Albert and Annie Say:

“Laughter is the shortest distance between
two people." ~ Victor Borge.


      Pam's Journal For July 2010

       Before I start July’s journal something has to be sorted out. Pete Mate took it upon himself at the end of my June journal to remark what a dismal financial year it has been. Note they were his words not mine. It should now have been deleted as threats were made of never feeding him again. If you by chance read it, ignore it as I think we had a wonderful year in Tamworth and the Alpine region of Victoria. So many lovely friendships that money cannot buy. If you didn’t read it this will make no sense at all to you so yawn and start reading July.  
  Thursday 1st July 2010  
       We enjoyed a good trip from Hawker to Marree, even though some of it was on unsealed road. It wasn’t too bad because as soon as you thought you'd had enough we encountered a sealed section. Then we just got complacent about the whole thing and we were back on the unsealed, then the process was repeated and we arrived in Marree on sealed road. Our wonderful Jayco performed extremely well on these roads considering she has been known to have a hissy fit on a sealed road.

      The caravan park is basic and I really do mean basic, coming from the luxury of Hawker it is quite a culture shock. It seems that most people in the caravan park are here to see Lake Eyre and the Cooper River. We met our next door neighbours a nice enough couple called Barry & Margaret. For happy hour we sat around a camp fire where our fronts were overheating and our backs were stone freezing cold. Oh, but it was fun!
  Friday 2nd July 2010  
       The day dawned and we awoke to beautiful sunshine and the noise of light aircraft flying low overhead. People moving about early! What is this place we have come to? Don’t they know we need our sleep?

      Yesterday I said this place was basic so today I will elaborate. The shower area Pete Mate has described and believe me he was being kind about it. Saying 'all girls together' will give you a better idea, but I tell you it is embarrassing having to disrobe in front of other women. The only redeeming aspect is that they are just as embarrassed as you are. I did, however, make sure that when I had my shower the young backpackers had been and gone; there is only so much embarrassment a person of advancing years can take. Anyway, we are troopers and we are in the outback so we adjusted and got ourselves ready for a drive around town and the surrounding area.

      All nicely seated and belted in, Pete Mate turns the ignition key and very little happens; Billy obviously does not like the outback. Pete Mate hops out and gets his battery charger. “We'll give old Billy a bit of a boost and hope he turns over.” Buying a battery in Marree might be a little involved as we may have to wait a while for one to arrive from God knows where, plus whatever you pay for one in the city we would be paying at least double here. Anyway we are all settled with our Tom Cruise version of a battery charger giving Billy a bit of a shot in the arm when our neighbours arrived home. Barry got his Arnold Schwarzenegger version of a charger out and gave Billy a kick start from hell. He was now purring quite nicely (Billy, not Barry) so we decided to continue with our day, remembering not to turn the engine off.

      We had a look around town, that took all of two minutes . . .
  Marree from the air. Arrowed is the Drover's Rest Caravan Park. Curving down and off the picture
are two parallel tracks. The left is the Oodnadatta Track and the right is the old Ghan railway track.
       We then had a look at the airport, another two minutes, so we decided to head out of town a little. Passing the Lake Eyre Yacht Club building we did a quick U turn into their car park and Pete Mate went inside to find out details of the Regatta. I stayed with Billy and his purring engine. Pete Mate emerged with details of the Regatta and directions for a drive further into the outback to Lake Eyre South. We decided to go and have a look. Hey, it was only a hundred kilometres.

      Dirt roads are the bane of my life, as are goat tracks. Half an hour into the journey I must have been sighing as Pete Mate declared, "This is better than a goat track". My reply is not for publication. Let us just say the first politician that seals all roads will have my vote for life.

      Eventually we arrived at Lake Eyre South and I believe I saw water; it was difficult to see but it was there. We actually drove out on to the lake, after a while I was not happy as it looked very soft and boggy, so we turned around and headed for home.
  Lake Eyre South. White salt and . . . water?  
       We arrived back at camp in time for happy hour and Barry had lit another camp fire. We sat with him and Margaret for a while but got a little cold from the frosty mood Margaret was in. What had we done? Maybe it was what had Barry done? Anyway it was a little uncomfortable plus the stories we heard last night didn’t quite gel with the stories tonight. So we called it a night and went inside to our nice warm caravan.

