Queensland ~ June 2012 

If the shoe fits - buy them in every colour.

Friday 1st June 2012

Not a lot happening, the weather is pretty ordinary, we were supposed to be getting ready for the move tomorrow but that didn’t happen.

Saturday 2nd June 2012

We were up and organised to leave Possum Park by 9.30am, pretty good going for us. It poured with rain for most of the way but eventually we drove out of it and enjoyed some sunny spells. The journey was uneventful and we arrived at Banana around 4.00pm. We hadn’t been there long when the heavens opened and it poured down. Just after 6.00pm the rain stopped so we made a mad dash to the pub for dinner. We enjoyed a very nice meal and wine. When we were ready for the dash back to the caravan it was again pouring with rain. Where was the umbrella? In the car! Where were our jackets? in the car! We arrived home like two drowned rats.

Sunday 3rd June 2012

We awoke to find we had a waterfront property and getting to the shower block was an art in itself. We, however, were better off than our neighbours who had camped in a dip and had their own swimming pool.


We didn’t waste much time in leaving Banana, it was a very basic place but adequate for an overnighter. We arrived at Emu Park mid afternoon and received a warm welcome as always. We set up camp, had a bit of a rest and then went over to Happy Hour. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones. Happy Hour happens here every night so take it as read we attend and I won’t repeat myself each day.

Monday 4th June 2012

We continued to get ourselves organised for our stay here. Pete Mate did some more ‘van washing as our journey from Possum and Banana ruined all his previous efforts. It is so lovely to be in warm sunshine, it feels so long since we have been this warm. We had a drive out to book Billy in for a service, called in at the pub and checked out the new IGA. The supermarket is very impressive but not much else has changed in the village, thank goodness.

Tuesday 5th June 2012

We had a big day out in Rocky today and spent some more of the kids’ inheritance. Bunning’s was first on the list and as per usual, as soon as I put my foot in the door, I had to find the loo. I asked a chap the way and he said, Follow me, I'm on my way there. So if you saw a large, burly man striding out up and down the aisles of Bunning’s with a short, grey haired woman trying her best to keep up, her legs going ten to the dozen, that was me.

Our retail therapy continued in various shops and until finally we ended up at Dan Murphy’s to stock up on beer and wine. Once home and the car unloaded, the caravan looked an untidy mess.

Wednesday 6th June 2012

Pete Mate took Billy to the garage for a service and I walked into the village and reacquainted myself with the shops and the library. I also hired some DVD’s as we cannot get television here. Whilst PM was waiting for Billy to be done, he took the garage owner’s dog for a walk. They both seemed to enjoy it but the ungrateful mutt repaid PM’s kindness by tripping him up and now PM sports a nicely grazed knee.

Billy has to return as he needs a new something or other. (Too blue for me).

Thursday 7th June 2012

I walked into the village to the hairdressers which is also a beauty parlour. I enjoyed one of the best pedicures I have had in a long time; Jenny was excellent. I then had my hair cut and was very pleased with the result, again excellent service, this time by Bev. The rest of the day was spent reading and knitting.

Friday 8th June 2012

A short walk, a long read and some knitting was pretty much my day. In the evening we walked up to the Bowling Club for dinner. It was a very pleasant evening with excellent company.

Saturday 9th June 2012

We awoke to rain and grey skies which was a pity as we intended to visit Yeppoon Show. By the time we left the caravan park it was getting towards lunchtime so we decide to go to Yeppoon, have some lunch, do a supermarket shop, and then have a look at the show. It all worked out perfectly as the rain stopped and we were able to walk around the show in comfort.

I enjoyed the displays of needlework and patchwork; there are some amazingly talented women out there.The wood chopping was okay . . .

Photo: Wood chopping.

Photo: Axeman resting

. . . and the animal corner was good because of the delightful looks on the little childrens' faces as they petted the llamas, sheep, puppies and goats.

Photo: Little girls with a puppy

I think there was a pig as well but I didn’t see it. One little chap was determined to pat the ducks even if they didn’t like it.

The local modelling agency put on a show. The three little girls that opened the show with their dancing were so cute and really funny as very often they did their own thing and ignored the older girls.

Once home we had all the shopping to put away and then it was Skype time with my sisters.

Sunday 10th June 2012

We again awoke to rain but as the day progressed it disappeared and the sun returned. P.M. and I did very little except read.

Monday 11th June 2012

Today we walked up the hill to the Singing Ship for the first time since we arrived. We love it up there, the views are fantastic and the ship sings to us as we sit and contemplate life. We then paid a visit to the bakery for morning coffees before returning home to our books and computers.

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Our day was pretty much the same as yesterday except we enjoyed a lovely healthy lunch at the bakery along with our coffees.

Wednesday 13th June 2012

A lazy morning followed by a walk into the village.

Thursday 14th June 2012

We had a trip out to Rocky mainly to collect my necklace that had been left at the jewellers for repairs. As they could not repair it they replaced it. Pretty good warranty and service from Zamels.

