Albert and Annie Say:

Promise yourself to give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticise others.


      Pam's Journal For November 2009

  Sunday 1st November 2009  
  We awoke to a glorious day so we organised ourselves and arrived at Banalasta in plenty of time to have lunch and enjoy the afternoon’s entertainment. Today we were entertained by Donella who is one of our favourite singers. She was on top form and we enjoyed a very nice afternoon.
  Not having had too much to drink I was content to watch others . . .  
  Just before she finished she sang some nursery rhymes for the children and of course the big children had to join in. It has been a long time since I have clapped my hands and stamped my feet because I am happy! One group of people really got into the spirit of things and did some hula hooping and Ring a Ring of Roses. I am not sure what the little children made of it but we had a really good time.  
  . . . stagger around and enjoy themselves  
  In the evening we met up with Margaret and Brian (in-laws of brother in law Andrew), we enjoyed a very pleasant evening with them. They were here in Tamworth for a school reunion for Margaret. Seventy odd years ago the school boasted twenty nine students. Fourteen had turned up at today's reunion. Truly amazing after all this time.  
  Monday 2nd November 2009
  Extremely busy at work, plus the auditors were in the building. Pete Mate took Billy to have his gear box serviced so all we need are the new tyres and then we are ready to get back on the road again.  
  Tuesday 3rd November 2009  
  Anyone out there who has a vertigo type illness, you have my greatest sympathy. The last few days I had been feeling a little dizzy or light headed but today I could hardly stand up and the nausea turned into the real thing. (True love is when your husband holds your head whilst you do what you have to do in a bucket). Eventually it all subsided enough for me to go to work. Pete Mate was working as a carer today so we had to rush a little as we were running late; by the time I got to work I did not feel good. Roslyn took one look at me and was all for bringing me home again but I was slowly feeling better. By the time Pete Mate rang early afternoon to see if I was okay I felt like I was really over it except for the slight unbalanced bit. By evening I was pretty exhausted and went to bed early without having a drop of wine. No, I didn’t even feel well enough to have a wine!
  Wednesday 4th November 2009  
  I awoke with the same symptoms as yesterday though not as bad. As it happened I was due at the doctors for a blood pressure check this morning. The doctor was very thorough - maybe because a student was looking on or maybe he would have been anyway.

After grilling me for at least half an hour about how I felt when I had these ‘funny turns’ he decided it ‘might’ be an inner ear viral infection. He changed my blood pressure tablets just in case. I came to the conclusion that the answers I was giving the doctor did not quite fit the stereotype condition he had in mind so he kept asking the same questions in the hope I might get it right. I loved the ‘might’ bit too. Even though he wasn’t sure he still charged me $88. Maybe I should take a look at his accounts and tell him they 'might' balance, and that'll be $88, please.

Pete Mate dropped me at work and then went home to do the washing.
  Thursday 5th November 2009  
  Guy Fawkes Day in the U.K.
I happened to mention this in the office and said it was a pity Guy isn’t around today as there are a few Houses of Parliament that need a facelift.

Another busy and unbalanced day for me. No jokes please, I have heard them all. At least the nausea seems to be subsiding.

Pete Mate worked as a carer and a museum guide again. He didn’t bother with the shirt changing bit today as I guess most people wouldn’t have noticed. In the evening we received a phone call from NP; the ceiling in the lounge had fallen on top of his head!

What a week this has been. We lost some money somewhere, somehow, at the beginning of the week, plus we did an international transfer that seems to have gone into a black hole somewhere and now this. Maybe if I was drinking wine it wouldn’t seem so bad.
  Friday 6th November 2009  
  At the moment I am not doing my daily exercise walk but we still seem to be rushing about in the mornings. As much as I can rush at the moment. I arrived at work to find that the auditors had gone and left all the files on our desks, so the first job was to clean up. It was then another busy day down the mine; at least I am beginning to feel more like my old self.

Sometimes I feel I go into too much detail in this journal and no reader would be interested in our daily goings on. Primarily this journal is our memory. We use it to look back and check things at a later date. Believe me, we have used it many times.

We had a good downpour during the day and by the time Pete Mate had finished his carer’s stint he was soaked. Apparently he has to hold the umbrella over his clients while he gets wet. He is supplied with a jacket and hat but they were snug and dry in the caravan.