      After dinner we were watching television and the power went off. We weren’t unduly worried as these things happen in caravan parks especially when they are busy. By the time we were ready for bed, and I might add, very cold, we realised that the power was not going to return tonight. We switched the fridge over to gas and went to bed with high hopes of the power being on in the morning.
  Saturday 3rd July 2010  
       We awoke to a temperature of two degrees and no heating. Are we impressed? Not really. Once more I was wrapped up like a Christmas present and not a happy camper at all. We now had our fridge and water heater on gas. We got ourselves ready and went off to the camel races for the day. We arrived around eleven to find the first race just finishing. This will give you an idea how well the event was organised – it was the nine o’clock race.

      So what does one do at times like this? Enter the spirit of things and have a good time, of course. Overall we did, we laughed and laughed at the donkey races and the dog race was a fiasco. The food and coffee were very good and cheap. Some of the camels made the most unusual noises; maybe jealously had crept in as I saw one cameleer getting a kiss from his camel. To add to my amusement we were being purposely avoided by Margaret & Barry, so I guess it was us after all, maybe we upset her in a previous life.

      We stayed until the cup was won and then decided to call it a day. There was supposed to be entertainment later at the race track but we had had enough and were quite chilled by now. On the way home we called in at the Marree Hotel to check out the flights over Lake Eyre. The Marree Hotel is supposed to be the hub of information; we were not impressed to be told the pilots are not here, come back tonight. We ordered a couple of drinks - as you do - and proceeded to drink them in a pub with no atmosphere or friendly faces.

      We left there with high hopes our power would have been restored. Alas no, we really do feel for the young couple running the park, they are trying their best but elements beyond their control seem to be against them. I have to say they are the friendliest people in town and when we arrived we did receive a warm welcome from Phil.

      I was of a mind to rug up in the caravan and try and get warm, but the wind had changed next door and Margaret now wanted to be friendly so we sat with them for another happy hour beside a blazing fire. They actually cooked their dinner on the fire; obviously true campers. I cooked ours in the gas oven inside the caravan.
  Sunday 4th July 2010  
       We awoke absolutely freezing cold, two degrees and again no heat. We emerged from the caravan wrapped up to say goodbye to our neighbours who were heading off to continue their trip. Pete Mate found out there was power over by a fence, so he went to the office to see what was happening, he returned and said we were moving. So we moved lock stock and barrel over to the other side of the camp. Wonderful we have power, the computers can be fired up, the heater is on, and life is beginning to feel good again.

       Later we went to the Marree Hotel again to see about these flights. We were told in an off hand way that the pilots are out. We were not impressed at all; once more we ordered and drank drinks in a place that would be hard pressed making Elvis feel welcome.

      Eventually the pilots appeared from somewhere. I thought they were pilots because they were young and looked like pilots. (Not really sure how a pilot looks). Did the barman tell them that the couple through there are enquiring about a flight? No, he just continued to ignore our existence. It was just by chance another couple came in and asked about the flights and one of the young men was summoned to deal with them. So I was right, they did look like pilots.

      At the appropriate moment Pete Mate jumped in and said we were also interested. Eventually we were fixed up with a flight over Lake Eyre and the Cooper Creek. Pete Mate really wanted to do the helicopter flight but it wasn’t as extensive as the fixed wing plane and a lot more expensive. Plus we had to have a third person or the price went up even more. So a helicopter flight is still on his bucket list.
  Monday 5th July 2010  
          For as long as I can remember I have been a morning person, rising between 5 and 6 a.m. When we left Tamworth something happened to my body clock and I now rise between 8 and 9 a.m. This morning the alarm was set for 6 a.m. and I spent most of the night worrying whether it would go off and whether I had set it right, etc. You all know this, we have all done it.

      By the time I rose from my snug, warm bed I was, to say the least, a little grumpy and told Pete Mate his stupid idea of an early morning flight was not the best brainwave in the world. Then, to add to add to my misery, the toilets were all out of order. The showers still worked as there are so many holes in the floor the water escapes everywhere. Do you know it is pitch black at 6 a.m? I had forgotten. Then when the day seemed doomed before it had started we were blessed with the most magnificent sunrise and all was well again.

      We arrived at the airfield at the allotted time, only to find we weren’t on any pilot's list. Eventually our pilot arrived and we were on his list. We then had to weigh ourselves and declare, in public, how much we weighed. For the record I was carrying a ‘heavy’ camera and my jacket was ‘heavy’ and, and . . . Oh forget it, I weighed in heavy. We boarded the plane which always presents my short legs with difficulty but I managed with the nice young pilot’s help.

