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      Pam's Journal For May 2010

  Saturday 1st May 2010  
  What a marvellous day we had in Bright today! It was Gala Day which is the highlight of the Autumn Festival. First we enjoyed a huge, scrumptious breakfast at the café, then we wandered the markets and bought one or two things. The atmosphere was one of gaiety, everyone enjoying themselves plus the weather was perfect. We watched and listened to street buskers, a pipe band and the Police swing band.
  A pipe band played to the market crowds.  
  We were now in need of a coffee so made our way back to the coffee shop. The car was parked nearby so after a coffee we collected our chairs and got a good 'possie' for the parade.  
  The Town Crier, who had been much in evidence all week, led the parade and
set the mood with his good humoured banter.
  We thought we had a prime spot until the parade started and then it became apparent that we were in bad light for taking good photos. The parade was excellent, it was a storybook theme, so we had Alice in Wonderland, Little Bo Peep, Jack & Jill, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and lots and lots of Cats in Hats.  

There were the marching bands and . . .

Lots of lovely ladies in vintage cars and different community based vehicles interspersed with the story book floats.

The young ladies were all vying for the prestigious title of Bright’s Young Ambassador. They had to raise money for charity and, I guess, be thoroughly nice. They all looked like they should have won.

Once the parade was over we all made our way down to the park where, for the next hour or so, we were entertained by the Air Force Band. And entertained we were, what showmen they are. They played and sang all kinds of music with such gusto, it was magic.

  The wonderful Air Force Band.  
  The concert was stopped when an old lady got on the stage and said she had lost here camera. The singer took charge and announced he would find it for her, so she left the stage, then she came back with her name and address for him. It was so funny as the singer was quite the comedian. Anyway he found the camera in her bag. She then said she didn’t know where her bus was as she was part of a group. The band leader intervened to ask if the bus might be in her bag, too. The audience were in fits of laughter and it was the first time all day I forgot I had a streaming cold and felt rotten. Pete Mate reckoned it was all staged; I don’t believe him.

After the concert we enjoyed a nice glass of wine whilst listening to the pipe band playing at the venue next door. A perfect end to a perfect day.
  Sunday 2nd May 2010  
  I felt absolutely awful so stayed in bed all day.  
  Monday 3rd May 2010  
  Same as yesterday.  
  Tuesday 4th May 2010  
  And again today.  
  Wednesday 5th May 2010  
  I surfaced from my sick bed today feeling a little more human than I have been these last few days. We went into to town to pick up some groceries and then it was back home for a lie down. Oops! Pete Mate has now started with the dreaded lurgi.  
  Thursday 6th May 2010  
  We had arranged to take our caravan seat cushions into an upholsterer’s to have an adjustment done to them as they are most uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time. Neither of us felt like going so we both went. Solidarity in sickness! We dropped them off and returned home where we amused ourselves lying down and generally feeling sorry for ourselves.

Later in the afternoon, having collected said cushions, we decided to go for a coffee and infect all the patrons of the coffee shop. That is probably where we picked it up from in the first place.
  Friday 7th May 2010  
  Not a lot happened here today, we are still feeling pretty awful, Pete Mate worse than me as I am over the worse. Apart from catching up with the washing I did little else.  
  Saturday 8th May 2010  
  We did very little again, we were supposed to go into town for a couple of things and have coffees. Neither of us really felt up to it so by 3.00pm we decided to manage without and go tomorrow. I tell you this cold/flu bug has knocked us for six.  
  Sunday 9th May 2010 - Mothers' Day  
  The sun is shining but it is still cold. Pete Mate said he would take me out for breakfast but by the time we got there breakfast was over. So we enjoyed a very nice lunch but by the time we had finished we were ready for home and another lie down. We did consider going to the Brewery for the afternoon but just didn’t feel up to it. Sitting in a courtyard in the cool air probably wouldn’t have done us any good.  
  Monday 10th May 2010  
  I am feeling heaps better today, so much so I caught up with some cleaning that had been neglected during our confinement to bed. Washing was also done then we went into town to do a couple of errands. Once that was out of the way we enjoyed a coffee at our favourite coffee shop before heading home to our nice warm caravan. It is now very cold here in Alpine Victoria.  
  Tuesday 11th May 2010  
  It was a miserable day, weather wise. Drizzly rain fell until the afternoon when the sun came out. I could not get warm though I had layers of clothing on, socks and a woollen wrap around me. Maybe if I had done something more energetic than reading and knitting it might have helped.  
  Wednesday 12th May 2010  
  Early morning was quite misty but it cleared midmorning and left us with a glorious day of sunshine. The country side looked especially beautiful, so clear and clean. We ventured forth into Myrtleford to do shopping and for me to have a haircut. I was really pleased with the cut and the price, so if you are ever in Myrtleford and need a hairdresser, "Hair in Fashion" is the place to go. The shopping I had to do consisted of a warm dressing gown and some fur lined slippers. Much needed and so appreciated once home. I am so warm and toasty now.  
  Thursday 13th May 2010  
  We considered going into the mountains to look at snow. The forecast was for more snow to fall today so we decided to wait until tomorrow. We washed, cleaned and shopped instead.  
  Friday 14th May 2010  

