herself has had the temerity to describe me as 'grumpy'. For the record, I am never grumpy. Occasionally a little irritable. Sometimes tetchy. Once in a while ill humoured or even downright bad tempered. I may snarl now and then, or even snap. Some might call me moody. But I am NOT GRUMPY. Okay?

However, next time I'm towing the caravan through heavy traffic in a city centre in pouring rain with a bursting bladder and she has me turn right when she meant left . . . she'll find out just what grumpy means!

Wednesday 2nd February 2005

We decided to check out Adelaide today. First impressions are that we like it. We had a wander around then went to Mount Lofty and had our lunch there. We had to sit in the car as it was not just cold but hailing. Some summer we are having. When the weather stopped we had a look around, it was very nicely set up with a lookout, shop and café.

Oh, regarding Sir's note above . . .

Not grumpy, eh? Well that's sorted him!

Thursday 3rd February 2005

On our list of things to do today was a science museum and a chocolate factory. Someone moved the science museum and didn't tell the map people or anyone else.

We found the chocolate factory - mmmm. The tour was fully booked but they let us have a wander and then gave us free samples, double mmmmmmmmmmmm. We didn't buy any as we are trying to lose this excess weight.

On to the city now where the plan was to go to the Art Gallery and the Migration Museum. As we had parked the car right opposite the Museum of South Australia we decide to go there instead. Interesting, but not really our thing. We then went into the huge State Library to check our emails - they have express email where you are allowed 15 minutes only.

Friday 4th February 2005

Another grey dull day but at least it's not raining. We went to Jayco today regarding a couple of warranty jobs on the caravan. We didn't get very far, it would seem that we have to do the jobs ourselves or wait at least a month - and who knows where we'll be by then! We went on to a body repair shop for a quote for Billy. It wasn't too bad so we booked him in for next week. After lunch we headed off to the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. Yes it was big, but still all the same stores that we have in Perth. The supermarkets were the same size as Perth and not a lot different - nothing like the supermarkets in the UK. Now, they are huge! Anyway, we did what shopping we wanted and ordered some bed linen from Adair's that we have to collect from a place called Tea Tree Gully. As it happens we are going there next week so it fits in well. After all of that, what was left? - happy hour at the club!

Editor's note for non-alcoholics: During Happy Hour drinks are served at discount prices.

Saturday 5th February 2005

Port Adelaide had the pleasure of our company today. The plan was that Peter would go to the Railway Museum and I would go to the Childhood Museum so we went our separate ways. Peter had a good time but I found the Childhood Museum closed. Ho hum, what will I do now - coffee shop or walk around?

I walked around, called in at the information centre and was given more leaflets to browse through. The lady there was very helpful and friendly. I walked around some more, looking at the buildings, the lighthouse etc. Then it was time to meet Peter for lunch.

After lunch we went to the Aviation Museum which I thought I would find boring but it was quite interesting, especially the section on the women aviators. In the 1930's it was quite an achievement, being a woman aviator.

Leaving there we went to friends, Don and Lois, for a barbecue. They live in Adelaide. Peter used to work with Don. After a drink or two they gave us a conducted tour of the area which was excellent - by yourself you cannot appreciate things the same. After that we went back to their house for a barbecue and very nice it was too! The whole afternoon and evening was really very good.

Sunday 6th February 2005

Lazy day today, apart from washing, cleaning and Peter checking the caravan's brakes.

Monday 7th February 2005

Went for a drive in the Adelaide Hills. First stop was Tea Tree Gully to collect some linen I had ordered. Then we went to Birdwood to the Motor Museum which was interesting and huge. Car after car - bike after bike. They had all different activity displays where, for instance, you could test your skills at recognising a road hazard. I did okay. Another display in the 1950's section allowed you to select the top recording of the year you were born. Mine was Winifred Atwell playing something on her piano!!

After the museum we started to make our way back, stopping at any interesting places on the way. Another chocolate factory. Mmmmm. Actually it wasn't so mmmmm, it was just okay. Still ate it though! When we arrived at the chocolate factory, Peter said:

You have already seen one chocolate factory. Won't this be the same?

My reply? You have seen many motor bikes, engines and cars - but you still want to see more

As he climbed out of the car to follow me in he was heard to utter the word Touché. He also enjoyed the free samples.

Next stop was Hahndorf, a little town first settled by Germans. It was a lovely town and as we arrived late we are going to return there to explore some more. We finished the day in a German-style pub, had our evening meal there, then wandered back home.

Tuesday 8th February 2005

We did some shopping today and tried to update the website at the computer shop. We are having difficulties with it at the moment. Hopefully Peter will work it out, I haven't got a clue!

