Pam's Journal for April 2006

Saturday 1st April 06
We had a lovely day in Coffs Harbour. What a pretty place. We walked to the top of a look-out and the views were magnificent. The weather was perfect and our 'alfresco' lunch was very good. Even sitting on a bench eating a sandwich can be enjoyable if the food tastes good, the weather is perfect and you are surrounded by million dollar views.

Sunday 2nd April 06
Apart from a walk, we didn’t really do much at all.

Monday 3rd April 06
Get ready day, tomorrow we move to Ballina.

Tuesday 4th April 06
We went for a walk to the beach; Pete Mate took Alice. We had been told it was a ten minute walk to the beach but 30 minutes later we hadn’t found it. So I gave up and let Alice take over. I had taken a wrong turning and had gone in the opposite direction. Well we got our exercise which was the object of the mission. Once we had recovered from our walk and Pete Mate had stopped crowing about Alice’s navigation versus mine, we ventured forth into Byron Bay. Alice directing of course! We had a lovely day. The town is nothing special, in fact quite the opposite. Lots of young people, unfriendly locals and expensive prices. We did, however, discover the area surrounding the town was really very picturesque. We drove up to the lighthouse and walked the path to the most ‘easterly point’ in Australia. The view was fantastic and so was the homemade ice cream we devoured after our walk. We were going to stop off at a couple of places on the way home but it started raining so we decided to save that for another day. Early evening we were bombarded by hailstone so severe that it dented Billy’s bonnet and made little holes in the awning. Thank goodness for insurance! It was actually quite scary sitting inside the caravan listening to the noise of the hail hitting the roof. By all accounts our damage was minimal compared to some.

Wednesday 5th April 06
Lay day as the weather is appalling. It has rained all day.

Thursday 6th April 06
Weather not up to much in the morning but by the afternoon it was looking better. We took a short drive out to a look-out and then went and had a look at Lennox Heads. It is a small town right on the beach. I really liked it, it seemed a nice friendly place.

Friday 7th April 06
Get ready day, tomorrow we are off to Jimboomba, Queensland. We had to do some shopping so in the afternoon we went into Ballina. We went to the liquor shop for some beer and wine and, lo and behold, they were having a wine tasting session. So we had a very pleasurable half hour tasting wine, eating cheese and nibbles plus chatting to anyone else around. Happy Hour in the liquor shop, we could start a new trend.

Saturday 8th April 06
We arrived in Jimboomba in time for lunch, set up the caravan and then started happy hour early. It was really good to see Ross and Jan again and we had a lot of catching up to do. Terri came over in the afternoon.

Sunday 9th April 06
The whole family came over for a barbecue today, it was nice to see them again and we all had a very enjoyable time. Eating and drinking too much as usual.

Monday 10th April 06
I had to go for my mammogram, just the normal check you have once you are over 50. We had to have new tyres put on Billy. We then did some shopping and one or two other errands. Back home in time for Happy Hour.

Tuesday 11th April 06
Peter did some jobs at home and I went off to Jimboomba for a few things.

Wednesday 12th April 06
We went to Browns Plains to do some shopping.

Thursday 13th April 06
We and to be out early this morning as we were taking Billy for a service. Once Billy was in the hands of the Mitsubishi men we walked to the nearest shopping centre as we had several hours to while away. It took us an hour to walk there and then we shopped, ate and drank until it was time to start back for Billy. A lot of dollars later we were once again heading home for Happy Hour.

Friday 14th April 06 - Good Friday
Christie, Jan and Ross’s ex daughter-in-law came over for lunch. I offered to cook the lunch and thoroughly enjoyed myself trying out new recipes. We all ate too much yet again. After Christie had left we all had a nap.

Saturday 15th April 06
We had a very pleasant day, didn’t do a lot. In the evening Pete Mate and I ate our Easter chocolate and I did not feel too good. I haven’t had chocolate all through lent so the body wasn’t used to it. That’s my excuse, it couldn’t possibly be the wine I also consumed.

