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      Pam's Journal For October 2011

  Saturday 1st October 2011  

It was an extremely windy and hot day today. Some idiot lit a fire some distance upwind from here so we ‘enjoyed’ the smoke all day and night. By Happy Hour time the wind had died down and we enjoyed a quiet Happy Hour.

  Sunday 2nd October 2011  

Well, today’s cooking experiments were a bit of a disaster. Each Sunday we have a cooked breakfast and each week I try something different in accordance with my Weight Watchers manual. This week was baked eggs inside a mushroom cup. The eggs leaked out on to the tray and I couldn’t get them to set. The toast was hard and overcooked and all in all not an exercise to repeat. At least we had a good laugh.

Then I baked some pork for dinner after marinating it all afternoon. The vegetables were done long before the meat and when the meat was done it was not the best taste in the world. I also made a chilli for tomorrow night. (Now that tastes good because I sampled it).

Apart from my cooking catastrophes I did the ironing and a few other chores. In the afternoon we went for a drive around Zilzie. We have been told the development has expanded since we were last here. Well, yes it has, houses and more houses and more houses. We had a look at the resort and decided it didn’t look very inviting.

The drive was marred by the smoke still hanging about so the camera stayed in the car, as we did. The highlight of the afternoon was taking Billy through the car wash! Well, it made Billy’s day anyway. Happy Hour was a non event; we assumed all the regulars were watching the rugby final.

  Monday 3rd October 2011  
  The day started well; I knocked a glass of orange juice everywhere. Ho Hum. Once that was cleaned up some other chores were done and then the reading book came out and that was pretty much me until Happy Hour. A few people turned up for Happy Hour so it was quite pleasant. The Chilli was excellent!  
  Tuesday 4th October 2010  

We were up and out of the caravan before 9.00am today. We went to the library in Rockhampton (Rocky, locally) to hear Marilyn Dooley give a talk about the Chinese living in this area in the 1800’s. It was mainly about her own family - her great grandfather was Chinese.

It was interesting and a very pleasant way to spend a Tuesday morning. We had a few things to do in Rocky and then we headed home via St Christopher’s Chapel. This is an open air structure built by American servicemen during WWII.

  St. Christopher's Chapel.  
  Pastor Pam.  

I was having a good look around when I spotted a ladies loo. Being one to never miss an opportunity, I used it. It wasn’t until I was flushing that I noticed a little frog tucked up under the rim of the bowl.

  Frog Hunter Extraordinaire.  

Maybe if I hadn’t been laughing so much I would have looked where I was going and not missed a step down from the alter. The jar didn't do my hip any good at all.

Not long after we arrived home it was time for Happy Hour and then we had a barbeque for Al’s birthday. Al is a 'permanent' here and a thoroughly nice chap, so it was a pleasure to help him celebrate.

  Wednesday 5th October 2011  

It is now getting quite hot here at Emu Park, the air conditioner got a bit of a workout today. I read and rested as the hip is protesting in response to the small mishap yesterday at St Chris’s.

  Thursday 6th October 2011  

We went for a short walk up to the post office and bakery. Not much else happened here.

  Friday 7th October 2011  

I again went to Tai Chi and enjoyed it very much. The lady who took the class last week has retired so it was a little different. It was easier to follow this week. Janet and I sat and watched some of it to see how it is all done.

Once home I did some washing and cleaning, had some lunch, and then Cath and Phil collected us to go to the pub. The main reason for going was to buy raffle tickets for tonight’s big draw but you cannot go into a pub and not have a drink, can you? We walked back as we had a couple of things to do in the village. It was then back into the air-conditioning until Happy Hour. After a quick Happy Hour we all went to the Bowling Club for dinner then we all went off to the pub for the draw. Sadly none of us won so I guess we will be repeating the whole thing again next week. However Cath and Phil’s friends did win the meat tray at the bowling club and invited us all to their house on Monday to help them eat it.

  Saturday 8th October 2011  

I intended to do a bit of cleaning and not much else today as the “Tool Party" to which I was invited by Janet was cancelled. I had just arrived back from the shower when Janet arrived and asked me to go to Yeppoon with her. I decline as I wasn’t dressed and had wet hair but she wasn’t taking no for an answer and waited for me. I was very glad she did as I had a lovely time we did some browsing; to browse with another female is always a joy. Pete Mate is very good but it just isn’t quite the same. Janet did some grocery shopping whist I sat and chatted to a lovely lady. We then went to the Sailing Club for lunch before heading home.

It was Skype night tonight which was a little fraught as my Great Nephew Gabriel has a brain tumour and is having his operation this next week.

  Sunday 9th October 2011  

We went into Yeppoon with Cath & Phil to the wonderful Pinefest. We had a fabulous day; the parade was excellent, very colourful and very long. We then walked over to the beachfront for a drink and a bite to eat. We watched the entertainment and then Cath and I went to browse through the market stalls. We left the men watching some very energetic young girls strut their stuff on the stage. We rejoined the men and then decided to make our way home; let’s face it happy hour was nearly upon us. It was a ‘perffick’ day.