In the evening we drove the 200 metres up to the pub. I have to admit to this as it is true. No longer can I scoff at people driving up the driveway to collect newspapers. The reason we drove up is it was raining and I really did not feel like the walk. In fact I really did not feel like going to the pub but I sure as hell wasn’t cooking! I have decided the most boring thing in the world is watching Pete Mate drink my share of the wine whilst I sip a diet coke.

Once home we both got comfy to watch Midsommer Murders and both promptly fell asleep. Thank goodness for video tapes!
  Saturday 7th November 2009  
  I am feeling a whole heap better today but still can’t drive, so Pete Mate dropped me off at the hairdresser's. After the hairdresser I wandered into town to do some shopping and then Pete Mate collected me. Once home with the shopping unpacked and lunch out of the way I had a rare nanny nap and when I awoke I felt the best I had felt all week. Let’s hope the damn thing has now gone and I never ever want it back.

As it was pouring with rain outside we relaxed inside (no leaks) for the rest of the day watching last night’s programme; well we had to clear the tape so we could tape The Bill tonight, just in case we fall asleep again.
  Sunday 8th November 2009  
  Not a lot happened here today. A good book and one or two glasses of wine and that was about it. I am again enjoying a glass or two so the wine industry needn’t make any redundancies just yet.  
  Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November 2009  
  Work was pretty much the same as usual, busy but the time went very quickly.
The late afternoons are very pleasant and sitting outside the caravan with a glass or two is a very enjoyable way to end the working day.
  Wednesday 11th November 2009  
  REMEMBERENCE DAY. At the office we decided to observe the 11.00am minute’s silence; I was going to anyway as I always do. Then 11 o’clock came and went without us realising, so we decided that we would do it on Queensland time. Ed found the ABC Queensland web site to enable us to listen to the radio. Not only did we observe the one minute’s silence but we also had the Last Post playing. I prayed for the lost souls that I didn’t know - and for the one I did.  
  Thursday 12th November 2009  
  Work as usual but today was different as I left an hour early. Pete Mate and I had a few things to do and decided to do them without rushing. Our first call was at the Medicare Office. We were trying to find out why our Medicare refunds hadn’t been paid. Someone, somewhere had wiped our bank details off the computer. How can that happen? I would really like to know. Anyway, now that's fixed and we just hope that after this next week we won’t need it for a very long time.  
  Friday 13th November 2009  
  A busy day at work as usual but as always on a Friday the knowledge that it is ‘pub night’ keeps me going. Tonight we were joined by Michael and Kim. I work with Michael and we hadn’t met Kim before. She is a lovely lady - short like me though probably not as short. Few are shorter than me other than Robert! We enjoyed a lovely evening; well what else could you do with food, wine and good company?  
  Saturday 14th November 2009  
  Pete Mate was on duty at the museum and they had the steam engines working. To say he was in his element is an understatement. I used the opportunity of having the caravan to myself to give it a good clean. A much overdue clean, I might add. Pete Mate didn’t get home until mid afternoon and by that time all the chores were done. We relaxed, enjoyed a glass or two of wine and later - much later - watched The Bill.  
  Sunday 15th November 2009  
  It was a slow start to the day but that is what Sundays are for. We went for a drive over to Harvey Norman’s to see if they had these portable hard drives on 'special'. They didn’t.

We went on a bit of a drive to Calala as we hadn’t been out there. It was a pretty suburb with a new housing estate in the throes of being built.

