Albert and Annie Say:

It is nice to be important
but more important to be nice.


      Pam's Journal For February 2009

  Sunday 1st February 2009  
  Feeling a lot better today. I had a better night so had more energy today. A good job too, as I had stacks of washing and therefore ironing, plus some cleaning to do. All had been neglected whilst I was sick. Once that was done and I had everything ready for work tomorrow, I relaxed. Poor old Pete Mate is now really suffering. I just hope he is over the worst for when he has to start his job.  
  Monday 2nd February 2009  

My first day back at work after four and half years! I was very apprehensive but after an hour realised I hadn’t actually forgotten anything, it was just buried and waiting to be used. The people in the office are very friendly and helpful and by the end of the day I found to my surprise I had really enjoyed myself. Pete Mate collected me, poor ole thing is still suffering from his cold.

I think she means her cold. Thank you so much, Dear.

  Tuesday 3rd February 2009  
  My second day was pretty much the same as yesterday but I am feeling a lot more relaxed. Pete Mate received his call to go to Cole's tomorrow for his induction. The 'red' was very much appreciated tonight.  
  Wednesday 4th February 2009  
  Well, to say I slept better than I have in a while would be an understatement. I think WWIII could have commenced and I wouldn’t have heard it. Today I spent the day reconciling accounts which is something I enjoy - and believe me, these were a bit of a challenge. Pete Mate was late collecting me tonight as he was at Cole's for his induction. I was very touched by the kindness and concern of my fellow workers that saw me standing around waiting for him. After all, I am only the temp, but not in their eyes; very, very nice people. After Pete Mate collected me we had to do some shopping but first we went to Gloria’s for a coffee. It was so nice and relaxed not to have to rush home to do a million things. We enjoyed our coffee and just sat and chatted. We then did the shopping and returned home for dinner and a well earned glass of red.  
  Thursday 5th February 2009  
  Very, very tired today; I guess I will get used to it. The day went by very quickly as I was busy.

Pete Mate collected me and we called in at the Library on the way home. I have a visitor's library ticket, which has restrictions. I enquired, now that I am working here, whether I can't have a full ticket, but because we live in a caravan park the answer was, "No". If we lived in a house, then, yes I could. The reason being too many people in caravan parks have stolen their books. They even refused to take a deposit for anything I borrowed but they will consider giving me one if I get a letter from my employer. All too hard.
  Friday 6th February 2009  
  The end of the week already. I cannot believe how fast it has flown. Nothing much to write in the journal other than work went well. One of the ladies brought in lunch for everyone and it was very nice. In the evening Pete Mate and I had our own little Happy Hour as the park is practically empty.  
  Saturday 7th February 2009  
  Shopping, washing and cleaning. Whilst in town we went to a coffee shop Pete Mate discovered yesterday and they make the best iced coffees ever. People in town are so nice and friendly. When the time comes I think it will be very difficult to leave Tamworth, but we will. The day was so hot (39º C.), once we were home we didn’t venture outside the air-conditioned caravan much at all.  
  Sunday 8th February 2009  
  I seemed to spend most of the day doing ‘chores’, that was after I read the Sunday newspaper from cover to cover whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee.  
  Monday 9th February 2009  
  Work as usual for me. Pete Mate had a few errands to do then in the evening he had to go and stack shelves at Cole's He arrived home a little after eleven p.m. - a very tired Pete Mate.  
  Tuesday 10th February 2009  
  Work was pretty much the same for me; Pete Mate was out and about doing things. He reckons with the lists I leave him each morning he works harder than I do. Mmmm. I have started driving myself to work to get me used to the journey, Pete Mate is my contented passenger. My lovely husband tells me I worry too much and I am a good driver. I guess it is just a mind thing. Anyway today I relaxed a lot more so hopefully I am over the nerves. Pete Mate collected me late afternoon and we had to call at the supermarket for a couple of things. Now what a coincidence that the coffee shop with the excellent iced coffees is so near the supermarket, it would be rude not to call in for one of their excellent treats. We deserve it, or that is what we tell ourselves. No wonder I am not losing weight. Anyway we were celebrating; on the way to the coffee shop I collected my first pay cheque.  
  Wednesday 11th February 2009  
  The day progressed pretty much the same as yesterday. I drove to work with Pete Mate as passenger and then he collected me at the end of the day. Today we had to rush off to Centrelink to discuss our working arrangements. This was necessary because Pete Mate has been receiving a partial pension. The two people we spoke to were very helpful and we now know what we have to do.

