Bob and Pooh Say:

Life is a coin; you can spend it any way you wish
but you can only spend it once.


      Pam's Journal For September 2011

  Thursday 1st September 2011  

Today was like most days here in Emu Park, relaxing, happy and very social. Today was even more special as an old friend, Janet, who lives here, joined us for coffee.

  Friday 2nd September 2011  

We wandered into town to the post office and to buy some meat. It was really windy and the ocean looked very grumpy indeed. We had a cuppa at the bakery before wandering home. As we passed a garden bed in the main street I noticed a really nice flower with an unusual stem covered in large and very sharp thorns. Pete Mate took photos for me.


We enjoyed a short Happy Hour before heading off to the Bowling Club for dinner. It was a lovely pleasant evening spent with really nice people. The meal was lovely as was the wine.

  Saturday 3rd September 2011  

The day flew by as I was busy cooking, computering and knitting, and I did a few crosswords as well. Thanks to a tip from a fellow caravanner and the good butcher of Emu Park, the pickled pork we ate tonight was the best ever, so much so we continued to nibble after dinner. Very naughty but nice. At Happy Hour there was a plaque presentation which I know Pete Mate has covered so I won’t. Needless to say the company, as always, was relaxed, happy and very pleasant indeed.

  Sunday 4th September 2011  

Another perfect day spent At Emu Park.

  Monday 5th September 2011  

We went into Yeppoon to do some shopping and for me to have an eye test. Alice took us on a wild goose chase and we ended up the wrong side of town. It wasn’t actually Alice’s fault as Google maps gave her the wrong coordinates. Luckily we had the phone number of the optometrist and once we had the correct address Alice took us straight there.

I have to have new lenses as my eyes have deteriorated a little.

Once the shopping was done and a coffee consumed we made our way home for happy hour.

  Tuesday 6th September 2011  

We drove into Rockhampton to visit some more shops and check out Bunning’s. I don’t know what it is about Bunning’s but as soon as I set foot in that store I have to find the loo. So while Pete Mate browses I traipse around the store looking for the public loo; they are never in the same place I can tell you.

I took my necklace into the jewellers to be repaired and we also visited the Coffee Club once more. Just before we left Rocky I went into The Good Guys to buy some rolls of polyethylene for my cryo-vac machine. If I had not wanted it urgently I would have walked out. The staff there found it difficult to serve a lone customer as they were too busy chatting.

  Wednesday 7th September 2011  

We walked into the small town of Emu Park. I call it a town but it is more like a village. As per usual we visited the Bakery for coffee and tea. The rest of day was spent . . . oh, I don’t know. Relaxing I guess.

  Thursday 8th September 2011  

In the morning I had a major clean up, moved things out and cleaned, cleaned them and put them back. I also did a pile of washing.

In the afternoon we walked up to the Bowling Club to book a table for tomorrow night. Along the path we encountered Jim (the park manager) and Stretch who lives in the park. They were busy working, preparing the ground for solar lights to be fitted. This will enable people to see their way to and from the Bowling Club.

Bendigo Bank has paid for the lights, another company contributed materials and Bell Park Caravan Park Social Club also came to the party. Plus, of course, the Watermans who are always generous when it comes to community projects.

Now where was I? Oh yes, our encounter. It was easier for them to have two extra pairs of hands so we helped. Pete Mate and I had very important jobs; I held one end of the tape measure and Pete Mate marked the spot with a pink blob. We arrived at the Bowling Club and after booking a table we had a drink or two or three. We were then fortunate to get a lift home with Sue, and of course by this time it was happy hour. Like we needed happy hour drinks! Anyway, we went and we had a good time socialising with some lovely people until the crowd started to disperse. We were then invited to stay for a barbecue which we were reluctant to do as we hadn’t contributed anything. Cath was very insistent so we stayed and it was lovely. I have to say, by the end of the evening, things were becoming a little blurry and I was very glad to see my bed.

Note to self: Do not drink in the afternoons.

  Friday 9th September 2011  

I did some more washing and cleaning then walked into the village to buy a couple of things. Pete Mate joined the work crew putting in the lights; they managed to put in over half before they ran out of some materials.

Later, much later after happy hour, Pete Mate and I walked up the path to the club and checked the lights out. They were very bright and most were charged and working. We enjoyed a lovely evening with good food and wine and of course excellent company. Janet and Bill gave me a lift home whilst Pete Mate walked as he wanted to check out the lights. As they hadn’t had time to charge properly most had gone out. And where was our torch? In my handbag. Ooops.

  Saturday 10th September 2011  

Pete Mate went off to join the work crew and I did the ironing. Pete Mate was soon back as they had finished, so he watched me do the ironing. Then we walked into the village for some milk and enjoyed a coffee and tea whilst we watched the world go by.

