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      Pam's Journal For May 2009

  Friday 1st May 2009  
  Work was as busy as ever. We had a pizza lunch provided by the company whilst the new company structure was explained to us by the CEO. It was very informative and interesting to listen to how the company is moving forward. Half of me wishes to stay and see the results. Behave Pam; life on the road is for you.

Pete Mate collected me at 4.30pm and off we went to see the very kind staff at Centrelink. We have to declare our earnings so that Mr Rudd can keep any pension due to us. It is of no matter that we paid our taxes all these years for our pension. Enough, enough, I am becoming a grumpy old woman. Once home we had a glass of red and decided that going out enjoying ourselves was too much trouble so we stayed home and ate and drank. I watched some TV before falling asleep, as I am apt to do.
  Saturday 2nd May 2009  

A lazy start to the day, then we ventured forth into town to buy some winter shoes. That was an unsuccessful expedition so we paid a visit to the Festival of Woodwork. The title is very misleading as on show were lots of different crafts. The woodwork was exquisite; one exhibit was a grader on a low loader truck, and the detail was amazing. The standard of work was exceptional. We saw wood turning in progress which was very interesting. The blacksmith display was disappointing; the people doing the demonstration had their backs to us so we couldn’t see what they were making. The rest of the crafts consisted of patchwork, quilting, knitting, crochet, bonsai plants and general craft wares. I bought Pete Mate (now Senior Laundry Officer) a new peg bag as the one I have is not masculine enough for him.

When we left the festival we went back into town for a couple of things but Pete Mate wasn’t feeling well again so we then went home for him to have a nana nap. In the evening Pete Mate went to work for three hours at Coles.

  Sunday 3rd May 2009  
  We dropped by the Food and Wine Tasting Expo in town where we tasted one or two of the wines and relishes though sadly there wasn’t any cheese on show. Lots of stalls were cooking lunches for people to buy but we didn’t partake. The idea was to show the locals what is on offer in this region. I bought some rather nice relishes and picked up a leaflet for a 'getaway' in Tenterfield. Who knows, we may go that way later in the year. We sought out the Banalasta stall and had a chat with Rolf, Banalasta's proprietor. We told him we were on our way out to his winery so he promptly poured us a large dollop of wine to keep us going until we got there. We left town and drove to the winery where we enjoyed lunch, wine and good music.  
  The ladies of Banalasta. Kim, Rolf's wife, (in blue), with Lauren and Rachel.  
  Monday 4th May 2009  
  What a busy, busy day. The lady I work for was sick so I had to cover for her. I did a minute fraction of what she does but was frazzled by the end of the day. After work Pete Mate and I went for our flu jabs. (Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?) Hopefully we won’t get another bout like the recent one we just had.  
  Tuesday 5th May 2009  
  Work as usual for me. Pete Mate went off for the day doing his carers job. He, and his fellow carers, took a bus load of old ladies shopping. He seemed to have a good time, chatting with the old people and the other carers.  
  Wednesday 6th May 2009  
  A normal working day for me. Pete Mate keeps himself busy these days.  
  Thursday 7th May 2009  
  Normal working day and then shopping, what fun we have. Thank God for coffee and donuts. Talking of donuts, Pete Mate talked the young girl into giving him all the misshapen ones for free. They were apparently going to put them into the bin. Since I'd had a lovely barbecue lunch at work - one of the ladies was leaving - Pete Mate ate all the donuts but one as I was still full from lunch.  
  Friday 8th May 2009  
  Work as usual but then 4.30pm arrived and it was time to play. Tonight we went to The Pub. Not 'the pub' but The Pub; that is what the place is called. We went to see Those Gals, whose music we love, so we decided to have dinner there as well. We were not impressed with the culinary delight presented to us - even frozen vegetables need cooking.