      We had the best and smoothest flight I have ever known, it was marvellous. I just loved to see the Cooper flowing, so many songs have been written about it. The lake itself was not what I expected; I thought we would see more water and wildlife. I saw one bird skimming the water and that was it. The sheer vastness of the area was breath taking and the whole flight was well worth doing. The two hours we were in the air just flew by. Sorry about the pun.

      Once on the ground again we went in search of a good coffee. The only café in Marree is also the supermarket, post office and fuel station. It resembles a very large shed.
  Marree's roadhouse, café, service station, post office and general store.  
       We ordered a coffee and a sandwich and waited and waited . . . this is Marree! Our food eventually arrived and was really good, the coffee okay. What to do next, go home or where? Pete Mate said he had seen a sign for some springs so we went in search of these. We found them. I looked, declared them blue and went back to the warmth of the car. I really thought it would be warmer here.

      All that was left now was to go home, so we did and found Phil waiting for us apologising for all the inconvenience. Poor beggar. He said if anything else happened he was taking our caravan and escaping. By late afternoon the toilets were restored to working order, the power had been fixed and all is well in the Drover's Rest Caravan Park, Marree.
  Tuesday 6th July 2010  
        What a splendid day we had today, the sun did not shine for long and it was cloudy and cold but that did not spoil our fun. We drove over a hundred and thirty kilometres down the Birdsville Track which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Some parts of it were better than some sealed highways we have travelled on.

       The part of the track that should have taken us over the Cooper Creek was closed due to the water obscuring any sign of a road. Did we take any notice of the large official road closed sign? Of course not. I was a little dubious about this as I had read if you are caught on a closed road you encounter a large fine. Pete Mate assured me it was fine. (He said that once about a goat track and I believed him.) Anyway, all my concerns were a waste of time because when we arrived at the water’s edge, every man and his dog were doing the same as us, looking at the mighty Cooper Creek.

      It was an amazing sight. To know that water had not flowed here for twenty years certainly had that ‘Wow!’ factor. I was delighted to see some water birds scattered about. We also saw large flocks of birds flying but weren’t sure where they landed. I became quite excited when I saw two black swans and desperately tried to point them out to Pete Mate but he missed them. We were just about to leave when Pete Mate saw them so out came the camera again whilst I tried to locate them through the binoculars.
  Pete Mate's two 'black swans' when magnified through his 200mm telephoto lens.  
       I couldn’t see them until Pete Mate pointed them out to me. “Ahem, sorry darling but they are two bushes”. I handed him the binoculars and the exclamations went a long the line of, "Oh dear!!". We had a good laugh as we climbed back into the car and drove off.

      We then drove along the official Birdsville Track diversion to another track leading to the Lake Eyre Regatta 2010. The yachts weren’t actually on Lake Eyre (which is still too shallow) but on nearby Lake Killamperpunna which was fed from the Cooper, so for the last twenty years this lake was dry, dusty bush. It was all excitement if you were a yachty but for us we were experiencing history, which I guess in itself was exciting.     

       Once we had seen it all, taken photos and eaten our lunch we decided to move on. Once back on the ‘diversion track’ we soon arrived at the ferry crossing. This again had not worked for twenty years so had to be revamped. The queue to cross was a mile long and Pete Mate worked out that the last car would be waiting at least two and a half hours to cross and as we left more cars were arriving. It was so cold at the crossing, the wind was icy and cutting so we didn’t hang about long. I saw the strangest thing, two men trying to make a fire from the dried up salt bushes. As soon as they lit them they were burnt in an instant. They obviously thought perseverance would win because they kept collecting more and more. Sadly it didn’t happen for them and they gave up and left.

      We left too as we had a long drive home along the dirt track and the light was now fading fast. We arrived home in time for happy hour and reflected on a really good day in our beloved country’s outback.
  Wednesday 7th July 2010  
       The sun is shining; I am so pleased that the yachties will have a warmer day today. We are having a lay day as tomorrow we head back down the track to Hawker.
  Thursday 8th July 2010  
       We made good time down to Hawker so we filled up with fuel and bought some supplies before arriving at the caravan park. After setting up camp the first thing I did was to have a beautiful shower in a really nice shower block. Bliss! Then it was a glass of red and time to relax.  
  Friday 9th July 2010  
       I had a busy day washing everything I could and cleaning dust out of the inside of the caravan. Considering the roads we had travelled on it wasn’t too bad. By the time I had finished it was nearly happy hour so the red was poured and appreciated.  
  Saturday 10th July 2010  
       We left Hawker in a howling gale; it was blowing so hard I could hardly open the car door. As it would blow us all the way to Adelaide we quickly got ready and set off. It was a good trip through with a couple of stops but it was a long day and I was very glad to see Adelaide. Then the fun started . . .