Now here’s another coincidence! The coffee shop with the glorious iced coffees is within spitting distance of Centrelink. Now before my sisters start emailing me about my spitting habit, it was only a figure of speech, I didn’t spit the distance. Besides I only spit after dark. Pete Mate went off to work after dinner, I waited up for him tonight as I don’t sleep well until he is home and he tends to wake me up anyway.
  Thursday 12th February 2009  
  I had to drop Pete Mate off opposite the airport for his forklift course. I then drove to work getting there early. My working day was pretty much the same as yesterday. At the end of the day I had to go and collect the intrepid fork lift driver. He was tired but had had a good day. We called in at our favourite coffee shop and then did the grocery shopping. Luckily Pete Mate didn’t have to work tonight.  
  Friday 13th February 2009  
  Today Pete Mate had to be at his course by 7:30 a.m. so it was an early start for both of us. I dropped him off at 7:20 which meant I was at the office by 7:30. I decided to pass the time by doing some filing. Exciting life I lead.

Lunchtime was very pleasant indeed, one of the chaps cooked up a huge amount of meat on the barbecue and we all helped ourselves to it and salads. They have a sitting area outside with tables and chairs so everyone sat around eating and chatting. A nice interlude in a busy day.

I didn’t have to collect Pete Mate as he had managed to organise a lift. So at the end of the day I drove home with some help from Alice. Now Alice must have thought I needed a change so she took me a different way home. Pete Mate arrived home late with only really enough time to eat and collect himself before heading out the door to do his shift at Cole's However, he had passed his forklift test and now has a 'ticket' to drive one.
  Saturday 14th February 2009  
  It is raining. No, it is pouring down and we have yet another leak in the caravan roof. This time it is wetting the beds so we are not amused. We collected the water as best we could and couldn’t do anything else until it stops raining. Later we went into town for a coffee and to pick up a couple of things. It didn’t stop raining all day and most of the night. Pete Mate received a call to say he wasn’t required at work so we both heaved a sigh of relief as we felt a little weary today.  
  Sunday 15th February 2009  
  The rain stopped during the morning and Pete Mate spent a good deal of time on the roof fixing the leak. Hopefully he has done it but we won’t know until it rains again. I did my chores and then read for a while. My knitting has been sadly neglected these last few weeks with the festival and now working but I got back into it today.  
  Monday 16th February 2009  
  Back to work today. The working week flies by but the weekends go even quicker. Pete Mate had to go to work tonight.  
  Tuesday 17th February 2009  
  Work as usual nothing, much different there. We did the shopping in the evening, but we - of course - had a lovely iced coffee first.  
  Wednesday 18th February 2009  
  Work as usual then home to the caravan. Pete Mate received a ‘We don’t need you' call which we were both happy about. Only trouble is he doesn’t get any money for staying at home. It wouldn’t be so bad if he had set hours instead of all this messing about, we never know where we are up to.  
  Thursday 19th February 2009  
  After work we had to go and declare our earnings at Centrelink, so afterwards we popped into the coffee shop (called the 2340 Café after Tamworth's postal code) for a coffee. Well, someone has to keep her profits up.  
  Friday 20th February 2009  

It is now day four of chronic toothache, no exaggeration. Nurofen was invented for times like this. Pete Mate did a wonderful job of getting me a dental appointment for lunchtime. He collected me, served me up on a platter to the scary dentist (all dentists are scary). I didn’t seem to be in the chair long before the ever so young chap masquerading as a dentist declared that he was pretty sure it was an infection I had. He gave me a script for antibiotics and off I went back to work. Pete Mate picked up the script – he has an on-going relationship with the lady in the pharmacy.

When Pete Mate collected me from work he told me Cole's had rang yet again and cancelled his night's work so we decided to blow the calorie budget and walk up to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We were getting ready to go when the phone rang. Yep, Cole's now wanted him. Tough luck Cole's, I wanted him more, so off we went to dinner. It was a lovely evening with superb food and, of course, excellent company.

