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      Pam's Journal For September 2009

  Tuesday 1st September to Thursday 3rd September 2009  
  Work was as busy as usual. Roslyn is taking some leave so it was pretty damn busy for yours truly. One job was enough, two jobs – lets just say the red wine in the evening was a life saver.
  Friday 4th September 2009  
  Thank God it's Friday. Pete Mate has not had any work all week but he has kept busy doing other things. We walked up to the pub for dinner and very nice it was too.  
  Saturday 5th September 2009  
  We were supposed to be doing a ‘big’ shop today but Pete Mate hurt his back yesterday and I felt quite tired. At our age we will have to stop swinging from the chandeliers! So we did a small shop (the bill wasn’t small). We also went to one or two other shops and bumped into one or two people from work. We then went home, had lunch, opened a bottle of plonk and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  
  Sunday 6th September 2009  
  Fathers Day. Pete Mate was spoilt, he had the complete set of The Royle Family on DVD and I took him out to lunch. Well, actually I had already ordered the DVD’s as a surprise and we were going out anyway.

We ate lunch at the Bendemeer Hotel then wandered up to the winery at Banalasta for the free entertainment and dessert . . . plus wine of course. We enjoyed a lovely day out and the wine and food were also good. Pete Mate and I had an in-depth discussion on the way home about whether we were lucky, fortunate or blessed that we enjoy each other’s company so much.
  Monday 7th September 2009  
  We endured torrential rain with thunder and lightening. The caravan sprung three leaks and we were not amused. The washing was dripping on the line and work was as stressful as ever. Whoever coined the phrase "Life was not meant to be easy", please shoot them.  
  Tuesday 8th September 2009  
  The rain has eased but not left us completely. Pete Mate attended a course today for volunteers. Plus, in between showers, he was up on the roof checking it out and seems to have found the problem. Work for me was ridiculously stressful – thank God for red wine.  
  Wednesday 9th September 2009  
  It was a late start at work for me as we had to visit the doctor to renew our scripts. The doctor wasn’t happy with my blood pressure and I now have to have it checked every couple of days for a week. The day didn’t get any better as again it was a stressful time at work. If only everyone else did their part properly, most of the stress would be removed. Poor ole Pete Mate had a day of it too, working on the roof. Repairing the seals is no picnic I can tell you. I know this because he told me so.  
  Thursday 10th September 2009  
  My week just improved; stress levels are down and the world looks rosy again. Pete Mate worked at Oxley caring for his old people as they are ferried around. We went shopping in the evening which we both enjoyed – not. I wish the groceries would mysteriously arrive in the fridge and pantry; it would save a lot of hassles.
Just for the record, Pete Mate has now had three AFD’s in a row. I'm beginning to worry about him.
  Friday 11th September 2009  
  Yippee it is Friday. Work went well, my friend Roslyn was back in work but will probably be away again next week. In the evening it was pub night so we wandered up to a very quiet Oasis. The food and wine were as good as usual.  
  Saturday 12th September 2009  
  The sun is shining and the birds are singing, the air is cool but not freezing. Spring is a lovely time of year. Pete Mate was on the roof for most of the day apart from a trip to Bunnings and Spotlight. I also had my blood pressure checked and it was a little lower but not much.  
  Sunday 13th September 2009  

Pete Mate was back on the roof continuing his repairs. I did my chores plus Pete Mate gave me permission to do some washing. Apart from that I did very little except read and knit.

  Monday 14th September 2009  
  Not a lot happened; the forecasted rain did not appear so Pete Mate was back on the roof. He has hurt his back again, this time by bending over to fasten his shoes. It was a busy day at work; it was one of the ladies birthday’s so we had cake, lots of it. On the way home we picked up our new bed linen that we ordered and paid for four weeks ago. It only had to come from Newcastle - NSW, not the U.K! Once home we put it on the beds and were immediately disappointed with the quality – far different than the previous ones. They were supposed to be exactly the same. Ah well, nothing else left but to have a glass of red.  
  Tuesday 15th September 2009  
  Work was as busy as usual. Pete Mate was on duty at the museum showing local schoolchildren around. On the way home we called in to have my BP measured again and found it sky high at 215/115. The pharmacist told me to see a doctor urgently, so I went to Woolworths to get a few things for dinner. Then we raced around to the doctors. As long as I wasn’t vomiting with a severe headache it could wait until the morning, I was told. As I wasn’t I went home for a glass of red.  
  Wednesday 16th September 2009  

It was a very relaxed morning as we didn’t have to be at the doctors' until 10.30 a.m. The boss wouldn’t allow me to go to work until I had seen a doctor. Once there we didn’t have to wait too long and then I was given the third degree. My BP was still high plus I was able to give him some family history having gleaned it from my family. When I was finally released I then had to have blood tests so off we went to do that. Then the medication needed collecting so whilst waiting for that we had coffee and one of us had donuts – not me! The decision was made not to go to work so I went home, put my feet up and did a crossword.

Pete Mate however was on the roof making a heck of a din. This roof will never ever leak again. In fact, long after the rest of the caravan has gone to caravan heaven, the roof will still be travelling around Australia.

