Albert and Annie Say:

Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance,
grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it.


      Pam's Journal For June 2009

  Monday 1st June 2009  
  We enjoyed a welcomed interruption to today’s workload - morning tea. It was one of the ladies' final day before starting maternity leave, so we all enjoyed some very nice fattening cakes and donuts.

Pete Mate was out during the day doing his work as a volunteer carer. In the evening a few of us plus partners went out to dinner to a Thai restaurant. It was a very pleasant evening, the food, the wine and the company were all good.
  Tuesday 2nd June 2009
  Work as usual but we are now even busier as we are one pair of hands short. Thank goodness it was pay day!  
  Wednesday 3rd June 2009
  Work as usual, nothing exciting happened. Pete Mate did his museum duty in the morning.  
  Thursday 4th June 2009  
  Work as usual then we had a date with the shopping trolley. The shopping centre we went to has free entertainment throughout June. We could hear the performer doing his stuff whilst we shopped. When we had finished the songbird was on a break so we didn’t actually get to see him, only hear him. He was okay - nothing exceptional.

Before Pete Mate came to collect me he had emptied the potty (toilet cassette) which was still in the car when we got home from shopping. We unloaded the shopping and I made the dinner. We had a glass or two of red, then Pete Mate decided he wanted to the use the toilet. He had forgotten that the cassette was still in the car and proceeded to empty his bladder into the bowels of the caravan. He came out of the en suite declaring the toilet was broken as it wouldn’t flush or close. It was only now that the penny dropped and he groaned very loudly as he would have to clean it all up. Did I laugh? Yes I did.
  Friday 5th June 2009  
  Pete Mate had to be at the Community Centre by 7:50 a.m. so I was dropped off at work at 7:40 a.m. Usually there is someone there early but today everyone decided to have a sleep-in and the gates and doors weren’t unlocked until 8:15 a.m. Was I cold? Yes. Was I peeved? Yes.

You would have to think that the day couldn’t get any worse but it did. My stress levels were up in the red and the urge to strangle certain people was very strong indeed. At one point I didn’t know if I was Arthur or Martha and went to make a phone call and rang myself. Anyway, the day ended and Pete Mate collected me. I enquired after his day only to be told his ‘client’ wasn’t well so his caring talents weren’t needed after all and he’d gone home early.

The highlight of the day was the lovely meal we enjoyed with a bottle of red at The Oasis pub. The Oasis is within spitting distance of the caravan park so we were able to leave the car at home for once. It was very enjoyable.

  Saturday 6th June 2009  
  Another early start to the day. Pete Mate dropped me off in town on his way to the museum as he was rostered for the morning. My intention was to take my time wandering around the shops, having a browse without having the guilt that Pete Mate is sitting somewhere waiting patiently. So I wandered here and there and made a purchase or three. I then stopped for morning tea before continuing with my retail therapy. I am sorry to admit that after three hours I had had enough - but I still had another hour and a half to go before I met Pete Mate for lunch. I slowly wandered down to our lunch venue and waited in their reception, sitting in their comfortable chairs doing a crossword. The venue was West Diggers, a place we frequent as they have very good free entertainment.

Eventually Pete Mate arrived and we enjoyed a very nice lunch. After lunch it was home again for a rest before heading out to West Leagues - a different club but owned by the same people. We enjoyed an excellent dinner followed by an evening of first class entertainment by Donella and the Wild Doves. By eleven I was flagging and needed to go home to my bed, which was a shame as Donella was continuing until midnight. A very enjoyable day.
  Sunday 7th June 2009  
  We had a slow start to the day due to the late night. We spent most of the day catching up on chores then we settled down to watch "The Bill" which we had taped last night. After nearly five years I can now manage to tape all of a programme! We didn’t go out for our usual Sunday lunch and entertainment as we felt we had used up our calorie allowance this week and believe it or not we are trying to lose weight.  
  Monday 8th June 2009  
  Today is the Queen’s birthday; well it is in N.S.W. and some other states, but not in W.A. To celebrate this auspicious day I did absolutely nothing. I read and relaxed whereas Pete Mate did the washing and emptied the potty, this time remembering to replace it before having a p---. Okay, Pete Mate, that is the last time I will mention it and I promise I will stop rolling about laughing every time I think about it. The weather was pretty awful but I guess it is about right for winter.  
  Tuesday 9th June 2009  
  Back to work today. It was as busy as ever. That is the only trouble with having a day off - you have to do twice as much work the next day.  
  Wednesday 10th June 2009  
  Another busy day at the office. Pete Mate was kept busy enough at home, he is becoming an excellent house husband and very much appreciated. (As long as you keep going down the mine, I'll wash and hang out your smalls. P.M.)  
  Thursday 11th June 2009  
  Work busy as usual; Pete Mate was out doing his carer’s duties all day. Tonight, whilst shopping, we enjoyed the music of Those Gals, which made shopping a whole lot more pleasant.  
  Friday 12th June 2009  
  Our daytime hours were pretty much the same as yesterday but the evening . . . well, for one thing, what can beat that first glass of red on a Friday night? We walked up to The Oasis for tea again and this time we were joined by Mary from the office where I work. It was a very pleasant couple of hours. After saying goodnight to Mary we went home put the TV on and promptly fell asleep. One of these days someone is going to make a DVD of just the endings of programmes so we can eventually find out who did it!  
  Saturday 13th June 2009  

We decided to have a day out exploring unknown territory. The weather was nice and sunny though cool. We drove to Quirindi (Kwuh-rin-die) through some very pretty countryside which we agreed would have been even better if it hadn’t been so dry.