We had some lunch and did a spot of shopping before heading home for happy hour.

Friday 15th June 2012

What a marvellous day I had! It started with a session of Tai Chi in the village hall. I received a lovely welcome from everyone and thoroughly enjoyed getting some much needed exercise. Hopefully by the time we leave here I will have got the hang of it all. Afterwards I visited one or two shops where you always receive a friendly greeting. Once home I did a few chores and then sat with my book outside in the sunshine. Later we joined two other couples for fish and chips at the Causeway. Perfick.

Saturday 16th June 2012

A few of the ladies from the caravan park and I attended a morning tea run by the Ladies Auxiliary of the RSL. It was a fund raiser and very enjoyable it was too. We were treated to a fashion show by some children and ladies, plus some ladies sang for us and of course along with the lovely morning tea we had a raffle. A most enjoyable morning. The afternoon was spent reading and then later I had my Skype session with my sister.

Sunday 17th June 2012

Every third Sunday of the month the Emu Park Markets are held. We wandered over mid morning and bought some fruit and some spices I had been looking for. We sat and enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine whilst chatting to a lovely couple from Tasmania. Not only are the people in the caravan park friendly and nice but it would seem whoever we meet here has a cheery greeting and smile for you.

Monday 18th June 2012

A short walk into the village and then sitting outside reading was pretty much my day. Pete Mate, however, has another project on the go trying to get the council to agree to install a better system so we can all get television.

Tuesday 19th June 2012

Another ‘perffick’ day.

Wednesday 20th June 2012

Another lovely day here in paradise. In the evening we went up to the pub for tea and stayed for trivia night. Our team came second which was pretty good but Pete Mate and I cannot take much credit.

Thursday 21st June 2012

Another ‘perffick’ day.

Friday 22nd June 2012

I enjoyed another session of Tai Chi in the morning then we drove into Yeppoon for a few items. Mainly we went to visit a garden centre so I could buy some herbs to grow whilst we are here. We could not find the garden centre at all but we did get the things we wanted from the shopping mall. In the evening we joined friends at the Bowling Club for dinner. The place was packed and we had to wait ages for our meal but it was worth it as the food was lovely. The wine was good and the company excellent.

Saturday 23rd June 2012

Not only did BJ (friend from the caravan park) take me to the garden centre but she also gave me heaps of advice about what to buy and how to pot it. Once home I potted them and watered them and am quite thrilled that I am growing my own herbs. The weather has changed and it is cold, wet and wintery. In the evening we enjoyed a Pizza Night over at the barbecue area.

Sunday 24th June 2012

The weather was definitely Victorian - cold and wet. We stayed snug and warm in the ‘van reading, knitting and watching DVD’s.

Monday 25th June 2012

The weather was pretty much the same as yesterday so spent the day doing similar things. We went over to Happy Hour for a short time when the weather improved a little.

Tuesday 26th June 2012

This weather is getting beyond a joke now; we could have stayed in Victoria. It did stop raining enough for us to walk into the village to the library and enjoy a coffee at the bakery. Then the rain returned and we had left our umbrella at home. Ho hum. It did ease enough for us to get home without getting too wet. Then it was back inside the ‘van as the rain was now pouring down.

Wednesday 27th June 2012

I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Yeppoon Sailing Club with some of the ladies from the park. The food and wine was good and the company excellent. In the evening we attended a sausage sizzle that was organised to celebrate a birthday. It was a lovely, happy time. We then went up to the pub for Trivia Night. Again Pete Mate and I made up the numbers.

Thursday 28th June 2012

I had a wonderful afternoon playing Mahjong with some really patient ladies who tried to teach me how to play. Everyone was so friendly and nice and the time just flew by. I will be there again next week for sure.

Friday 29th June 2012

After my Tai Chi session I went and did some shopping; Pete Mate collected me and the bags and we went home for lunch. We then went off to Zilzie to a dressmaker, a very nice lady called Karen. She is shortening Pete Mate’s new jeans. On the way home we took Billy back to the mechanic’s as he had a new noise. As we have only two seats in the car I had to wait in the workshop whilst the mechanic and PM had a drive around. The boss came over to me and tried to explain what he thought was wrong. I stopped him mid sentence as we all know I don’t do ‘blue’ stuff. I did mention that if he continued I would have to explain a knitting pattern to him. The noise was soon fixed and we set off for the Bowling Club to book a table for dinner. We had a drink (as you do) and then we had another at home (as you do), so by the time happy hour wine was consumed and the wine with dinner, I was a little squiffy to say the least. Good thing I didn’t see any palm trees on the way home.

Saturday 30th June 2012

I went to Rosslyn Harbour for coffee with two ladies from the park. It was a lovely time with nice coffee and good company. I then read for a while before having a nanny nap. Before long it was Skype time and then happy hour. It is all go here at Emu Park.