We spent quite a bit of time with maps and books deciding where to go when we leave Tamworth.
  Monday 16th November 2009  
  Work was the usual busy day; the office was stinking hot and apparently as the week progresses the temperature is going to rise. The airconditioner still hasn’t been repaired so we are still surviving with fans. As soon as I get home these days the first thing I do is have a cool shower then relax with a cold wine whilst enjoying our cool caravan.  
  Tuesday 17th November 2009  
  The day ran is usual course, the temperature was even hotter than yesterday and by the end of the day I was tired and irritable. Pete Mate collected me, also tired from working in the heat. We then had a long drive out to Allan & Roslyn’s. Pete Mate has covered the evening pretty well but he failed to mention that I also had a ride on the header in the instructor’s seat. I thoroughly enjoyed our time out there and found it all fascinating. A picnic in the paddock by starlight is something everyone should try.  
  Wednesday 18th November 2009  
  I started the day with a doctor’s appointment to check my blood pressure and my inner ear infection. I told him the infection had gone, even though I still have light-headedness. How many times can a person describe how the inside of your head feels when your balance is impaired? I am sure this doctor is going for the record of how many times he can ask a patient the same question before they bop him on the head. My blood pressure is still high, so . . . more new tablets. I will seriously rattle soon. Once that was over it was work for me and washing for Pete Mate. He also had some catching up do on the web page.  
  Thursday 19th November 2009  
  Work was work and now it is getting unbearably hot. After work we paid another visit to Medicare as our problem has not been fixed, only to find out it was the doctor’s receptionist that messed it up this time. We then did the shopping before retiring into the cool caravan for the evening. It was so hot during the night we slept with the air conditioner blasting away.  
  Friday 20th November 2009  
  The expected temperature today is 42°C so we were all told to move into vacant air conditioned offices. We were told by the CEO we should have done this at the beginning of the week instead of putting up with the heat. So we moved and our working environment became a lot more tolerable even though we are a little cramped. We then had to attend an hour-long meeting in the courtyard at mid day. Even though we were in the shade it was still very hot. It took a while to cool down again, and then it was time for me to leave as I was finishing early.

Back to the hot box we call home, which soon cooled down once the air conditioner was running. We left it on whist we went up to the pub for dinner. In the pub I found the atmosphere overpowering, even though they had an evaporative air conditioner running. I couldn’t even finish my wine! Pete Mate helped me out. So kind. Once home and after another cool shower I felt a lot better. We again went to sleep with the air conditioner running.
  Saturday 21st November 2009  
  It reached 42.7ºC. here, never mind the official recording of 40ºC.
It was another scorcher but we were nice and cool in our caravan. A day to relax and drink lots of cool drinks. I finished my book as well as doing some chores; they have to be done even in the heat. Pete Mate was unwell and slept for most of the day.
  Sunday 22nd November 2009  
  It was already 29ºC. at 7:30am. The day was overcast and breezy and the temperature was up to 40.7°C. soon after noon. Apart from monitoring the heat we did little else, I think. (I have had a few sleeps since, plus a few glasses of red.)
  Monday 23rd November 2009  

Someone took Ed’s keys - Ed is my boss - so we couldn’t get into our office until the cleaners came so the day did not start too well and did not improve until 4.30pm.

  Tuesday 24th November 2009  
  Another day down the mine without incident or much stress.  
  Wednesday 25th November 2009  
  Not a lot to say about today other than work was pretty much the same as usual.  
  Thursday 26th November 2009  
  Pete Mate found an excuse to play on the computer today. Roslyn has asked for hard copies of the pictures of the farm. At last he’s doing something about getting more channels on the satellite dish and about time. Shopping after work. Another busy day.
  Friday 27th November 2009  
  It rained in the night and morning and was overcast and miserable. However, by afternoon it was hot and sunny again. We called at Centrelink on the way home, later going to the pub where we ate and drank far too much, as usual.
  Saturday 28th November 2009  

A lazy start to the day for Pete Mate. I was up early washing, walking, talking. We went into town to shop but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had decided that we should start our Christmas shopping plus we want to change our apparatus for outside cooking. The electric fry pan (which we use for outdoor cooking) is nearly ready to go to heaven so we are looking at a portable hot plate set up. We have looked at both electric and gas now, compared prices, but haven’t decided which way to go.

Christmas shopping was a disaster so we made our way over to Diggers to buy concert tickets for the Country Music Festival. The day gets better - you can only buy them at Leagues (their sister club), way over the other side of town, and then only from Monday to Friday during office hours.

We gave up trying to spend money and stayed at Diggers for lunch where we enjoyed a really nice lunch with a glass of wine, or in PM’s case, a beer. We then traipsed home to read and relax.

  Sunday 29th November 2009  
  We went to the Tamworth Golf Club for a very nice lunch with (boss) Ed and Jane, his lady. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon; the company was excellent, the food was very nice as was the wine. We enjoyed free entertainment supplied by Matt O’Leary, one of our favourite singers. Matt is not only a nice guy with a wonderful personality but is very versatile in his range of music. I must send Matt the bill for singing his praises.
  Monday 30th November 2009  
  Back to work. A much cooler and more pleasant day. A very busy day as it is pay week. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, no major dramas which was good as I felt very tired all day. This journal is a riveting read, isn't it?