Sunday 16th April 06
I did not feel the best and went back to bed. Jan cooked a lovely roast dinner but I couldn’t do it justice.

Monday 17th April 06
I had a tee total day yesterday, hardly ate anything but still did not feel so good this morning. Took the paper and went back to bed. I then felt a whole lot better and had heaps of energy to do some chores. Back to normal!

Tuesday 18th April 06
We were getting ready to go to the dentist. Well, actually Pete Mate was going to the dentist, I was doing some shopping. Luckily the receptionist rang to confirm the booking for tomorrow! Still it would have been better to arrive a day early than a day late. Plans all changed and we went off to Browns Plains. Ross and Jan wanted to buy a new camera and we had a few things to do, including getting a tyre repaired. Pete Mate found a screw in one of the caravan tyres. We also took the steamer back as it didn’t do the job we wanted it to do.

Wednesday 19th April 06
We did go off to the dentist and shopping.

Thursday 20th April 06
Cannot remember what we did today. This is the trouble when you forget to do your journal for a few days.

Friday 21st April 06
Refer to yesterday. The memory is not what it used to be!

Saturday 22nd April 06
We had few things to do, one being to go to Jayco for some new lights. We are searching for LED lights that will give a better light in the caravan. So far we have found the selection limited, bought one or two other things at Jayco, did some other shopping and returned home. We seem to be doing a lot of shopping since arriving in Brisbane! We had better get back into the country or else we will end up bankrupt.

Sunday 23rd April 06
Jan and Ross took the grandchildren out for the day so we pottered around doing one or two jobs on the caravan. I went off to the local shops and found them as busy as on a weekday. We don’t have Sunday trading in Western Australia so it still feels a little alien to me.

Monday 24th April 06
We had to return the lights to Jayco as they were not suitable. Excellent service, no problems at all. Once that was done we set off for the Gold Coast. We had a lovely day with Judy and Tony Van der Putten. We saw their new house went out for lunch and enjoyed their company very much.

Tuesday 25th April 06 - ANZAC Day
A day to remember those who died in the name of peace and to wonder why politians still seem keen on sending young men to war.
As Jan had an appointment and we weren’t doing anything, I cooked the lunch. Terri came over and it turned out to be a very pleasant day.

Wednesday 26th April 06
We had a few last minute errands to do as tomorrow is 'get ready' day. Friday we are off to get the awning repaired and then wend our way up the coast. Jan cooked a beautiful meal.

Thursday 27th April 06
The day started as a 'get ready' day. I was doing chores inside the caravan and Pete Mate was washing Billy. The phone rang, it was Kate from the caravan repairers. Our awning had been delivered to Tasmania by mistake! Another was being sent out express, but tomorrow is all cancelled. Monday is a public holiday so we are now having the awning fitted Tuesday. . . we hope. Plans – made to be changed. Terri came over to dinner and we enjoyed another pleasant evening with the Taylors.

Friday 28th April 06
It has been one of those days where I felt at a loose end. Having our plans changed at the last minute unsettled me for a while so I made one of my famous lists and got a few things done that had been 'pending' for a while. Trent came over to see his parents and collect a few items in readiness for Jan and Ross leaving the property.

Saturday 29th April 06
I decided that I had better start doing something about my increasing weight so went for a walk. I felt a lot better for it and it is a start. Jan’s sister and her husband came to visit for the day, they are from Newcastle. They are staying at a motel overnight, and then calling in again tomorrow on their way home. It was another very pleasant day with good company and too much to eat again.

Sunday 30th April 06
A furniture moving day today. ‘Stuff’ going everywhere as Jan and Ross cleared the house for the new tenants. Chris (son) came over with his two little girls, Jan’s sister and her husband were also here. After they all left, Ross and Peter took the furniture to its new home. We had lunch then Scott and Tara (son and daughter-in-law) arrived to help. As soon as more furniture was loaded up the heavens opened and it poured down. The men arrived home wet and thirsty. Terri (daughter) arrived and we had drinks and nibbles before heading off to the local Chinese for a feast. A good day all round unless of course you were the men getting wet!!!

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