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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.


      Pam's Journal For June 2011

  Wednesday 1st June 2011  

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning for our annual check ups. We knew we would have to have blood tests so we didn’t have our usual coffees or breakfast. We did not take into account that the doctor was running late and once we were inside his room he wouldn’t let us out again for an hour. He was not impressed with our drinking habits and told us off quite sternly.

I wasn’t impressed when he said we had fasted for too many hours and the nurse probably wouldn’t do the tests. Luckily she did and we were able to eventually escape to a coffee shop where the coffee and food tasted very good indeed.

We did some shopping and then called in at my old place of work to say hello. It was a very different place as a lot of the people I worked with have now left. We didn’t stay long as we didn’t want to hold them up. We drove home via some more shops.

Once home PM proceeded to fit the new light he had bought. It is to give me more light when I am reading. In the evening we walked up to the Oasis pub and had tea with our friend, Ros, and of course a few reds were consumed. I know we didn’t listen to the doctor.

  Thursday 2nd June 2011  

We were up and out early today as I had an appointment for a mammogram which didn’t take long and we were soon back home. PM wanted to spend the day working on the ‘van. I amused myself with other things.

  Friday 3rd June 2011  

A busy enough day for both of us; Pete Mate worked on the caravan and I did some cleaning and washing. In the afternoon we went back to the doctor’s to check my blood pressure, to see what our blood tests revealed and for PM to be tested for dementia.

PM has not, I repeat NOT, got dementia so that excuse goes out the window from now on. The doctor accepted that my high blood pressure was due to him and not my health. (White coat syndrome). Our blood tests were all fine so were we given a clean bill of health. While there we also had our flu jabs so we are now pretty right for the next twelve months. The doctor also apologised for being so mean to us on Wednesday over our drinking habits.

After leaving the doctors we drove into town and finally got the builder’s corrected paperwork off to them. I just hope they are better builders than they are administrators. We were on our way to the police station to get our signatures witnessed when we saw a vacuum cleaner shop. We have been looking for a little while at buying a new vac as ours isn’t up to much. We saw one we liked and were impressed by its power and price so we did the deed and the shop owner threw in a signature witness as well. All that was left now was a visit to the coffee shop and then home to get ready for our night out.

We were collected by Ros and Rex and taken to the Tudor in town where we were joined by Leonie, Alan, Ben and Edward. The food and wine were excellent but best thing of all was the company. It was a top night and we enjoyed ourselves very much. It is so nice to be back with these lovely people.

  Saturday 4th June 2011  

A slow day today but I did catch up with a few computer chores I had been putting off. We were again collected in the evening, this time by Michael & Kim. We had a wonderful evening in the company of some great people. We feel very blessed to have so many lovely friends.

  Sunday 5th June 2011  

We were up at our normal time and started on a few chores. We then decided to go into town to listen to some country music. The chores were left half done as we only expected to be away an hour. We spent three glorious hours listening to Matt O’Leary, albeit on uncomfortable benches in the shopping mall. At the interval Pete Mate broke his vow never to shop on a Sunday as it is against his religion. He bought a new tool box so I could rest my feet on it and be more comfortable. When Matt had finished we picked up a few groceries, another sin, and then went home and finished our chores. All too soon it was happy hour and another great day in Tamworth has come to an end.

  Monday 6th June 2011  

One minute it was 9.00am and then the next it was 5.00pm, where did that day go? I seem to be busy all day; I defrosted the fridge and vacuumed the carpet twice. I know I have a new toy, a new vacuum cleaner. Pete Mate used it on the air-conditioner filters, not that we have a need to use it at the moment. Pete Mate did some more painting and other stuff he does outside. What else did we do I don’t know but I am sure it was important.

  Tuesday 7th June 2011  

A visit to the hairdressers was top of my list today. I had some purple streaks put in and a trim. I rather like it, Pete Mate I am not so sure. I certainly did not like the price and this will be the last time. It would be cheaper to buy a wig.