However the music was as good as ever; Those Gals are amazing performers. We are quite passionate about one particular song written by Wendy Wood, one of the trio. 'Beaconsfield' is about a mine collapse in Tasmania when three men were lost far below ground. For a long time nobody knew whether they were alive or dead, then one body was recovered. The search went on for the other two missing men. The song captures the feelings when the miners were finally located and days later brought to the surface after two weeks of being trapped. Wendy should win every award going but sadly hasn’t. To hear it on the web, click here:
  Saturday 9th May 2009  
  The weather is perfect for walking so we put on our shoes and walked for half an hour. I haven’t walked for so long, not since we left the Paradise Caravan Park. We walked the back streets and I felt a lot better for it. I then did a few chores before collecting Mary, a work colleague, and we were off to a baby shower. The baby shower was for Merinda, another work colleague. We had about half an hour’s drive through absolutely beautiful countryside. Once there we were made to feel very welcome. Merinda and Nathan have a lovely home.

It is surprising how quickly an afternoon can pass when you are drinking coffee, eating yummy food, chatting and playing games. The afternoon was completed by Merinda opening all her beautiful presents. Mary, I and the other guests then headed for home. On the way we were blessed by a magnificent sunset, absolutely stunning. When I arrived home Pete Mate was eating his dinner that he had (under written instructions) placed in the oven so he could eat before he went to work. Now, I did all the hard work preparing the casserole. All he had to do was remove the cling film and put it in the oven. Yep, you guessed, my dear ole husband forgot to remove the cling film and had to contend with a hot dish and burnt fingers whilst trying to pry off the film.
  Sunday 10th May 2009 - Mothers Day  
  All Mothers throughout the world should be appreciated every other day as well as today. I enjoyed a lovely Mothers Day, it started with coffee in bed followed by a full cooked breakfast. We went for our half hour walk. We then made the trek out to the winery for lunch. Donella Water was performing, another one of our favourite artistes.

We enjoyed a really lovely afternoon. Lots of mums had been treated to lunch out at the winery so therefore it follows there were lots of children. One little prima donna called Ellie kept throwing her elephant on to the balcony so I picked it up. When she realised I had the elephant, did I get the look from hell! Thereafter, every time she passed by me she gave me that look tenfold. I hope her parents are prepared for her teenage years!

We again had an excellent afternoon and left there wanting more. More music, more wine, more food. Who cares? we just wanted more.

On arriving home we parked Billy for the night and walked the two minutes to the local hostelry known as The Oasis. The Oasis boasts that they have country music every weekend. It does. We listened and it was so bad. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been if we hadn’t experienced top notch music all afternoon. The one thing we both couldn’t get past was how old everyone was - it was like being in an old people’s home and attending their weekly social. I am not being unkind here, just truthful. However, at the end of the day they all looked like they were having a good time and that is the most important thing. You can find out about Donella on
  Monday 11th May 2009  
  Work as usual. I just felt very tired, I guess I had too much of a good time over the weekend. It was just as busy as ever. When Pete Mate collected me we drove to Anzac Park and walked around it for half an hour. Three days in a row, must be a bit of a record. Long may it last.  
  Tuesday 12th May 2009  
  Work as usual. No walk today as we had to go and collect my pay cheque.  
  Wednesday 13th May 2009  
  Work as usual for me but Pete Mate went to a Volunteers Morning. He now has a few more ideas on how to fill his time, that is if he has any left. He seems to be busy enough these days with being a carer and his involvement at the museum. Not to mention his role as Senior Laundry Officer, of course.

After work we did our half hour walk around the park.
  Thursday 14th May 2009  
  Nothing much happened, just the usual shopping & work.  
  Friday 15th May 2009  
  Work as usual. We decided not to go out tonight.  
  Saturday 16th May 2009  
  Pete Mate went to the museum in the morning whilst I did some chores at home. In the afternoon we visited Roslyn, the lady I work for. She wanted a couple of jobs doing at home so Pete Mate went to give her the benefit of his wisdom and knowledge. She lives out of town in a lovely area and has horses. I didn’t get too close and personal but Pete Mate did as he has this yen to learn to ride.  
  Sunday 17th May 2009  
  As the free entertainment has finished at the Banalasta winery, we decided to try a different local winery. It was closed. We found out later that they no longer open for lunch or cellar sales but are a function centre. Handy if we decide to get married again!