      Alice took us to someone’s house instead of the caravan park, and then she took us to another building, an office I think. The chief navigator thought she had spied a caravan park as we travelled up and down Military Road so we turned around yet again, and made our way there. Luckily it was the right place.
      We set up camp, got the computers out and poured a glass of red. Then there was a knock at the door. We thought at first someone had the wrong caravan as it was a lady we had never met. She had been following our website and had been in contact with us several times. It was lovely to meet her and she invited us to her house for Sunday lunch. How very kind!
  Sunday 11th July 2010  
       We enjoyed a really lovely lunch and afternoon with Libby, her husband and friends. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with lovely people, good food and wine. After lunch we drove to the River Torrens and we were amazed at the difference since or last visit to Adelaide.  
  The dry Torrens as we photographed it in 2005.  
  In 2010 it is flowing again - albeit little more than a trickle - and the grass is green.
  Monday 12th July 2010  
       I was very fortunate that the first dentist I phoned could see me today. He was very efficient and agreed to take my troublesome tooth out. The whole experience was one of the best dental visits I have ever had. A beautiful building with large windows looking out on to a lake, very friendly, efficient staff plus the pain level was low . . . until I got the bill, ouch!

      Whilst I was ‘enjoying’ my experience Pete Mate went off to get Billy a new battery. After I came out of the dentist’s we went to the car wash and gave good old Billy a good clean. Well, Pete Mate did; I sat in the car.
  Tuesday 13th July 2010  
        After lunch we decided to drive in to the city for a look around. We made it as far as a shopping mall where I made an appointment for a hair cut. A storm was moving in fast so we decided to go home and leave the city for another day. It was a good choice as the rain lashed down and the wind rocked the caravan.  
  Wednesday 14th July 2010  
       The storm continued for most of the night and morning then the rain stopped so we ventured forth into the city. We were surprised how much we felt out of place, it felt very alien. There were too many shops and too many people. I never thought I would be surrounded by shops and buy very little but that is what happened. We escaped into a coffee shop. We decide that as we were out and about again tomorrow we would leave our purchases until then.

      We arrived home in time to get ready to go and meet our friends, Ann & Lyndon, for dinner. It was lovely to see them again and we enjoyed a very pleasant evening. They have the honour of being the very first friends we made on our trip. That was in Tumby Bay, back in 2004.
  Thursday 15th July 2010  
       We enjoyed a busy day out and about in Adelaide. I went for a haircut and was very pleased with the result. We shopped for some things for Ellie . . .

Ellie is getting a big girl. Does she have her
own Facebook account and mobile phone yet?

      . . . and did some grocery shopping. We visited our favourite grog shop, Dan Murphy’s and then called in to the doctor’s for our script renewal. He insisted we only drank occasionally and as he is the professional we agreed, it was his story.

      In the evening we were collected by friends Don and Lois and enjoyed a really pleasant evening with them. Thanks Don and Lois, it was wonderful to see you both again.
  Friday 16th July 2010  
       A slow start to the day after a late night last night. After lunch we took Billy for a run out into the Adelaide Hills to our friends Janet & Greg. We couldn’t find them at first but we met their neighbours as twice we went to the wrong house. We enjoyed a really lovely time with them. We feel so blessed that we have so many lovely friends.  
  Saturday 17th July 2010  
  Get ready day today but alas the rain came making it a little difficult. Many of the chores were not done in the hope that it will have stopped raining in the morning.  
  Sunday 18th July 2010  
       It poured with rain all night, everything is soaked and by the time all the chores were done so was Pete Mate. We left Adelaide around 10 o’clock and had a good but long trip through to Mt Gambier. We arrived after 5pm and it was going dark so we did the bare minimum and then relaxed with a glass of red.  
  Monday 19th July 2010  
       A restful day after the long haul yesterday, then in the evening we went to our friends Rob and Colleen’s for dinner. A really lovely meal and another pleasurable evening was enjoyed.  
  Tuesday 20th July 2010  
       We were out and about in down town Mt Gambier today. We visited the new library which is much more than a library. It is a meeting place, an internet and computer hub and it has books. They even had some for sale so we bought one or two. It also has a coffee shop which makes a mean cup of coffee and sandwich.