After the hairdressers I went on a spending spree and bought a few things I had been wanting for a while. Pete Mate spent a couple of hours in Bunning’s before meeting me for lunch. After lunch I shopped some more and then we returned home so I could play with my new toys.

  Wednesday 8th June 2011  

We spent the day playing with our respective toys and doing some long overdue work on the computer. I did some more sorting out and now have three bags of clothes, etc., to take to the charity shop.

It was absolutely freezing all day, so doing any outside work was definitely a 'no no'. In the evening we walked up to the Oasis and spent a very pleasant couple of hours with Tarranne.

  Thursday 9th June 2011  

Pete Mate hopped out of bed at 5.00am to switch the heater on - it was freezing, literally. When I got up at 7.00am I checked the current temperature and it was -4.8ºC. Yes, I said minus. I turned the tap on to fill the kettle and nothing happened. Are the pipes frozen, I ask myself. Looking out of the window it is a definite winter wonderland scene. Yes, the pipes were frozen and so was I. Once the sun was out it did warm up a little. Even so I showered in the ‘van, too damn cold in the shower block.

We did a few things around the caravan and then went into town to buy a few things we needed and to pick up some groceries. It was late when we set off and then we bumped into a couple of friends so by the time we got to the shopping centre it was way past normal closing time. Luckily most shops were still open except the Post Office, their staff had all gone home. We shopped and then returned home very late indeed. Tonight’s red was appreciated even though it was late.

  Friday 10th June 2011  

Another day spent sorting, cleaning and running repairs. Pete Mate has worked very hard this week and has done a great job. Thankfully the day was a little warmer today as long as you kept out of the biting wind. I played with my new toys and whereas I am getting to grips with the Magic Bullet, the slow cooker is taking longer.

We were undecided whether to go out to The Pub as Those Gals were the entertainment tonight, but in the end we were both very tired and it was sooooooooooo cold out there. So we snuggled up in the warm caravan with a glass or two of red and watched the television.

  Saturday 11the June 2011  

We went into town to do some last minute shopping and to get some fuel. The weather is changing so we decided to start packing our things away this afternoon. There is nothing more miserable than packing away dripping wet stuff.

Late in the afternoon Pete Mate moved the television to a jointed arm. He attached this to the wall and for the first time in six years I can see the full screen. His drilling made my Skype conversation with my sisters a little interesting but we managed. We were lucky enough to enjoy the company of my brother tonight. He was lucky - he missed all the drilling.

  Sunday 12th June 2011  

We finished our packing up and a few other jobs. The rain came as expected but not much.

  Monday 13th June 2011  

We were on the road by 10.30am and hadn’t gone very far when Billy started to make the knocking noise he made in Bendigo. Pete Mate took him out of four wheel drive and he behaved. We continued a little way and then PM slipped him back into four wheel drive and not a peep did he make. I guess it is another of life’s little mysteries.

We arrived in Glen Innes around lunchtime and were met by a very friendly chap who seem to worry if we would be alright finding a place to set up camp. The park was deserted and we had a choice of many sites. We set up for an overnight stay which is quite easy as we unpack very little. Then the rain really came in and it continued through out the night.

  Tuesday 14th June 2011  

We left a very wet and sodden Glen Innes around 10.30am. It rained the whole journey through to Stanthorpe. The journey was quite short and without any incidents. Once we arrive at Stanthorpe the rain eased enough for us to park and set up camp without becoming drowned rats. Pete Mate had a run in with the boot lid and came off worse with a nasty cut on the top of his head. Once inside the ‘van we didn’t venture out as the weather was miserable. We, however, were warm and cosy inside.

  Wednesday 15th June 2011  

It was a wet miserable day outside so we busied ourselves with things inside. The sun did come out late afternoon but not for long and the rain returned and continued throughout the night. Our planned trip into town was postponed until tomorrow as we were too snug and warm.

  Thursday 16th June 2011  

We spent a delightful afternoon with Penny and Roger. We met this lovely couple when we were in Stanthorpe last time but had heard of them long before then. They are two talented song writers and performers. We enjoyed afternoon tea in their home, scones made by Roger. On the way home we checked out another caravan site near the dam. Maybe next we will stay there.