We had to think fast as lunchtime was waning and we were hungry and thirsty. Luckily the Tour Guide Extraordinaire, me, that is, had thought to bring the local book with us. I found that The Longyard served lunch and also had free entertainment, so we toddled off there. It was all good - the food, the wine and the entertainment. A very nice afternoon.
  Monday 18th May 2009  
  Work and home – walking after work didn’t last long! Pete Mate was at the museum all day as it was National Museum Day.  
  Tuesday 19th May 2009  
  Work as usual for me. Pete Mate went off for the day doing his carer’s job.  
  Wednesday 20th May 2009  
  Work as usual for me. Pete Mate went off for the day doing his carer’s job.  
  Thursday 21st May 2009  
  Just the usual work and shopping.  
  Friday 22nd May 2009  
  Work as usual. We decided not to go out tonight.  
  Saturday 23rd May 2009  
  I felt really ‘off’ all day with a bad migraine. Pete Mate reckons I had more wine last night than usual – silly man . . . too much wine? Is there such a thing? I think it was a reaction to the stressful week just passed. Anyway it was a good excuse to lie down all day.  
  Sunday 24th May 2009  
  I had to catch up with a few chores today and then we went off to the Longyard for lunch. Lunch was fine as was the music, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  
  Monday 25th May 2009  
  Work, work work.  
  Tuesday 26th May 2009  
  Work, work, work, but today is pay day.  
  Wednesday 27th May 2009  
  Work, work work.  
  Thursday 28th May 2009  
  Work and then shopping. Ho hum. Pete Mate worked all day in his carer’s role.  
  Friday 29th May 2009  
  Work as usual. At lunchtime we had a surprise birthday lunch for one of the volunteers. Henk is 70 on Sunday and works five full days a week as a volunteer vehicle coordinator; he is a lovely man and truly deserved all the blessings bestowed upon him.

Pete Mate did his carers job, this time transporting mentally impaired Aborigines.

In the evening we went out to The Pub again, as Donella was appearing. We were reluctant to eat there after last time, but decided to give it a go and were pleasantly surprised. A couple of people from the office where I work joined us and sadly Ben’s meal was a disaster so the waitress gave us a compensatory bottle of wine . . . and Ben a Coke. Unfair you might think. I do but Ben wasn’t drinking and naturally we were. And hey, we didn’t ask for the wine. We, as usual, enjoyed ourselves and left at the very end. One of us should not have been driving but we arrived home safe and sound. Very naughty!
  Saturday 30th May 2009  
  We drove into town as I had a hair appointment and Pete Mate went to the Telstra shop to try and sort out our new phone. I was happy with my hair cut and Pete Mate had a successful morning also. Not only was the phone sorted but our allowance for the internet was increased five fold! We met for coffee at Gloria’s and then decided to walk back to the car via the shops.

We noticed a flurry of activity down at Bicentennial Park and I remembered it was Life Fest Day. We had no idea what it was all about but as we didn’t have any pressing engagements we wandered over. We were very surprised to find everything was free, the music, all the games for the children, the food and drinks. The kids had a whale of a time having their faces painted, their hair coloured and the variety of games they could play was numerous. We tried to help a very little girl to blow bubbles, so cute. Balloon modelling was very popular as was the candy floss wagon. We enjoyed a hotdog and a slice of cake with a cool drink. We could have also consumed hot potatoes, pancakes, scones, and hamburgers. We wandered around the car and motor bike display and it was about this time we realised that Life Fest was organised and funded by all the churches of Tamworth. What an absolutely wonderful idea and no, there wasn’t anyone preaching or trying to convert you.

Just as we were leaving we bumped into Wendy from the singing trio, Those Gals. She is such a lovely lady. We then walked up to the mall and again bumped into another familiar face. He saw us first and didn’t run away so I guess we behaved ourselves when we'd previously met him. He was the singer from The Longyard a couple of Sundays ago.

Once we had visited the mall we walked back to the car and then drove home for a well deserved nanna nap. Well, we think it was well deserved.
  Sunday 31st May 2009  
  We had a quiet day today as we are out for dinner again tomorrow. The sun was shining but it was still quite cool.