Albert and Annie Say:

Promise yourself to make all your friends feel
that there is something worthwhile in them.


      Pam's Journal For October 2009

  Thursday 1st October 2009  
  Work as usual for me. Pete Mate spent some more time on the roof. Our friends Colleen and Rob arrived for a night on their way home to Mount Gambier. It was lovely to see them both again and we enjoyed a very pleasant happy hour before walking up to the pub for a meal. We all enjoyed the evening but all too soon it was time for bed because Pete Mate and I have to work tomorrow.  
  Friday 2nd October 2009  
  Another goodbye was said and again we felt sad. Ho hum! Work was the same as usual, being busy makes the time fly by so before I knew it was 4:30pm and time to go home. Pete Mate worked at Oxley today. On the way home we called in at the library. Apart from borrowing books we are allowed to borrow DVD’s and have been enjoying The Darling Buds of May again. Once home, and a few things sorted out, we wandered up to the pub for another of Sue’s delightful meals and, of course, one or two glasses of red. Thank you, Lord, for Fridays!  
  Saturday 3rd October 2009  
  I was up early, had my walk and had finished most of my chores before Pete Mate had even woken up. I did save the vacuuming until he was awake. Later we went into town to do some shopping and update our modem. We now have a smart blue one which is faster than the old one. I wasn't impressed when we first went into the Telstra shop and were greeted by a slip of a girl telling us we would have to pay $299 up front; this before she even knew our wishes. My reply was we didn't pay that last time, only to be told we had gone directly to Telstra so it didn't apply. Well, no, we didn't. We went to a shop similar to this one. At this point I was ready to ask to see someone else when she directed us to a more helpful assistant.

I must apply for a part in the television programme, Grumpy Old Women, because she sure made me grumpy. Later, over coffee, Pete Mate said he felt the same. About the girl not about me being grumpy, heaven forbid! I wish these young people would have some sort of training. You know, "When you spot the grey hair, girls, you must speak in English, and slowly with lots of adjectives". Better still, shut up and listen until you know all the facts.

Shopping for groceries is such a joy – not. So we were very glad to arrive home, have a late lunch and put our feet up.
  Sunday 4th October 2009  
  The clocks were put forward an hour today. I don’t care one way or the other about whether we have daylight saving or not as long as all the states do the same thing at the same time. We are now three hours ahead of W.A. My body clock takes about a week to adjust so my walking could be a bit erratic this week. Plus it will now be dark in the mornings. Today we were supposed to go out to the winery for the free entertainment and lunch. The weather was wet and cold so we decided to give it a miss. We read, watched a DVD and drank red wine  . . . and not much else at all.  
  Monday 5th October 2009  
  Public Holiday today – no work. My body clock is still not in line with daylight saving so according to the clock I slept an hour longer. After breakfast we walked up to the laundry to do some washing. Yep, I said "we". I was allowed to help, under supervision of course. Whilst the machine did it’s thing I went for my walk whilst Pete Mate had a shower. By the time I arrived back at the laundry he was already pegging the bedding out. Again I was allowed to help but as I don’t colour code the pegs I doubt I will be allowed to help again. After this most exciting time we wandered home for a coffee and whilst Pete Mate read I spent some time bringing my journal up to date.  
  Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th October  
  Work as usual for both of us. Pete Mate had extra ‘carer’s duties’ this week so that kept him off the streets. Apart from working he ‘played’ with the computer to improve it. Is it improved? Well, I guess you would have to ask him that!
In the evening we shopped yet again. Goodness knows who eats all this food we buy.
  Friday 9th October 2009  
  Work for both of us again today. I enhanced my day by breaking my desk drawer. I decided to take it home for Pete Mate to repair. Meanwhile, where to put all my things? Two Gentlemen to the rescue!
Alan and Robert found another drawer set. Alan went home for his drill and then they proceeded to remove the offending drawer and fit my desk with a new one. As I said, they are Gentlemen with a capital 'G'.

I do work with some really nice people which makes going to work less of a hardship. Additionally, every time I stand next to Robert I feel tall. Yep folks, I have found someone shorter than I am. I kid you not! He might be under tall but he has a wonderful sense of humour and has me laughing most days.
  Robert and I. And I'm not standing on a chair.  
  It's Roslyn by an inch over me with Robert nearly bursting but still coming a valiant third.  
  In the evening Pete Mate and I walked up to the pub for dinner. Mary was already there with her son, his partner and new baby. They are visiting from Queensland. Now Mary’s son is tall. He is taller than me whilst sitting down! We enjoyed a nice meal but Sue, our favourite chef, had the night off which was a little disappointing.  
  Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2009  
  A very quiet weekend as someone forgot to take her medication on Friday night. I find the side effects from not taking the tablet far worse than I felt before I started taking the damn things. In fact, I felt very well indeed and now I have to put up with the side effects daily.

Pete Mate used the time to work on the computer.
  Monday 12th to 15th October 2009  
  Work as usual for both of us. Nothing really exciting happening here, same old ‘stuff’ with the same stresses.  
  Friday 16th October 2009  
  Another stressful day down the mine. Peter did his AC/DC run which he enjoys more than the shopping. At my office people were on the move and the guys from the Training Department were moving furniture, filing cabinets and anything else. This was whilst everyone else was trying to do their work. Thankfully our section didn’t move but the whole day was stressful.

To add a little laughter to our day, Ben dressed up as an Occupational Health and Safety inspector. The clothes all came from the Family Day Care section as did the hands. Those keen of eye will notice the hard hat has Bob the Builder on it but for today we are naming it Ben the Builder’s hat.