  Friday 17th June 2011  

We took the advice of Roger and went and checked out Girrawheen National Park. It is a lovely park with some magnificent boulders. We did a short walk out to a waterhole which was very pleasant. We came out of the park at the other side and drove home along the main road. Once back in Stanthorpe we enjoyed a late lunch before doing some shopping.

  Saturday 18th June 2011  

Get ready day. Actually there wasn’t too much to get ready as we only unpacked the essentials for our stay here.

  Sunday 19th June 2011  

We left a cold but sunny Stanthorpe around 10.30am. The journey was uneventful but the roads were much busier than we thought they would be. We travel, if possible, on a Sunday to avoid trucks but today they were plentiful. I found out later the reason was the main road between Sydney and Brisbane was closed due to flooding.

We arrived mid afternoon and received a very nice welcome from the receptionist. We soon parked up the 'van and set up camp. It was so nice to be able to sit outside with a coffee in the warmth.

  Monday 20th June 2011  

We had arranged to go out for lunch with friends, Jan and Ross. In the morning we received a message from some other friends, Cindy and David, who were passing through Brisbane and decided to stay a night to catch up with us. The best plans are those that just happen. As we six all know each other it all worked out well and we all enjoyed a lovely lunch and a few drinks.

  We stole this picture from Cindy. L to R: Pam, Pete Mate, David, Ross and Jan.  

We said our goodbyes to Jan and Ross; hopefully we will see them again in the not too distant future.

Later back home we enjoyed a nice relaxing happy hour with Cindy and David. It was a really lovely day with lovely people.

  Tuesday 21st June 2011  

We did a dry run out to the airport ready for Friday. Friday is P & T day when my friends arrive from Perth. Alice seemed to cope well and we think we can now rely on her to get us there on time.

We then found a shopping centre to do grocery shopping. We had a wander around and had coffees but it wasn’t until we got to the wine outlet that we saw a friendly face. What a miserable lot of people. Dick Smith employees could have made a sale if they had stopped chatting to each other and had offered to help.

Once home it was happy hour but tonight it was just us, as we had said our goodbyes to Cindy and David in the morning. Hopefully along the way in the next month or two we will bump into them again.

  Wednesday 22nd June 2011  

We caught the bus not far from the caravan park and travelled into the city. It was a short ride but nicer for Pete Mate not to have to battle the traffic. We had a wander around, went to the information centre and then caught the bus back again. As we boarded the bus - just within the two hour limit - we were able to use the same tickets. We were home in plenty of time for happy hour.

  Thursday 23rd June 2011  

Get ready day as tomorrow our long awaited guests arrive. Pat & Tracey, my girlfriends from Perth, fly in tomorrow for five days. I did all my chores and some cooking.

In the afternoon we went in search of some outdoor chairs we had been looking for for a while. We had decided to wait until we were in Brisbane, big city, cheaper prices and all that. We did our homework on the net, found them and arrived at the shop only to be told they don’t sell them in person, only online. To say we were annoyed is an understatement but we did try two other places before giving up and returning home. Pete Mate then ordered them on line and, lo and behold, they are now coming from Perth.

  Friday 24th June 2011  

We were up early doing our chores and then it was off to the airport. We arrived early, and a good thing too, as we had forgotten we had to pass through security and the queues were a mile long. To say I was excited is putting it mildly. They arrived and it was hugs all round then the chatting began and it did not stop until bedtime. It is so nice to be with ‘old friends’ that know you inside out.

  Saturday 25th June 2011  

We had a lovely day out, enjoying some retail therapy. Pete Mate was excused and we made him go to the Railway Museum in Ipswich. He dropped us off in the middle of the town and it was a big disappointment as it was deserted and a lot of the shops were closed.

We eventually found the main shopping centre and then the serious therapy began. Sitting having coffee with Pat & Tracey, I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. We had a lovely time browsing, shopping and of course chatting. Later, much later, Pete Mate collected us and we returned home for happy hour and dinner. We think Pete Mate had a good time.

Did we stop chatting? No, we didn’t.