Later, at Happy Hour, we said our goodbyes to a few people who were leaving in the morning; hopefully we will see some of them next year.

  Sunday 11th September 2011  

We walked over to Bell Park, adjacent to the caravan park, as it was the local primary school’s fête. We had offered to help out but, once there, were told they had enough hands.

  The first thing we came across was the Rockhampton Pipe Band.  

It was a lovely atmosphere, everyone happy and smiling with lots of shouts of glee from the young people using the fairground rides . . .

  A load of little dare devils.  

I wanted my face painted but there was a queue. I know, I am a little old for face painting but I am still a child at heart. It is on my 'bucket list' and one day it will happen.

We wandered, took lots of photos, had a coffee and bought one or two things. I played with the dolls on the doll stall and Pete Mate went and played with the fire engine. All in all we had a lovely time. We then wandered back to the caravan and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing.

  Monday 12th September 2011  

Another perfect day spent At Emu Park.

  Tuesday 13th September 2011  

Do you remember the song, ‘I can see clearly now’. That song went through my head all afternoon after I had collected my new glasses form the optometrist. I could not believe how bad my eyes had become until I could see again. I am sure if you think about it that last sentence will make sense. After I left there, exclaiming how well I could see, I promptly walked into a telephone kiosk.

Nearby I found a really neat little craft shop with lovely buttons. I bought some and I guess I will be returning for more before we leave here.

Next on the list was the shopping centre as we had a few things to do. Also, there was a cup of coffee and tea with our names on them.

Once the shopping was done we went on a quest to find blue stuff for some work Pete Mate is doing on the car. I think he found something he can work with. Then it was "Home Alice, and don’t spare the horses".

Once home and the shopping put away I sat in the sun and read a book. Pete Mate played computers. Then it was Happy Hour. A lot of the old crowd have left but new people are arriving all the time.

  Wednesday 14th September 2011  

Apart from the short walk into the village the day was spent following our various interests.

  Thursday 15th September 2011  

Another perfect day spent at Emu Park, even more so because I won the weekly raffle.

  Friday 16th September 2011  

We walked into the village for a few things but apart from that the day was spent like most days here; totally relaxed. Later, after happy hour, we walked up to the bowling club for dinner. We were quite a crowd tonight and it was a very enjoyable evening.

  Saturday 17th September 2011  

Another glorious day in Emu Park. I did some washing and got it on the line fairly early. The park is filling up again, this time with school holiday people as most grey nomads are on their way home.

I met and enjoyed the company of Lea Gay, she is an inspirational person. She had written a book called the Attitude Goddess, which is all about the power of attraction and positive thinking.

Apart from that I read and knitted once more before going over to Happy Hour and enjoying various people’s company.

  Sunday 18th September 2011  

We visited the markets in the park next to the caravan park. They were quite busy and I managed to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables plus local honey and chilli jam. Once home I continued my day reading and knitting before we went along to Happy Hour.

  Monday 19th September 2011  

And yet another glorious day here in Emu Park. I did some washing and cleaning. We walked into the village to the library and shop. Now what else did we do? I read, knitted and played computers. Pete Mate divides his time by working on jobs on the car and caravan and constructing a website for a friend. Happy Hour attendees have dwindled since all the lawn bowls enthusiasts have returned south . . . but enjoyable, nevertheless.

  Tuesday 20th September 2011  

We enjoyed the sunshine early today as we sat outside the ’van for breakfast. This managed to tear Pete Mate away from the computer for a short time.

I had a walk along the beach which is only the second time since we have been here. Before we arrived there was a storm and it has washed away the easy access to the beach. So armed with Harry, my walking stick, I ventured down the steep slope. If you are able bodied there isn’t a problem but a person with a crook hip, knees and ankles does struggle. The descent, and later the ascent, were neither elegant nor agile but I did it.

Later I walked into the village for a long overdue pedicure. Whenever I go for one it is always somewhere new and is always different. I was happy with the results which is the main thing.

Later at Happy Hour we were joined by a young woman with two small children. She is travelling on her own as she has just lost her husband to cancer. Makes one count ones blessings and never take anything for granted.

  Wednesday 21st September 2011  

Pete Mate said yesterday that when he uploads my journal he has a smile as he thinks people will believe I am always cleaning. Well let me put your minds at rest; I am! In a caravan there might be less space to clean but as you live in every part everyday you have to clean every day. Having said that I do get it finished as quickly as possible so I can sit in my favourite chair outside the ‘van. So today I did the required clean and some washing before sitting outside reading.