Wednesday 9th February 2005

Back we went to the computer shop today to sort out the problem. Hooray, Peter did it!!! I helped by going and doing the shopping. In the evening we met up with the friends we first met in Tumby Bay. We had a very nice evening with them and are meeting them again on Saturday night.

Thursday 10th February 2005

Peter took the car for the bonnet repairs. We were going to go into the city on the bus but decided to have a lazy day at home as the weather was not the best.

Friday 11th February 2005

Today we did catch the bus into the city and had a lovely day wandering about. A little shopping, a little sightseeing, a little eating and of course a little drinking. The atmosphere in the city was very relaxed and happy with street performers entertaining us and very friendly people all around. I found, not only some beautiful gift shops, but a wonderful teddy bear shop too. Such joy! But of course, someone was hurrying me as we had a bus to catch. We then caught the bus to collect Billy. Billy is all fixed and you wouldn't know he had been damaged. He is having trauma counselling next week. Cars have feelings too.

Saturday 12th February 2005

We did not do a lot during the day, just errands and updated the website and emails. In the evening we met our friends Ann, Lyndon and the two boys. We enjoyed a very nice meal and good company.

Sunday 13th February 2005

We had a lovely time today. We went to the airport to meet up with my friend, Tracey, who had been to a conference in Queensland and had a two and a half hours wait at Adelaide. We drank coffee and talked and talked and talked. After leaving Tracey we felt a little flat so we went to the Sports Club and treated ourselves to some wine and a nice meal.

Monday 14th February 2005

We had a great day in Hahndorf. As we did not do it justice last time, we returned today. We really like the little town. We spent quite a lot of time looking around museums, lovely little shops and even a magical cave full of fairy story characters.

Tuesday 15th February 2005

We did a few errands today, one being a visit to an upholster. The seats in the caravan have not been made properly and, as Jayco aren't interested, we are arranging to have them fixed ourselves.

Wednesday 16th February 2005

Today I went to a lovely Doll and Teddy Bear shop. Met a very nice lady and Peter bought me a tee shirt with teddies on it. Next we went to visit our friend Ann who is in hospital. After that I navigated us, yes me, to a park to eat our lunch. I then safely directed us to the Jet Fighter Museum. Peter really enjoyed himself. Me? Well, I guess I enjoyed myself about as much as Peter did in the Doll shop. We'd had a busy day so finished off by having a drink at the Sports Club.

Thursday 17th February 2005

Today we went into the city by bus; the bus service here is excellent. We spent some time in St. Peter's Cathedral which is really beautiful. I even managed to persuade Peter to come inside. (He wanted to have a sit down if the truth be known.) Anyway, whatever the reason he was inside a Catholic church which - he admitted later - he really liked. We are talking about the building here. His father would have been very happy indeed! We also walked along the River Torrens and through lovely parks. The more we see of Adelaide, the more we like it. We then went to the Migration Museum which was a big disappointment, not very interesting. But next door was a nice little café in a very old courtyard. We enjoyed a delicious meal and a glass or two of 'red'. Days like today are why we retired.

Friday 18th February 2005

Rained for most of the day, very depressing, but we used the 'down time' to read and relax. When the rain stopped we walked to the Sports Club for a meal and a drink. I bought a raffle ticket and guess what? I won a lotto ticket for tomorrow night!

Saturday 19th February 2005

Cleaning, washing and ironing. A good time was had by all !!! Later we walked to the shopping centre to pick up one or two things. Then, yes, you have guessed, we called in at the S.C. for a drink. Came home, had dinner, and checked my winning lotto ticket. Never mind, we wouldn't have known what to do with $18M. Yeah right!

Sunday 20th February 2005

We caught the bus into Adelaide and then went on the tram to Glenelg. In Glenelg we wandered round the place which had a nice seaside atmosphere but in parts was quite dingy. In the newspaper recently there had been reports that they were upgrading Glenelg and a code of dress was introduced for the cafes. Looking around it was hard to see why, the place reminded me of a cross between Northbridge in W.A. and Blackpool in the UK.

We had the most disgusting lunch, it was so bad I sent a complaint back to the kitchen. It was met with stony silence. We then caught the tram back into the city and walked and walked, (well it felt like it). We walked to the Botanic Gardens which is a 'must' when visiting Adelaide. We enjoyed the very beautiful gardens but I think the other gardens around Adelaide are also very attractive. I may be biased but I think Kings Park in Perth has a lot going for it. We arrived home exhausted but on the whole had had a really good day.

Monday 21st February 2005

We again had to run around and fix another Jayco problem that they were not interested in fixing. The ceiling hatch rubber had come away. Peter purchased the rubber from Clarks and did the job himself. We also had to make a trip into the city for the mail. It was another hot day so we drove up to the club for a drink and dinner. I didn't win any prizes this time.