  Sunday 26th June 2011  

Another splendid day was spent out and about. We gave our chauffeur a day’s rest from driving and we all went into the city by bus. We spent the whole day in Southbank which is a very picturesque part of the city. We wandered through looking at everything and taking photos. We had our first look at the markets before making our way to the waters edge to board a boat for a river cruise. It was an excellent trip, just long enough and very informative.

Pat, who is similar to me in her dislike of water, said with great authority “It is only the wash” when the boat swayed and I pulled a face. We laughed and laughed and renamed her The River Queen.

Once back on dry land we wandered again and found ourselves back in the markets for a second time. Now, how did we manage that? We then wandered a little more and found a coffee shop where we rested our weary feet before walking back to the bus station. We decided to call at the supermarket on the way home, so I said to get off at the following bus stop. Unbeknownst to me we were actually on an 'express' bus which didn’t stop for quite a way up the road. So we four experienced bus travellers crossed the road and caught another bus back to where we wanted to be. On the same tickets, of course.

So, we saw more of the area than we planned. So what, we are on holiday. Once our purchases were made we went home for happy hour which turned into a very long session so we gave dinner a miss.

  Monday 27th June 2011  

Our chauffeur was back in harness today; he drove us to the Gold Coast. We had a good look at the beach and the multi story buildings and enjoyed a coffee in the surf club . . .


. . . before heading off into the mountains. Tamborine Mountain was our destination and we seemed to drive and drive but eventually we arrived.

After we enjoyed a nice lunch we proceeded to give the shops a good work out. We didn’t realise a lot of them closed at 3.00pm. I mean, what kind of shopkeeper goes home at that time? We did find some shops open so we browsed until we came across the fudge shop. Tracey and Pete Mate were at the front of the queue and were spoilt for choice as there were so many varieties. They eventually made their purchases but it was still difficult to get Pete Mate out of the shop. And we have the photos to prove it.

  Just look at the guilt on that face!  

We continued on our mission to visit as many shops that remained open until we happened across a clothing store. It was a good shop and I was tempted to buy a top I liked. Pat, however, succumbed to temptation and made some really nice purchases. All this time Pete Mate is patiently waiting outside in the freezing cold. Ed., sitting at a table reading boring. Ed. magazines provided by the proprietor. I was rapidly using up my pink credits by the bucketful. Weren't you just! Ed. We then called it a day and headed home for a drink or two and dinner.

  Tuesday 28th June 2011  

Today was 'get ready' day for Pat & Tracey as tomorrow they are off to New Zealand. Later we wandered up the road to look at an interesting shop P & T had spotted earlier; it was home wares with a difference as it was called The French Connection. Once inside the shop we found a lot of the goods were made in China but even so they did have some really nice things. We walked back to the shopping centre and enjoyed lunch and coffees and we stayed so long we had afternoon tea as well. We waked back to the caravan park and Pete Mate was where we left him, on the computer.

In the evening we walked up the road to the pub for a really lovely meal, it was one of the best meals I've had had in a long time and Dakota, our obliging waitress, took our picture.

  Happy memories.  

We all had an early night as P & T have to be at the airport at some ungodly hour.

  Wednesday 29th June 2011  

What a dreadful night! Firstly we all ate so much we were uncomfortable, then we knew we had to be up at 5.30am to say goodbye to Pat & Tracey. We found them at the gate, waiting to be picked up by a taxi which they insisted on having even though we were willing to take them to the airport in our jim-jams. It was a very sad farewell as we enjoyed their company very much, and they are such good friends.

Once we said goodbye we wandered home and the rest of the day was a right off. We were sad and tired, so did very little.

  Thursday 30th June 2011  

I though it was time to catch up with some chores, so that is what I did. PM did some web site work and then in the afternoon we had a short walk to the shops. Did I mention in the shopping centre they have a Gloria Jean’s? We have everything we need within walking distance, even a pub.

On the way home we called in the office to check if any mail had arrived. It had and now we have a new step. Once home PM did some car sorting and I played on the computer. Role reversal for a while.