  Saturday 21st February 2009  
  The dentist is an idiot, infection my foot, the toothache is worse and I have now taken two of his pills. The weather was perfect, beautiful blue skies and just warm enough. I did the washing and then we walked up to town. Nurofen was doing its stuff so the pain had subsided. We called in the 2340 Café for our favourite coffees and then did some shopping before walking home again.

In the afternoon we moved the caravan to a different site as the tree we were currently under was leaking sap all over the 'van and car. We moved the 'van in our usual fashion, me driving and Pete Mate directing. We parked, levelled the van and then started the transfer of our belongings from one site to the other. It is at this point that Pete Mate realises we are half on one site and half on another. So what to do, nothing else but to hitch up the van again and start over. We did this and at the end of it our audience praised my driving but poor old Pete Mate, as usual didn’t get any praise.

Pete Mate had to work tonight, so after a barbecue tea he took off to stack shelves and I watched "The Bill" whilst topping up the Nurofen.
  Sunday 22nd February 2009  
  Another glorious day in Tamworth, beautiful sunshine and temperature just right. Maybe the dentist wasn’t such an idiot after all because the toothache is beginning to subside and life looks a whole lot brighter today.

We had a really lovely day out exploring new territories. We have been to Tamworth four years in a row and still we find new things to do. Our first stop was at the Moonbi Lookout. This consisted of a huge boulder with a staircase built onto it. Once on the top of the boulder you could see for miles around - it was quite spectacular.
  Himself on Moonbi Rock. If you think he looks slimmer, don't be fooled. He used Paint Shop Pro
to shave about 10 kg from around his waist. Who said the camera doesn't lie?
  In the car park stood a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree, it was a beautiful tree which had grown around a boulder. We took photos but the photo doesn't do it justice.
  The boulder was almost enclosed by this magnificent fig tree, the canopy of which spread
way over our heads. The glossy foliage provided a wonderful, cool haven below.
  After we left the lookout we made our way to Bendemeer, a small country town on the banks of the MacDonald River. It was very picturesque and we spent a little time having a look around. We were surprised to count four churches, which to us seemed a lot for such a small town. We enjoyed a superb lunch at the hotel and a nice glass of red.  
  The lawn behind the Bendemeer Hotel ran right down to the McDonald River.
The picture shows the old bridge, now closed, beyond the newer low-level traffic bridge.
  Our next port of call was a winery where we enjoyed excellent coffee and free entertainment. The music was our kind of music so we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed. Sitting near us was a group of elderly ladies from Armidale; they were very nice and chatty. One in particular insisted on singing all the songs in a very loud voice, and terribly off key, but the main thing was she was enjoying herself. Leaving there we headed home, very tired but happy.  
  Monday 23rd February 2009  
  Nothing much to say about today - it was just work and home.  
  Tuesday 24th February 2009  
  Pete Mate dropped me off at work and then went off to do another course, this time for his Green Card which is White. Please don’t ask! The course ran late so he was late picking me up, then we had to rush home for Pete Mate to get ready for work tonight. He only had to do two hours stock taking so it wasn’t so bad.  
  Wednesday 25th February 2009  
  More work and home.  
  Thursday 26th February 2009  
  Pete Mate collected me from work and was in need of a very nice iced coffee so off we went to our favourite café. After that we did the shopping before heading home for a well earned glass of red.  
  Friday 27th February 2009  
  Nothing much to say about today as it was just work and home. We did have some good news; our friends Colleen and Rob are arriving on Sunday. It will be good to see them again.  
  Saturday 28th February 2009  

Thankfully the sun shone so I could get lots of washing done. I left Pete Mate in charge of hanging it on the line whilst I rushed off for a hair dresser’s appointment. Pete Mate met me at the hairdressers an hour later, we then walked in to town. We enjoyed a very nice coffee and donuts at our second best café.

(Notice how the fickle woman has abandoned Gloria Jeans?)

After doing a few errands we walked home where a number of chores were waiting for us. Once those had been completed we spent a very lazy afternoon reading and updating the computer. Before we knew it Happy Hour had arrived and, as they say, the rest is history!

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