  Monday 10th October 2011  

I walked into the village for one or two things. I also did some cleaning and washing and then we were collected by Phil and Cath to go out. Al joined us and we drove up to Judy and Warren’s house for a late lunch. Phil let Pete Mate do the driving in his new Pajero. It is a nice car and Pete Mate enjoyed himself. We had a lovely time at J & W’s, we are always humbled by how many people have opened their homes to us as we travel around this wonderful country of ours.

We arrived home in time for Happy Hour which was very pleasant. All in all another ‘perffick’ day.

  Tuesday 11th October 2011  

Not a lot happened today.

  Wednesday 12th October 2011  

I went to the hairdresser for a long overdue haircut and was very pleased with the result. Pete Mate was not too impressed; it took an hour and half as he waited in the car for me. We then went to do some shopping and have some lunch. Once all that was done we headed home to have a rest and before we knew it was Happy Hour.

  Thursday 13th October 2011  
  We started our day with a wonderful Skype call from my sister Angie. Gabriel has had his operation and is recovering very quickly. We were amazed that someone could have a major operation like that and then be sitting up and chatting. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, washing, ironing, reading and knitting. Pretty normal day except I did all of these things with a big grin on my face.  
  Friday 14th October 2011  

I went to Tai Chi again and before returning home to do a few chores. I then read for a while before heading over to Happy Hour. We all went to the Bowling Club for dinner and then raced over to the pub for the raffles. The jackpot was won by a young Mum who would I am sure put it to good use. If we had won we would have only spent it on wine.

  Saturday 15th October 2011  

Went for a short walk and didn’t do much else.

  Sunday 16th October 2011  

I walked over to the markets with Sue; they weren’t as big as last time but we still managed to buy some fruit and veggies.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same as any other, reading knitting and playing computers.

  Monday 17th October 2011  

Shopping, cleaning and washing. The excitement was overwhelming.

  Tuesday 18th October 2011  

We collected Amy from where the bus dropped her off and, as the weather was awful, we took her out for breakfast. Later we dropped her at her accommodation which seemed to please her. I have never seen anyone so excited at the sight of an iron! Apparently she has not ironed her clothes since leaving home. We left her to it.

Later we collected her and took her for a drive. We went up Mount Archer but it was so windy it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. We drove into the centre of Rocky so Amy could sort out her Medicare card then we wandered over to a pub. It was not the best pub in Rocky but they served beer and wine and we were out of the cold wind. We then drove home for happy hour for Pete Mate and I whilst Amy chatted to her Mum on Skype.

We went to the Thai restaurant for dinner which was very pleasant. We saw Amy safely home before heading home to our beds.

  Wednesday 19th October 2011  

The weather wasn’t much better but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. Amy had a long and much needed sleep. Once awake we fed her and then she gave me a lesson on my new iTouchpad which my sister, Sandie, sent me via Amy.

We then took her to the Crocodile Farm. It was interesting and Amy really enjoyed herself - she even had a croc pie for lunch. When we left there we took Amy for a drive around and then headed home for happy hour.

After Happy Hour we went to the pub for dinner and were joined by some friends from the park. It just so happened it was Trivia Night. After we had all eaten we took part, and believe or not we came second. This was due mainly to Al & Jim, Pete Mate & I were just along for the ride. We dropped Amy off at her accommodation with the promise we would see her at 5.30am next day.

  Thursday 20th October 2011  

We arrived at the accommodation to find Amy sort of ready but not quite. The bus arrived but Amy didn’t. Eventually she appeared which was good as the driver was becoming decidedly grumpy. We said our goodbyes and then returned home for a very early breakfast.

I did some washing and did a few chores before putting my feet up and watching some of a DVD of "The King’s Speech". I then had a decision to make; do I watch the end of it or go to Happy Hour? No contest, Happy Hour won.

  Friday 21st October 2011  

I went to Tai Chi in the morning, and then did a few chores on my return. We went up to the Bowling Club for dinner after a very short Happy Hour.

  Saturday 22nd October 2011  

Sue took Cath and myself out for coffee. We sat at the Marina in Rosslyn Bay and enjoyed a really nice time chatting. We then went into Yeppoon as Sue wanted a few things. It was a very enjoyable outing.

Later the day turned into grumpiness because I couldn’t get Skype to work properly and the touch pad wouldn’t do what I asked it to do. Pete Mate was ‘too busy’ to help me.

  Sunday 23rd October 2011  

Not a lot happened here. Jim, who right now is my favourite person, sorted my touch pad out for me so today I wasn’t grumpy.

  Monday 24th October 2011  

I did a heap of cleaning and washing. Pete Mate took Billy in for a service and then walked home. He then spent the rest of the day working on Bell Park website. Later he walked back to collect Billy. I watched a DVD whilst doing some knitting and then before we knew it, it was time for Happy Hour.

