Bob and Pooh Say:

I may not remember what you said.
I may not remember what you did,
but I will remember the way you made me feel.


      Pam's Journal For January 2011

  Hello everyone. I'm Bob and I'm shy . . .                                        . . . and I'm Pooh but I'm jolly.          
In 2011 we'll be bringing you the page-top sayings 'cos Albert got Annie pregnant and they've had to leave.
  Saturday 1st January 2011  

Today is Pete Mate’s birthday, so what does one buy for the man who has everything. A decent bottle of wine of course and out of the kindness of my heart I helped him drink it. We didn’t do much today, it was that kind of day.

  Sunday 2nd January 2011  

Apart from washing, cleaning and generally making lots of noise I didn’t do much. Pete Mate played computers and read.

  Monday 3rd January 2011  

Lay day.

  Tuesday 4th January 2011  

We walked into town to the library and then found a rather good coffee shop which adjoins a book shop. Pete Mate went off to find out about a dictionary and was gone for ages. I ordered our drinks that were rapidly going cold, whilst - as I thought - he was chatting up girls. How wrong could I be? He was trying to order the full box set of ‘As Time Goes By’ for me. I have wanted it for a long time now. He tried to get it for me for Christmas but couldn’t. Anyway it is now ordered.

Why did it take him so long? He had the poor girl looking up ‘The Way we Were’. Never mind, Pete Mate, your brownie points are overflowing.

  Wednesday 5th January 2011  

A normal morning came and went and then in the afternoon we spent an hour and half at the doctors. We wanted our scripts renewed, it was like drawing teeth, plus the doctor looked so young he really should have been in school. Thank goodness we only have to do this twice a year.

  Thursday 6th January 2011  
  Lay day.
  Friday 7th January 2011  

We walked into town to the library and post office, enjoyed a decent coffee and green tea and then walked home again. Nothing too strenuous or exciting.

  Saturday 8th January 2011  

We walked into town to listen to a free concert and have a wander around the market. Pete Mate escaped to Dick Smith’s whilst I wandered around. The market was not overly good and within five minutes I was sitting waiting for the music to recommence. It was loud and pretty awful, so just after Pete Mate rejoined me we escaped to the peace of the coffee shop. We then walked home to spend the afternoon reading and other such ‘stuff’.

  Sunday 9th January 2011  
  Lay day. It was cooler today so we gave the air conditioner a rest.  
  Monday 10th January 2011  

The morning was spent cleaning and doing some washing.

After lunch we walked into town as Pete Mate wanted some advice from the computer shop. He has spent hours trying to connect our two laptops so we can be on line at the same time. The computer shop would do it for us at an exorbitant price, so the next place we visited was the Telstra shop. We came away empty handed but the young chap was very helpful and gave Pete Mate a couple of suggestions.

We then visited the optometrist to make an appointment for Pete Mate. He then walked home to collect Billy whilst I did the supermarket shop. By the time that was all done and packed away it was time for the old vino.

  Tuesday 11th January 2011  
  We walked yet again into town, this time for Pete Mate’s eye test. I diverted to the post office and then retreated to the cool air of the optometrist’s waiting room. It is so hot and muggy. Once Pete Mate was checked out and relieved of a few hundred dollars we made our way to the coffee shop. It was then homeward bound and the air conditioner.  
  Wednesday 12th January 2011  
  Lay day. I have picked up some bug.  
  Thursday 13th January 2011  
  Another lay day but feeling somewhat better today. Pete Mate walked into town for a couple of things.  
  Friday 14th January 2011  
  It is pouring with rain once again. I went to the hairdressers and came out with a really bad hair cut. I then changed our library books and did the shopping before calling for my chauffeur to collect me.  
  Saturday 15th January 2011  
  The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. Pete Mate spent more time connecting the two computers.  
  Sunday 16th January 2011  

After lunch we took a pleasant stroll along the river, the weather was perfect for walking. The level of the river doesn’t seem to have changed much since from when we first arrived. Here are some photos depicting our walk.

  The Mitchell River is calm but flows quite quickly.  
  We passed lots of pretty flowers, some wild and others bordering . . .  
  . . . some lovely terraced gardens. One feature I really liked was . . .  
  . . . this rustic gate allowing a peep through to the garden beyond.  
  Monday 17th January 2011  

We did all the usual things; washing, cleaning, reading and playing computers. We also walked into town to collect Pete Mate’s new glasses and visit the post office. In previous years the post office has taken used Christmas cards for recycling. Here in Bairnsdale they have now stopped doing it. We called in to ‘our’ coffee shop before heading home. Billy even got a wash today as some naughty birds had pooped on him.