We arrived home to find a tent pitched right next to our caravan - and I mean right next to us. Some people have no imagination. You are probably thinking, So what? Well you should have been here in the middle of the night, that man in the tent could snore for Australia. I am surprised he didn't wake up the whole caravan park!

Tuesday 22nd February 2005

Hooray, the tent next door and its occupants are packing up.

Busy day today - ironing, hairdressers, shopping, blood test, internet and drop off and collect the cushions from the caravan. It was a very hot day and we were very glad we had air-conditioning.

Whilst I was getting ready for bed our neighbours of last night arrived back! Oh no, I hope his snoring is under control!

Wednesday 23rd February 2005

Left Adelaide for the time being. Had a good run down to Victor Harbor. Set up camp in plenty of time for lunch then had a wander around the town. We called in at the Tourist Centre and what a little gem we found there. Her name was Annie. She bombarded us with information on everything we could do whilst here. We have booked in for two weeks but if we do everything on which Annie gave us information, we will be here longer!

A lot of these small towns that we have visited rely a lot on tourism for their main income. They need to take a leaf out of Annie's book. So often we have found information places sadly lacking. Annie even told us the best coffee places in town and where to get a quiet drink. I think she was a little baffled when Peter asked Do you know a quiet place you can get a drink, you know, the kind of place you would take someone else's wife?

Anyway we checked out Annie's recommendation and had a drink in the Anchorage Hotel, a very old building which had an interesting bar (see web page). The bar staff were very nice and friendly. Nice boys - if you follow me.

Thursday 24th February 2005

The weather did not look so good today but we decided in a positive manner that it would improve and set off walking. We walked into town and then did the historical walk around the town calling in at the Anchorage Hotel for lunch (without red wine, I might add). By the time we'd had lunch and finished the walk, the weather hadn't improved much at all. In fact it was very cold, so we changed our plan to go over to Granite Island and went to the pub instead.

Friday 25th February 2005

Today the weather looked a little better so we set off to walk into town about 3.00pm. From there we boarded the horse drawn tram over to Granite Island which took about 20 minutes. After refreshments (a diet coke) we wandered around the island. The information board stated it took 40 minutes - we arrived back at the starting point an hour and a half later! We did have lots of stops to take in the scenery and rests on benches kindly provided by the island authorities. We then had a meal at the only restaurant on the island which incidentally was very nice indeed.

After dinner we strolled over to the Penguin centre for an informative 45 minutes of how the little critters live. The display was very good and interesting (see web page). We then set off on the 'Penguin Tour' which I was really looking forward to. I had visions of all these little penguins scrambling up rocks to their beds for the night. You know, a David Attenborough kind of occasion. Well we did enjoy it but only saw a handful of the penguins and sometimes it was difficult to see them. The tour guides would shine orange lights on them for us to see. We also saw seals, possums and . . . rats! The latter I could have done without. We then walked back over the causeway and home. We had had a very enjoyable time and slept well after all the exercise.

Saturday 26th February 2005

I was allowed to drive the car today! Impressed, aren't you? We went to a Miniature Village and Rose Garden that was recommended to us by Annie in the information centre. She was right, it was well worth the visit; the miniature buildings were very impressive. The patience these people must have as some of the buildings took between 500 and 1000 hours. The gardens were lovely too. We went into the tea shop for a cuppa and found really nice and friendly people there, plus a charming gift shop. On the walls in the tea shop they had these 3D models of miniature rooms, similar to what you would find inside a dolls house. Next was the winery that Annie recommended.

The Victor Harbor Winery is run by a very pleasant couple. The chap was from W.A. so that was it - he and Peter chatted and chatted. And men have the audacity to comment about women chatting! I ask you! After tasting the wine and some port we made our purchases and returned home for dinner. We, of course, consumed the alcohol before it had chance to go off.

Sunday 27th February 2005

We had all morning to get ready for the train ride into Goolwa but, in true Peter 'n Pam style, we ended up rushing lunch then had to walk very fast - and I mean very fast - to the station. We had an excellent afternoon on the train; the scenery again was superb. The only down side was we only had half an hour in Goolwa before we had to board the train for the homeward trip. But we will 'do' Goolwa again another time.

After such an arduous day we went to the Anchorage for a drink - which turned into more than one - plus food. Good thing we had to walk back to the caravan park.

Monday 28th February 2005

I don't know what happened to today. I was up early, got the washing done so we could then go out for the day. Peter was just going to do a little on the web site, I had a couple of chores to do and then before we knew it the day was nearly over and it was too late to go any where.

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