      We had a few other errands to do ending with the usual delightful trip around the supermarket aisles. Once home Pete Mate washed some more of the caravan whilst I packed away the shopping.
  Wednesday 21st July 2010  
       We didn’t do much; Pete Mate washed some more of the caravan. And me? Well, I know I must have done something as the day passed very quickly. Colleen and Rob came over for happy hour and as the weather was not the best we sat in the warmth of the camp kitchen. I got a little squiffy by the end of happy hour, first time since leaving Tamworth.  
  Thursday 22nd July 2010  
       We were feeling a little lethargic today so we had an easy sort of day, reading, computers and crosswords. I did some clothes washing and Pete Mate washed some more of the caravan.  
  Friday 23rd July 2010  
       Rob and Pete Mate went off to do blue stuff in some chap’s shed. Thank goodness they left us two women out of that jaunt. Colleen and I wandered the main street of Mt Gambier looking for bargains. We didn’t see any but I did manage to get our watch batteries replaced. We met the men in a pub for lunch which was very nice.

      After lunch we went our separate ways as Pete Mate and I had a few things to do ready for our departure on Sunday. Pete Mate spent some time crawling around on the ground trying to get the cover off the brake lights as a globe had blown. Mitsubishi obviously did not want to make it an easy job as it was damn fiddly.

      We finished the day with drinks at Colleen & Rob’s before heading home; Pete Mate was in need of his nanny nap.
  Saturday 24th July 2010  
       We spent the day doing chores, packing everything away ready for our trip tomorrow. Pete Mate washed Billy and finished the outside of the caravan so now we are all sparkling clean ready for the journey. Late afternoon Rob and Colleen came over for a short Happy Hour and to say goodbye.  
  Sunday 25th July 2010  
       We awoke to glorious sunshine, the best weather we have had in a week. We didn’t move too quickly as we only had a short trip to do today. We left around 10.30am and very quickly upset Alice as we didn’t go the way she wanted. Then Pete Mate clobbered her but luckily I was there to catch her. We soon left the sunshine behind and drove through miserable wet weather. Now what did I say yesterday about our car and ‘van being sparkling clean? When we arrived in wet Portland they were filthy again. Once Pete Mate had set up camp he hosed the dirt off so we are once again sparkling. We then spent the rest of the day reading, sleeping and playing computers.  
  Monday 26th July 2010  
       The rain cleared during the night and the day dawned with a clear blue sky and beautiful sunshine. We explored the town of Portland today. Though much bigger than I imagined it is still not a large town. It boasts many old buildings with a walking tour guide leaflet provided by the information centre. Pete Mate loves it when I take him on these walking tours as I tend to get lost and make it up as I go along. Anyway we will save that treat for another day.

      As Alice was navigating, we looked at the port area twice because she decided we would. She then took us in a huge loop back into town. I warned her I was going to leave her at The Home for the Aged; Pete Mate said he was going to throw her in the ocean.

      We called in at the information centre and met two very nice, helpful ladies. The smelter tour that Pete Mate considered doing isn’t happening until December so we can cross that off the list. When we arrived back at the caravan another ‘van had arrived and is now blocking my view of the ocean. However much I asked PM to go and tell them to move, he refused. That’s men for you!
  Tuesday 27th July 2010  
       When we awoke this morning the sun was shining yet again so we decided to get our bodies into gear and get out and about. We have been surprised by the green lushness of the scenery in this area. There are lots of green rolling hills and paddocks with cows and sheep but funnily enough no horses.