  Tuesday 18th January 2011  

Similar day to yesterday, even Billy got another wash as that naughty bird pooped on him again. We visited the second hand book shop which had some really good books; I could have spent a fortune but controlled myself. Pete Mate went off along the river to take photos of the Methodist Ladies College Rowing Team. He has been all of a flutter for a week now with these lovely young skimpily dressed lasses walking by the caravan.

  Wednesday 19th January 2011  

Another washing day, this time curtains and nets. If you don’t have a caravan you will not know what an appalling job this is. Pete Mate got them all down and I washed them then he had to put them all back. He did not swear too much. Oh yes, and before he put them all back he polished the rails so we could open and close the curtains smoothly and freely.

We also took a walk into town to do a couple of errands. We bumped into some of the delightful young ladies from the rowing team, they were in Spotlight buying material to make outfits for their fancy dress party tonight. Also in Spotlight were two children that seemed to be motherless as they ran around making a din. Different members of staff told them to behave as Mother was nowhere in sight. Eventually Mum appeared and order was restored which was fine, but as one assistant said, what if they had bowled over some old lady and hurt her?

Once back at the caravan park there were high jinks afoot. We saw Indians, witches, characters from Hat in the Box and bats. The girls had gone to a lot of trouble with their fancy dress costumes; very impressive and, yes, Pete Mate’s blood pressure was up again.

  Thursday 20th January 2011  
  Pete Mate was under pressure today but he coped admirably. He had to finish his library book as we have to take them back tomorrow. We are leaving on Sunday so we need to tie up some loose ends. Anyway he managed to complete the task and tomorrow we will venture forth into town to return the aforesaid offending item. I did not do much after a few chores, I knitted and rested the old hip which was giving me gyp.  
  Friday 21st January 2011  

Well what do you know; it all comes to he or she who waits. This last week it was Pete Mate’s turn but now the boys rowing team has arrived for a week and the girls have left. What a shame we will only be here until Sunday. Do you think we should extend our stay, Pete Mate?

To put my friends’ minds at rest, I do not drool over them like Pete Mate does over the girls as they are a bit young and none of them look like David Tennant or Colin Firth, but they are still pleasing to the eye in their Lycra shorts.

We had quite a lot to do today starting with the final wash load; I have now washed all covers, curtains and anything else that stood still for a moment. We then took Billy for a good wash and filled his tummy with diesel. The library and a couple of other shops were next, then a break in the coffee shop for a late lunch before visiting the supermarket. Pete Mate collected his long awaited Concise Oxford English Dictionary on CD and once home discovered it had bugs in it and had to download corrections from the internet. Not Happy Jan.

  Saturday 22nd January 2011  

Get ready day today, so everything was cleaned and packed away. We worked all morning to get everything done before the expected rain arrived. We needn’t have worried as the rain stayed away until the evening.

  Sunday 23rd January 2011  

We left Bairnsdale just after 10.00am for Swifts Creek. Just as we were driving away I spied a lot of activity in the park adjacent to the caravan park. Would you believe it? On the very day we are leaving there was a huge market taking place. To say I was a miffed was an understatement.

  The Tambo River at Swifts Creek was a cooling down recreation spot for the local kids.  

We had a good journey through to Swifts Creek arriving in time for a late lunch. We set up camp, had a nanny nap, then went for a walk around the town. It is a lovely little town but sadly, as is so often the case in these small towns, shops were abandoned and in need of repair.

  Left: There were many murals on the walls around Swifts Creek. This one was called "Gypsies Camp".
Right: The town's cenotaph which seemed to have lost its crown. The pub is behind.

The locals we met on our walk were very friendly and the town had a good feel to it. I wouldn’t have minded staying a few days except the amenities block was a little too basic, plus we had already booked our site at Porepunkah. We finished our walk at the pub as all good walks should finish, and then it was home to read and open a bottle or two.

  Monday 24th January 2011  

Again we were on the road just after 10 a.m. This was the journey I was not looking forward to at all, over the mountains with winding roads and a sheer drop on one side. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and we made good time, getting into Porepunkah in time for a late lunch. We received a warm welcome on arrival and were even allocated our site from last year.

We set up camp amongst the hundreds of campers jammed into every nook and cranny. After lunch I enjoyed a blissful shower before sitting outside with my cuppa and a book. There I stayed until happy hour and I only moved to exchange the tea for wine. Bliss.

  Tuesday 25th January 2011  

I did a few chores in the morning and then we drove into Bright. Nothing had changed. Oops, I beg your pardon, one thing had changed; Woolworths signwriter finally got around to correcting his/her spelling mistake.