In the evening we went for our usual walk up to the pub and ate and drank away the week’s stresses.
  Saturday 17th October 2009  
  We were up and out early because I had a doctor’s appointment for 9:00 a.m. We were there on time but the doctor decided to keep us waiting for twenty minutes and then had the audacity to tell me to relax whilst he took my blood pressure. The good news is the reading was down and he changed my medication as I was having side effects from the others.

Leaving the doctor's we went to do the shopping, what joy. In the evening we went to The Oxley Community Transport 20th Birthday Dinner. It was a very pleasant evening. We met some really nice people and the meal was excellent. Everything was well organised - a credit to the staff. We even got to take home our wine glasses as a memento of the evening. They will be put to good use.
  Sunday 18th October 2009  
  Not a lot happened in the Tamworth Ransons' abode today. My morning walk was glorious! The blossom on the trees with their heady scents were intoxicating and the roses were blooming beautifully. Such lovely colours. The gardens of the caravan park are a credit to Frank and Chris. I keep meaning to take my camera with me on one of my walks.  
  Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st October 2009  
  A normal working week for both of us apart from the phone call we got Wednesday evening to tell us our friends, Marilyn and Greg, are to arrive tomorrow.  
  Thursday 22nd October 2009  
  Work was work full of stress . . . and some laughs. In the evening we had a lovely happy hour with Greg and Marilyn before walking up to the pub for dinner. It was so lovely to see them again and we enjoyed many laughs with them.  
  Friday 23rd October 2009  
  If yesterday was stressful, then today was right off the gauge. The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that we would be having a great time later with Greg and Marilyn. Before I left work one of my colleagues was taken ill, possibly caused by the heat. It was a hot day and the air conditioning, out of order for months, doesn't even have an outlet in our office. Pete Mate drove her home in her car whilst I followed in ours, then we back-tracked to the library to change our books.

Once home we were quickly into happy hour. We walked up to the pub for dinner with Greg and Marilyn who were, as always, excellent company.
  Saturday 24th October 2009  

I was up early and did my walk whilst the washing was . . . washing. I hung it out, went home and cooked breakfast, all before 8:00 a.m. Pete Mate was quite impressed - when he stirred from under the covers, that is. We then went to do the shopping, calling in at the Museum on the way to see if the steam engines were going to be running tomorrow. Alas no, the local council have decided the wood would cost too much. Ridiculous excuse, when you consider that the NSW Government didn’t mind spending millions of dollars to lay grass on the Harbour Bridge for a picnic! In the evening we enjoyed a barbecue with Greg and Marilyn.

  Sunday 25th October 2009  
  We spent a lovely day out with G & M. We enjoyed coffee and a look at the art and crafts at Dungowan before continuing to Chaffey Dam where we walked the wall. The weather was perfect and quite a few people were enjoying water sports, such as skiing. After spending a little time there we headed for the pub at Nundle for lunch. We were hungry when we arrived there and by the time we were served we were starving! Anyway when the meals finally arrived they were very nice and so was the wine.

After our lunch we walked over to the Woollen Mill but the machinery we had previously seen in operation was silent as Stan was finishing for the day. Stan takes one look at Pete Mate and exclaims, “You here again?”. Obviously once seen never forgotten. We then decided to make our way home with a small diversion to the First Fleet Memorial Park at Wallabadah where we searched unsuccessfully for Marilyn and Greg's ancestors.
  Monday 26th to Thursday 29th October 2009  
  We said our goodbyes to Greg & Marilyn before heading off to work on Monday morning. Pete Mate was very busy this week with extra shifts at the museum as well as his carer duties. He also had Billy serviced and was not only pleased with the results but also the bill. My job was even busier as we have an audit next week.
It is now official - well to me it is - my last day of work will be the 18th December. Plans can, of course, change but that is the plan as of today.
  Friday 30th October 2009  
  Poor ole Pete Mate didn’t know if he was Arthur or Martha today. The plan was I would drop him off at the museum at 7:15 a.m. to see the engines fired up because today is to be a steam day. On the way there he decided he needed the car so it was me that was dropped off early and away he went.

I had arranged to work from 7.30am but had a few minutes to kill before my boss, Ed, arrived to let me in.

Pete Mate stayed at the museum until 8:30 a.m. then raced over to the Community Centre in time for his carer's duty. Once all the clients were firmly ensconced at the respite centre he raced back to the museum changing his shirt along the way. A couple of hours on duty at the museum and then off to Oxley for his carer's duty, once more changing his shirt as he went. Once everyone was safely home from the respite centre he was back again at the museum, again changing his shirt.

These shirts have the emblem of the particular organisation Peter works for plus the word "Volunteer" on it so people can, at a glance, know they are talking to a mighty fine volunteer. Is Pete Mate’s day finished? No, it is not. He collected me and then raced off to Centrelink to declare my earnings whilst I went to the supermarket. All this and then we had to walk up to the pub for tea. Watch out Superman. As for my day it was pretty much the same as any other working day - busy, stressful and well paid.
  Saturday 31st October 2009  
  After doing one or two chores, I went to work. What seemed like a good idea at 4:00 p.m. yesterday doesn’t seem so good at 9:00 a.m. this morning. The reason I went was to try and finish some work before the Auditors arrive on Monday. We worked until 3:30 p.m. then Ed and I called it a day; we were both tired and enough is enough.

We were supposed to go to a colleague’s house for drinks and nibblies but by the time I arrived home I was pooped and didn’t go. I cooked dinner, switched the television on and promptly fell asleep. I awoke goodness knows when, and then went to bed. What an exciting Saturday I had. Whilst I was at work Pete Mate did some washing and a few other chores as next week is again very busy.