Later we went into Yeppoon to do some shopping so we can eat for the rest of the week; we of course had our mandatory tea & coffee at the Coffee Club. We are now VIP members of the CC which cost us $25. With the discount to which that entitles us we are not far from breaking even and then the savings will really make a difference. (That was a tongue in cheek remark). Actually we will make a substantial saving because if there is a coffee club nears us we tend to walk a while then have a coffee each day.

Much later it was Happy Hour and we said some more goodbyes to some very nice people. On the other hand there were lots of new people at HH tonight which was good.

  Thursday 22nd September 2011  

We again ate our breakfast outside but I have to admit it was a little too windy. Pete Mate reckoned if he hadn’t held on to his Weetbix it would have been in the ocean.

The day then flew by doing various things. Late afternoon we walked up to the bowling club to book a table for tomorrow. Somehow we managed to arrive just in time for happy hour. Pete Mate takes credit for that, he reckons if we had left when I wanted to we would have been too early. Drinks were half price and we were given free nibbles to eat. As we had bought raffle tickets for a chook we had to wait until the draw, any excuse for another drink. We then walked back for a very pleasant happy hour at the caravan park. All in all an excellent day.

  Friday 23rd September 2011  

We walked into the village then walked home along the beach . . . beautiful! Later, after Happy Hour, we walked up to the Bowling Club for dinner. Another pleasant evening spent with lovely people.

  Saturday 24th September 2011  

I walked up to the R.S.L. hall this morning with two other ladies from the caravan park. The occasion was a Pre-Loved Fashion Show, white elephant stalls and morning tea. We met another couple of ladies there and we enjoyed a really lovely morning together. The clothes were all from the local 'op shop' and were really nice. Morning tea was excellent and there was plenty of it. Later we walked back and then I spent the rest of the day knitting and reading. I didn’t make happy hour tonight as I was on Skype with my siblings.

  Sunday 25th September 2011  

It was one of those days when I awoke with heaps of energy to spend. So I did a load of washing and hung it out before breakfast. After breakfast I decided the fridge needed defrosting because I reckon I caught a glimpse of a polar bear in the freezer section. I then moved on to the oven and stove top, that got a major clean. This started a chain reaction because before I knew I was cleaning this, scrubbing that, and I kept going until lunchtime when I decided enough was enough.

I had a much needed shower before preparing lunch then it was a case of kicking back and relaxing with a book and my knitting. Meanwhile, in my clean oven I had one of Wayne’s beautiful leg’s of lamb cooking. I must have mentioned Wayne before - our local butcher  - and a pretty damn good country singer to boot.

Later, at Happy Hour, it was just us few regulars that drank and told a few yarns. I did, however, mentioned that someone was pilfering the toilet rolls in the ladies which led to some pretty lurid toilet stories which perhaps are best not told here. It was a very pleasant happy hour . . . but then again, we never have any other kind here at Emu Park.

  Monday 26th September 2011.  

A nondescript sort of day. I went back to bed after breakfast, got up then read for a while. After lunch I went back to bed again then I got up and knitted for a while. Happy Hour was a quiet one with only six of us in attendance.

  Tuesday 27th September 2011  

We walked into the village for a few things. I read and knitted and Pete Mate sat glued to the computer. Another quiet Happy Hour.

  Wednesday 28th September 2011.  

We enjoyed a typical Emu Park day. We were joined at happy Hour by a new couple; it is always nice to meet new people.

  Thursday 29th September 2011  

Shopping was on the agenda today so we decided to go in the morning to get it over with. First we called in at the Information Centre in Yeppoon. We got only some of the information we needed but it was still worth calling in because the young man that served as was very nice and very good looking.

We were walking through the shopping mall when I was accosted by another young man, must be my day today. This one wanted to sell me skin products, I declined and walked away but he followed me spouting his spiel. This I did not like but rather than be unpleasant I said “Look at my skin, do you think I need anything considering I am eighty?” He laughed and backed off. A bit of a giggle and he got the message, what concerned me was Pete Mate saying, "Do you think he believed you?"

We did the shopping and then scurried home Pete Mate to his computer and me to a book I cannot put down.

  Friday 30th September 2011  

8:30 this morning saw me rock up for a Tai Chi class in the Cultural Hall at Emu Park. I haven’t attended a class for years and, believe me, it showed. When I was facing forward I should have been facing back . . . and vice versa. I wasn’t alone in this as friend, Janet, also came. The ladies and gentlemen were really nice and friendly, also very encouraging and helpful. I was especially touched by their kindness as they know I am a visitor and will be moving on soon.

I walked home to do some chores and then we had our annual financial review over the phone. We are still solvent. Later I settled down with some knitting.

It was then Skype time for sister Angie’s birthday. After that we got ourselves ready to walk up to the bowling club for dinner. A very nice evening it was too.