Our first stop in Quirindi was the Who’d A Thought It Lookout. I know Pete Mate has given you an explanation behind the name of the lookout. The views from up there were spectacular and we spent a little time gazing at the landscape.

We left there to check out the Heritage Museum; what a magnificent place. We were given a personal guided tour by a remarkable lady named Marjorie. We couldn’t work out her age and being polite we never asked but we decided she must be nearer eighty than seventy. She was as bright as a button and had a phenomenal memory for all the items in that museum. This you cannot appreciate unless you could see how many artifacts they had. Marjorie had restored a lot of the items and seemed to turn her hand to anything from cleaning a very old bed cover to restoring a mechanical object to good working order. She is also a very good artist and has sold a lot of her paintings. Previously an excellent horsewoman, she decided to give up riding when she was seventy - but only because the horse was pregnant! A lot of this information was supplied by her husband, Eric; the two of them are the driving force behind the museum. The visit to Quirindi was worth it just to meet this incredible couple.

  This map of Australia was hand made by one lady. She made all the animals,
and the flowers are made from bread dough. It was a remarkable piece of work.
  We spent a couple of hours inside the museum before retiring to their coffee shop for lunch. Once replete, we ventured forth to finish the museum. Yes folks, this place is that big. After a while I had had enough and there was only the outside sheds with ‘blue’ stuff left so I retreated to the car for a nanny nap.

Pete Mate eventually emerged as it was closing time. We were now heading back towards home but stopped at the Memorial to the First Fleet. The gardens were well kept and it would be a nice place for a picnic, but unless you had an ancestor in the first fleet it became a little boring, plus the warmth of the day was long gone and it was b---dy freezing. So we headed home for that wonderful glass of red.
  But then, just maybe we did have an ancestor in the first fleet  
  Sunday 14th June 2009  
  We had a day of rest today. I read, knitted and did some cooking. Pete Mate did some computer work and read.  
  Monday 15th June 2009  
  Work was as busy as ever. Pete Mate did all the washing.  
  Tuesday 16th June 2009  
  Work down the mine for me and Pete Mate did his Oxley volunteer work.  
  Wednesday 17th June 2009  
  Back down the mine for me. Pete Mate cut the grass around the caravan, cleaned the cement slab and a few other chores. He did an excellent job.  
  Thursday 18th June 2009  
  Work, work, work. Then we went shopping.  
  Friday 19th June 2009  
  Work as usual for me and Oxley for Pete Mate. In the evening we walked up to the pub for another lovely meal cooked by Sue. It was a very pleasant way to unwind after a very stressful week.  
  Saturday 20th June 2009  
  It was the sort of day where you want to curl up with a book, so we did.  
  Sunday 21st June 2009  
  The weather wasn’t much better today so we had a repeat of yesterday.  
  Monday 22nd June 2009 - Wednesday 24th June 2009  
  Work as usual.  
  Thursday 25th June 2009  
  Work as usual, but now we are gearing up for the end of the financial year and it is busier than ever. Shopping as usual in the evening but this time we shopped for two weeks to avoid the ritual next Thursday. Pete Mate was busy with Oxley.  
  Friday 26th June 2009  
  Last day of the working week, yippee! We had dinner at the pub again and friend Mary joined us. It was as usual an excellent meal and we three spent a vey pleasant couple of hours.
  Saturday 27th June 2009  
  Nothing exciting happened here today. Chores, reading, knitting and computer were the order of the day.
  Sunday 28th June 2009  
  We had a lazy start to the day and then after lunch made our way over to The Longyard for an afternoon full of entertainment. We collected friend Mary and also Leonie, another NewTrain employee. We were joined by Roslyn and her partner, Alan. We enjoyed an afternoon of good music, reasonable wine, and some dancing and excellent company.  
  "Those Gals" - Caroline, Kerry and Wendy at the the Longyard.  
  Ross Wilson, also known as "Daddy Cool".  
  Pete Mate and Alan were not enamoured of Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock fame. He was rather loud - okay, but not really our cup of tea. All the artists gave up their time to raise funds for a local lady who is suffering a rare form of cervical cancer.  
  Some unaccustomed exercise.  
  During the afternoon there were raffles and auctions and people gave generously. When we left the Longyard we dropped Leonie off at home and went on to the Oasis with Mary where we had tea. Tonight’s special was roast beef and, believe me, it was delicious.  
  Monday 29th June 2009  
  Well, if I thought work was busy previously, then I don't know what today was. We worked flat out without much of a break. Pete Mate was also flat out doing all the washing.  
  Tuesday 30th June 2009.  The final day of the Financial Year  
  Today was worse than yesterday; we had a very early start and a late finish. By the time we left, all the year-end payroll was balanced and printed - a very good feeling.