  Tuesday 25th October 2011  

We walked into the village for few things and hopped into the car and drove to Yeppoon to do some shopping. Much later, after Happy Hour, we enjoyed a lovely evening with Jim, Sue, Cath, Phil and Al. Pete Mate cooked the barbecue with help from Jim and Phil. The weather was perfect, just warm enough and not one mozzie in sight.

  Wednesday 26th October 2011  

We walked in to the Post Office in the village and to other shops to buy a couple of things. I am slowly packing the freezer with Wayne’s meat. Once home I continued with my cleaning of cupboards. I am having a major sort out and soon filled three bags with rubbish.

We had a very short Happy Hour as we had to have an early dinner and go to the pub for Trivia Night. Once again we came in second which was a feat as the questions were really hard. All in all it was a very pleasant day.

  Thursday 27th October 2011  

I walked over to ‘The Shack’, yes my friends, that is what it is called. It is a hall used by groups such as the Lions. I had been asked to help make potato salad for the Oktoberfest which will take place next Saturday. My timing was perfect - most of the work was done and I was in time for morning tea. I did however help wrap potatoes for the baked potatoes and do some dishes. Once home I did some more cleaning out of cupboards and then read for a while.

  Friday 28th October 2011  

Today was the busiest Pete Mate and I have been in seven years. I did some washing early and then went to Tai Chi. After Tai Chi Janet and I went to the park to volunteer our services and Pete Mate joined us there.

I was given the job of covering tables with clothes and then taping them to the table. After that I was ready for a sit down job. Peeling onions was next on the agenda. I have never peeled so many onions in my life, there were sacks of them. Then I sliced tomatoes and managed to slice a bit of thumb as well.

Pete Mate worked really hard with the fencing guys which was quite physical and in the sweltering sun. At least I was in the shade the whole time. After lunch we called it a day as we were both pooped, how these other people keep going I’ll never know. We rested all afternoon and lamented about how unfit we were. It didn't stop us having that glass of red at happy hour though. After happy hour Pete Mate and I walked over to the park for a barbecue the Lions had organised for all the volunteers. It was nice and the people are very friendly but we were so tired we left early.

  Saturday 29th October 2011  

I was up early, showered and dressed and at the shops by 8.00am. I made one or two purchases and then went home for breakfast. Around 11.00am Pete Mate and I walked over to the park for the Oktoberfest where we were to work on the raffles table. Our shift was not until later but as someone had been taken ill we offered to do extra. We sat a while at the table and were more or less ignored so armed with a pen and a couple of books I ventured forth into the mass of people. What a lovely time I had accosting young men legally. They were very generous, I like to think it was my charm but if I was truthful it was because they were already well into the amber liquid. I did well and managed to sell quite a few books.

A couple of hours later we were relieved of our duties by another couple. We had a wander, a drink and some food before heading home for a nanny nap. Later we returned to complete our second shift. The crowd had increased greatly and it was difficult to move amongst the people to sell the raffle tickets so I gave up and sat at the table with Pete Mate. We only did just over an hour when we were relieved by another couple. The lovely Margaret told us we had finished for the day so we thought we would find a drink and maybe enjoy a slice of apple strudel. We queued for about twenty minutes and then were told they had sold out. We then ate these potato pancakes which had a German name I can’t remember. The music was good, very happy type of stuff and everyone looked and sounded like they were having a good time. We, however, had had enough so wandered home to watch Doc Martin.

  Sunday 30th October 2011  

We were up early and started on our chores straight after breakfast. We had to clean and pack everything away as sadly we are leaving Emu Park tomorrow. We have had a great time here; our waistlines are a testament to that. We will be back next year for sure.

Anyway we worked well into the afternoon only stopping for a quick sandwich and a drink. We had to decline an invitation to have lunch with Sue & Jim at the Sailing Club, It would have been very nice but we knew how much we had to get done. We also had to do a quick supermarket shop. I finished my chores around 4.00pm but Pete Mate worked right up to happy hour. We enjoyed a last happy hour with our friends, then we had to say goodbye.

  Monday 31st October 2011  

We were ready to leave at 8.00am; yes, it was a surprise to us as well. We said our goodbyes to Sue and Jim and hit the road. It was a long day, seven hours with only two stops. The roads between Emu Park and Miles are more like a patchwork project than a road. Many things inside the ‘van took a walk which very rarely happens. It was a very pleasant drive and to go along with the ‘patchwork’ the verges along side the road were embroidered with lovely purple and yellow flowers. Cacti, too, were flowering with bright red blooms. In some places it was very dry and others very green.

On arrival at Possum Park we received a very friendly greeting from Julie in the office and an equally friendly one from John the chap who showed us to our site and gave us all the local information. The caravan park is in the middle of natural bushland and use to be a munitions dump in the Second World War.

By the time we had set up camp we ready for a glass of the red stuff. We then had dinner and put our feet up. Once again we were pooped.