  Thursday 17th September 2009  
  Work was just as busy but unusually stress free and very pleasant. Pete Mate had the day off from the repairs as his back was sore. After work we went shopping which is always a delight. Not! Then it was home to do some chores, cook dinner and have that good ole glass of red. What a life.  
  Friday 18th September 2009  
  Work again was just as busy but very pleasant. Pete Mate collected me from work with the news he had broken the computer. Well, actually his words were less polite. He didn’t do any work on the caravan as the forecast was rain, which never arrived. In the evening we went out to The Pub with Roslyn and Alan for dinner and to see Those Gals. It was a very enjoyable time even though Pete Mate and I drank too much. We weren’t driving as we caught a taxi to The Pub and Alan kindly took us home. Pete Mate even shuffled around the dance floor to Unchained Melody.  
  Saturday 19th September 2009  
  It was a slow start to the day as the body really didn’t want to get out of bed. I made it do its early morning walk albeit a shortened version. Then it was breakfast and chores, Pete Mate took most of the day to recover. He then had another play with the computer and we now have it running somewhat slow but at least we can email and use it. The rest of the day was spent relaxing with my book, crossword and knitting.  
  Sunday 20th September 2009  
  I forgot to mention yesterday that I wandered across the highway, when it was clear of traffic, to take some photos of the blossom trees. The trees around Tamworth have been stunningly beautiful and no photo would do them justice but here is my attempt.  
  Springtime in Tamworth  

When our friends Jo and Gavin were here, Jo gave me a recipe for a Weight Watchers cake. One of the ingredients for this cake is a block of chocolate. After J & G left we bought the ingredients for this cake. We ate the chocolate, so the following week we bought some more. We ate it again. The following week we bought some more and we didn’t eat it.

Yesterday morning I decided to bake the cake but found I had to soak the fruit overnight in coffee. Having done that last night I was ready this morning to make this cake. No, we hadn’t eaten the chocolate! I got to the point of adding the SR flour and discovered I didn’t have enough so I walked up to the service station which also has a shop for basics. Obviously SR flour is not a basic food because they didn’t have any, but plain flour is because they had some of that. I walked home, hopped in the car, and drove into town praying I wouldn’t see anyone I knew because I hadn’t had a shower. Everyone knows you cannot talk to anyone you know if you are without shower. I purchased the flour, drove home, and finished making the cake.

The aroma from the oven was beautiful; a nice fruit cake baking away. Then it changed to a very strong burnt smell. Oh s??t!!! Out of the oven it came. I let it cool and proceeded to cut off the burnt bits only to find the middle was still raw. I cut out the raw bits and baked them, waste not want not. They were b????y awful so that went in the bin. If anyone wants the recipe for this disaster cake, please let me know. Next time I will cook it a little differently because we did eat the rest of it which was delicious and kept very well in the fridge. The icing on the cake, so to speak, was when PM - who has never baked a cake in his life - declared I must have had the oven too hot. As I said, we ate the cake, he didn’t wear it.

  Monday 21st September 2009  
  Work as usual. Pete Mate divided his time between fixing the computer and the caravan roof.  
  Tuesday 22nd September 2009  
  Pretty much the same as yesterday.  
  Wednesday 23rd September 2009  

I woke as usual and went for my walk. I was quite perplexed as my world had turned red. It was quite eerie as I couldn’t see very far in front of me. It was quite a mystery until I got back to the caravan and Pete Mate said, “What a night, the storm was dreadful.”

Whilst he lay awake wondering whether to tie the caravan to a tree I slept through it all. The red in the air was dust from South Australia. Now maybe they would like to come and take it back because Pete Mate has spent days cleaning and resealing the roof of the caravan, plus he had also washed the car; now it all has a layer of red dust on it. On the way to work it was quite amusing to see all the cars looking just like ours.

Pete Mate was not only on duty at the museum but was in charge as well.

  Thursday 24th September 2009  
  The rain today will hopefully wash away the rest of the dust. Shopping after work which filled our hearts with delight!  
  Friday 25th September 2009  
  Work as usual for both of us. We were very excited as our Internet friends, Eileen and Peter, are arriving today. We are so looking forward to meeting them. Pete Mate has explained how we know them so I will not repeat it here. We enjoyed a lovely happy hour followed by a walk up to our local pub for a meal. By the end of the evening we felt we had known Eileen and Peter for years, we got along so well.  
  Saturday 26th September 2009  
  Pete Mate was on duty at the museum and I had a hair appointment. After my appointment I went into town to do some shopping. I needed, amongst other things, quite a few items for my shoe box for "Operation Christmas Child". Sometimes it is just nice to browse without PM sitting on a bench outside. By the time Pete Mate had finished at the museum and met me for lunch, I'd had a pot of tea and read two newspapers, I just cannot shop like I used to. The mind is willing but the body gave up two hours before lunchtime. Later we enjoyed a happy hour inside Peter and Eileen’s 'van as it was too cold to be outside.  
  Sunday 27th September 2009  
  We took E & P out for the day to Chaffey Dam and Nundle. It was quite cold when we arrived at the dam but we donned our jackets and did the walk across the dam wall. Then we drove into Nundle for lunch at the pub. After lunch we took them to the Woollen Mill, which we always enjoy, before wending our way home to yet another happy hour, this time in our 'van. The weather has turned cold again but we knew that would happen as soon as we packed away our heater!  
  Monday 28th September 2009  
  Work as usual for me. In the evening Eileen and Peter took us out to dinner. It was a lovely meal and we did appreciate their kindness very much. Tomorrow we say goodbye and it will be another sad parting as we really liked them and enjoyed their company. Peter has endless stories to tell and one day we hope that our paths will cross again so we can hear more.  
  Tuesday 29th September 2009  
  After our goodbyes I went to work a little sad, as I always am when we stay behind and our friends leave. Work was busy so I had little time to think about it. When Pete Mate collected me from work we had a quiet happy hour. PM and I are blessed in that, whereas we enjoy the company of others, we also enjoy each others' as well.  
  Wednesday 30th September 2009  
  This caravan roof will be the best sealed roof in Australia, heck no, the world. I escaped to work to play with figures and computers.