The sun is shining and the snow fell on the mountain ranges yesterday so we got ourselves ready for a snow seeking expedition. Pete Mate is still in short sleeves as he was all winter in Tamworth. I, on the other hand, have so many layers on I can hardly walk.

We packed a picnic, not that we expect to eat outside the car. We drove up that damned awful road to Mt Hotham and did not even see one snowflake; very disappointing it was. We drove another 14 kilometres to Dinner Plains for a coffee. Dinner Plains is a snow resort with some very odd looking houses. The only activity there were builders building, as they do.

We decided to visit Dargo Plains as we had heard it was a lovely drive. The scenery was nice but the road was very bumpy and Billy ended up covered in mud. We had our picnic in the warmth of the car before eventually arriving at the town of Dargo.

We were very surprised to find a nice little town; we expected just a few houses here and there. We went into the pub, to meet the locals, of course. I settled myself on a very high chair at the bar and was enjoying a nice glass of red. The barman, once he realised we were interested in the history of the place, said there were old photos on the wall of the pub. So with glass in hand I slid off the chair only to find my legs were shorter than I imagined. Spilled my wine all over me and the bar, nearly knocked another bar stool over and felt generally embarrassed. Pete Mate’s level of concern really warmed my heart; he took photos. Don’t ever think you will see them! (That's what she thinks. Ed.)

  Ever wonder why she wears that colour top?  
  The barman seemed to find the whole incident very funny; he isn’t on my Christmas card list either. We left there and headed for home; by the time we arrived in Bright it was dark and well past happy hour. We stopped off at the carwash to clean up Billy. Well Pete Mate did the cleaning I sat in the car and supervised, as all good wives do.  
  Saturday 15th May 2010  
  A blissful day of relaxing, reading, knitting and crosswords, add a little red wine and chocolate to the mix, perfect.  
  Sunday 16th May 2010  
  We wandered into Bright to The Brewery for lunch, wine, beer and music. The music was Irish folk music with some pop thrown in for good luck. It was a really good afternoon but around four it got quite chilly and as we both were just getting over the flu we decided to call it a day and go home.  
  Monday 17th May 2010  
  Lay day, nothing happening with the Ransons today.  
  Tuesday 18th May 2010  
  We had a splendid day out today in the Mount Buffalo National Park. We wanted to explore the Chalet and the surrounding area as we missed it last time we were in the park. We fell in love with the Chalet and resolved to buy it once we won lotto. We had a good look around the outside but sadly couldn’t go inside; hopefully one day we will be able to.

After we left the Chalet we parked in the picnic area of the Buffalo Gorge and other walks. After we had our lunch we made use of the lookouts and what views we saw!
  Absolutely fantastic; the day was clear and the sky blue. Perfect!  
  We then decided to walk to Lake Catani; the sign said a 4 km easy walk so off we went. It was an easy walk, the path was pretty good, which was a good thing as I had left Harry in the car. Pete Mate tells fibs. First he told me we were nearly there, then he told me we were half way there, and all of a sudden we saw the lake. I would say he can't be trusted but he was getting this information from Alice, and as per usual Alice cannot be believed.
  Pete Mate, King of the Goat Tracks.  
  I started to walk back whilst Pete Mate went off on a goat track to take some not to be missed photo. The last thing I said to him was, “Be careful you don't fall, that camera was expensive." So what happens? He falls, pretty heavily by all accounts. The camera hit a rock and Alice also took a tumble. Luckily all three survived to tell the tale. Pete Mate had a few bruises and cuts but no bones broken. He was very grumpy as it was my fault it happened! Once back at the car we fixed up Pete Mate and then decided it was time to head for home and happy hour.  
  Wednesday 19th May 2010  
  We went into town for breakfast. These breakfasts are so large we don’t eat again all day and then in the evening have a snack.