      We drove out to Cape Bridgewater as far as you can go without dropping into the ocean. What a treat was in store for Pete Mate. We arrived just in time to see a number of men remove the blades from a wind turbine. (Cape Bridgewater & Cape Nelson both have wind farms). He was in his element and we spent a good deal of time watching the procedure until I reminded him we were there to look at the blowholes. We set off on the track to the blowholes lookout with Pete Mate walking backwards most of the time; he really did not want to miss anything going on at the wind farm. The blowholes were not performing today but the coast line was still pretty fantastic.
  Who needs blowholes? The waves on the rocks were spectacular enough.  
       The next tourist attraction was a petrified forest which was further along the track. Decision time, Pete Mate decided to go back to the windfarm whilst I carried on to the forest.  
  The Petrified Forest.  
       The forest was okay but we had seen better examples of this on our travels. It is not trees, as some people believe, but a build-up of the limestone sand. Once I had taken my photos and spent some more time looking at the coastline I walked back to the car. Pete Mate was nowhere to be seen but he soon appeared, walking from the direction of the wind farm. We decided we would now go along to the café we had passed for some lunch. On the way we stopped and talked to a workman who was a contractor to the wind farm. He gave Pete Mate a whole lot of information and suggested we go to Cape Nelson for lunch as Isabella’s café is excellent.

      We gaily drove past our original lunch venue not realising we would soon be regretting it. We followed the tourist route stopping off along the way at some beauty spots. Eventually we arrived at the lighthouse and café at the tip of Cape Nelson. I say "eventually" as we took a wrong turning and ended up going round in circles. No, not Alice this time, but yours truly. On our arrival we were mortified to find the café did not open on Tuesdays during the winter months. We walked the track to the lighthouse and looked at the scenery before retreating to the car and having a coffee from the thermos and a muesli bar. Time was marching on towards happy hour so we decided to call it a day. We went home via the supermarket which declares it is Safeway’s but is Woolworths by another name.
  Wednesday 28th July 2010  

      We have been blessed once again with sunshine so we made haste and got ready to explore new pastures. We drove out to Dartmoor where, the leaflet says, are some remarkable wood carvings. We travelled through some lovely countryside for about an hour before we arrived in a very little nondescript town, and then we saw them - the famous wood carvings. Believe me they were worth the trip, amazing statues made from wood using a chain saw. We were in awe and the cameras clicked away. Then a local told us of more just over the bridge. We wandered over there but cut our inspection short as it started to rain. We raced back to the car; well all those that know me know the extent of me racing. Let’s say I hurried to the car.

Four of the statues cut from solid Pacific Cedar
tree stumps with a chain saw. They commemorate
those who fought and died in the First World War.

     Once there we decided to visit the Waterfall Gardens, highly recommended by the lady at the Portland Information Centre. We arrived at some poorly kept gardens that were officially closed but we could wander around if we wanted. Just put our five dollars in the honour box and help ourselves. They had to be joking! I wanted a loo, a coffee and a sandwich in that order. As the gardens were closed, so was the café that we were relying on for lunch. Déjà vu comes to mind. In recent months I have organised a picnic box in our car which boasts, amongst other items, muesli bars and a thermos. Today it included a jar of sandwich spread and some bread. Once more we were saved from starvation. The second part of the journey involved travelling home through a national park. We were a little disappointed with the scenery as it was mainly pine forests without much to see.

  Thursday 29th July 2010  
        Pete Mate and I must have been really, really good as the sun was shining yet again. We are surprised as all the forecasts tell us we should be enjoying rain and wind. We decided not to waste good fortune by doing the Enchanted Forest Walk on Cape Nelson.

      We are still wondering why it is called "Enchanted" as we did not see any fairies, elves, birds or any wildlife. Usually on these walks you at least hear the birds and see a lizard or two but all we saw were a millions steps up, a million steps down and in between, a track that went up down at will. We agreed it wasn’t a difficult walk but it certainly gave us a work out. We eventually reached the road again and expected to see Billy but unbeknown to us the track emerges further up the road from where we started. How rude is that? So we were walking down the road in the direction of Billy when Pete Mate decided to walk quicker and reached the car first so I didn’t have to walk as far. My hero!

      We then continued to the lighthouse and Isabella’s Café. Today it was open but we arrived after the official lunch time had finished but the chap running the café accommodated us and we enjoyed a very nice leisurely lunch with a nice glass of red. Once we were replete, what else to do but wander home and write a journal for a web site. I might add, our lunchtime was at three in the afternoon; our clock is unique to us.
  Friday 30th July 2010  
       An easy day today after yesterday’s outing. What I omitted from yesterday’s journal was that whilst out walking I took a tumble and did not pull up too well today. Apart from doing the supermarket shopping with lots of help from Pete Mate I did very little.  
  Saturday 31st July 2010  

     Get ready day today, washing, cleaning and packing things away. Thank goodness for anti inflammatory tablets. We had rain overnight but again today the sun is shining.