We wandered through the town to the library, replenished our reading material and then, of course, we had to say hello to our favourite coffee shop. Sam(antha) and Evie weren’t around but we saw two familiar faces.

Les and Helen were in the adjoining visitors' centre so it was nice to see them again. Les was the chap who gave us all the info about Lake Eyre before our trek up there last year.

We then called in at the supermarket and I was surprised to see that the price increase due to the floods hasn’t hit Bright yet.

It was time to go home and open that nice chilled bottle of white.

  Wednesday 26th January 2011  

"Australia Day" and our flag was flying high due to its brand new flag pole. Pete Mate bought it yesterday and terrorised all in his path.

We had a lazy sort of day. I know, I know, . . . . do we ever have any other type of day? Today was lazier than most because I was tired and a little grumpy. We have a tent very close to us and as it was hot, we had the windows open, hence I could hear the man in the tent snoring as though he was in bed with me. I lay awake for ages and then thought I should see if Pete Mate was awake.
“Pete Mate, are you awake?”
No answer.
A little louder. “Pete Mate, ARE YOU AWAKE?”.
“Yes. Whazza matter?”
"Can you hear that snoring.”
So what did my hero do? Did he shoot the man. Did he go and suffocate him? No, he said, “Why don't you shut the f---ing window?” And promptly went back to sleep.

Apparently I got my own back later, which has to be a myth as ladies do not snore.

So the day passed and once more we spent happy hour watching the rabble of children either riding bikes or playing cricket. One or two tantrums added to our entertainment but they became a little tedious after a while. Not the tantrums but the parents reactions to them. I told you I was grumpy.

  Thursday 27th January 2011  

We spent a very pleasant day reading, knitting and playing computers; the last inside the ‘van but the other two outside in this beautiful weather. Summer has arrived.

  Friday 28th January 2011  

On Tuesday I saw a poster advertising a lecture about the Chinese epic, so I assumed it was about the Chinese miners that that had invaded the Buckland Valley near here and panned for gold. As they say, one should never assume. It was all about the legend of the Stone Monkey. The performer, Diane, was American and seemed to be travelling Australia telling her story - which actually isn’t her story. It was written many thousands of years ago. Hey, this is what I was told.

So we sat for just over an hour wondering two things:
a) Why did we come in the first place? and,
b) Why on earth did we sit at the front with all escape routes blocked?

We then made our way to the coffee shop for lunch; we needed reviving. We then picked up a couple of things from Woolworths before heading home to the cool air conditioning.

  Saturday 29th January 2011  

We spent an absolutely splendid day in Mount Buffalo National Park. We walked alongside Lake Cantani with a ranger and a few other people. It was an organised walk by the parks department so we ‘tourists’ could learn a little of how to photograph wildlife. It really was very pleasant and Clyde, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable. We had to cut it short as we were also booked on the tour of the Chalet.

We love the Chalet, the grand old lady of the mountain. We were disappointed last time we were here as we missed the open day but today we were in for a treat. We had two rangers as guides and they seemed to love the place as much as we do, maybe more so as they work and sleep there. They have quarters at the rear of the Chalet and take turns sleeping over to keep a watchful eye on the ‘old lady’. I think if some undesirable ever made it to the top of the mountain during the night and damaged the Chalet, Bright & Porepunkah would probably see their first tarring and feathering.

We were led from room to room by the lovely Gina and could soak up the atmosphere of days gone by. It was spoilt a little by some modern furnishings mixed in with the original but it was still lovely.

Once the tour was over we made our way to one of the many picnic areas on Mount Buffalo and had our lunch before spending some time on various lookouts taking photos.

  There were some great views from up near the Chalet . . . and some terrifying drops.
You can see the railings of a lookout if you carefully check the top of the rock in the left picture.
  Big Foot was here before the concrete dried.  
  Before touring the Chalet we walked along the banks of Lake Cantani. It was formed over a hundred years ago
by damming a creek to supply water to the saw mill which supplied the timber, often still green, for the Chalet.
  A dense carpet of ferns covered the mountainside.  

On the way down the mountain we pulled over to take photos of some really beautiful ferns, the sunlight was just perfect on them.

  Sunday 30th January 2011  

Sunday afternoon saw us at the Bright Brewery enjoying some nice relaxing music and a couple of reds. What a way to finish off a very nice weekend.

  Listening to Katie Murphy and Damien Neil was really relaxing on a warm Sunday afternoon.  
  Monday 31st January 2011  

Not a lot happened today, the mercury reached 40ºC but we kept cool. We went into town for a coffee and when it cooled down a little I did a heap of cooking. As I said, not a lot happening here today.