We were wearing our historical hats today and went in search of some information about Mount Buffalo and the Chalet. The second hand book shop had the very book we wanted but at $80 we declined. It was expensive because it is in limited supply. We then went to the library and I enrolled as a temporary member. It was so easy, no third degree as there had been in Tamworth. We found the very same book we wanted plus some other information, all for free. Once home, Pete Mate was gone for the rest of the day and evening as his nose was in the book, only coming out to be fed and watered.
  Thursday 20th May 2010  
  Pete Mate was still doing some research about the Chalet and Mt Buffalo. I did the washing, some reading and I made a batch of yummy soup.  
  Friday 21st May 2010  
  Busy day cleaning, sorting out some cupboards and writing up a stack of recipes in my book. I also shortened my cosy new dressing gown as I was tired of tripping over the hem. Another one of those joys of being short in the legs.

Pete Mate spent the day working on the website.

Here is the latest photo of Ellie Isabella – isn’t she beautiful?
Look at those eyes, so intelligent.
  Saturday 22nd May 2010  
  We enjoyed the absolute pleasure of supermarket shopping. We were very amused by a Woolworth’s staff member who saw Pete Mate about to photograph a sign on their window. The sign was in connection with the liquor outlet and the sign writer had incorrectly spelt licence. The spelling on the sign was LISCENCE, not once but twice in large, white letters. The Woolworth’s staff member asked him not to photograph the shop over and over again like a broken record. Pete Mate could not get word in and gave up, the lady then placed the garbage bin in front of the sign. If they are so sensitive about it, why don’t they get it corrected?  
  Sunday 23rd May 2010  
  Well, the king of the goat track excelled himself today. We went in search of the hang gliders' launch point.

We ventured up one track then turned around as it was clearly the wrong way. We then found another track. Now grass covering the track and over hanging trees would indicate that this track is very little used. We still ventured forth to find these damned hang gliders and, of course, eventually we had to turn around as - yes, you have guessed - it was the wrong track. We then found another track that took us to the launching pad but alas, not a hang glider in sight.

When we left there I was decidedly grumpy as I wanted my lunch but more importantly I needed the loo. Back in civilisation, loo procedure completed, wine in one hand, pizza in the other I was quite back to my normal happy self. The music was very pleasant and we only left when we became a little too cold.
  Monday 24th May 2010  
  We went into Myrtleford to do some shopping. Myrtleford isn’t a large town but it has more shops than Bright and most importantly it is cheaper! Pete Mate needed some indoor shoes to keep his feet warm and cosy plus we needed some new sheets. We did an extensive tour of the town looking for a ladies loo. Alice was absolutely no help, she took us to a place that might have had a loo but wasn’t for public use. Eventually we found the library and peace reigned once more. We then finished our shopping before heading home.

On the way home we called in at the Deer and Emu Park. It was late but we managed to squeeze in a coffee and cake before they closed. The views from the café were magnificent; we decided they would be even better with snow on the mountain tops.
  Tuesday 25th May 2010  
  The weather has changed and we are being treated to some light miserable rain. Not really a day to do washing but needs must.  
  Wednesday 26th May 2010  
  We had one or two things to do in town so after lunch we ventured forth. The outing, of course, ended with coffees in our favourite coffee shop.  
  Thursday 27th May 2010  
  We attended the Biggest Morning Tea in aid of cancer research. We arrived late as usual and the auctions were over except they were trying to auction a man. Not one person offered even a cent for the poor chap so his wife had to take him home again. The ladies of the CWA did a splendid job of providing some lovely food. We left there and walked up to the library to change a book, before heading home. Once home I opened the book and that was that for the rest of the day.  
  Friday 28th May 2010  
  Weather wise it was a miserable day as it kept raining on and off. Pete Mate worked on the website all day and I read a book that I couldn’t put down.  
  Saturday 29th May 2010  
  I arose early this morning as I couldn’t sleep for the rain pounding down on the roof of the caravan. As the rain didn’t let up all day we stayed home in our nice and cosy caravan.  
  Sunday 30th May 2010  
  The sun was shining so we got ready and headed for the Alpaca farm in the Buckland Valley. I was looking for a special gift but came away undecided; maybe another visit is needed. We drove into Bright and enjoyed a lunch at our favourite coffee shop before walking over to the Brewery for the afternoon’s entertainment. It was easy listening music but the poor girl had the flu so was a little scratchy. All in all a pretty good day.  
  Monday 31st May 2010  
  The sun is shining and so to the laundry I go, heaps of washing to do. The rest of the day was taken up with computer playing, reading and knitting.