Queensland ~ July 2012 

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live for today.

Sunday 1st July 2012

We enjoyed a really nice day today. We went to lunch with Sue and Jim to the Keppel Sands Pub. Though I can’t say we were impressed with the pub, the meals was okay. After the meal Jim drove us all over the place. We visited a South Sea Islanders cemetery and a small bush pub in the middle of nowhere but the icing on the cake was a visit to an historical village.

The village was the idea of a business man to transport old buildings on to his land and create a village atmosphere. People would live in the houses and the old building would be used. Sadly he ran out of money and it didn’t really get off the ground. Jim talked to some people living there and the result was we had a tour of the church (which is now a dwelling) and the main house which is huge. The people were so lovely and friendly and very obliging, showing us around and telling us the history of the place.

We then went home for Happy Hour. It was a really lovely day.

Monday 2nd July 2012

Not a lot happened here today. We did a few chores, ran a couple of errands and did some reading and knitting.

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

I sat outside practicing my Mahjong and then before I knew it I was joined by four other ladies and we enjoyed a couple of hours playing. For me it was good practice for Thursday.

Wednesday 4th July 2012

We had a few things to do in Yeppoon and then we met Rob and Colleen for lunch at the Capricorn Tavern. It was a very nice lunch but far too much. Dinner was a cuppa soup and toast. I enjoy cooking but it is nice to have a day off. Actually we seem to be eating out quite a bit since arriving here in Emu Park.

Thursday 5th July 2012

Chores in the morning and Mahjong at the RSL in the afternoon. Colleen and Rob joined us again for Happy Hour but this time at the communal one in the barbecue area.

Friday 6th July 2012

Went for my usual Tai Chi session but the leader, Wilma, had had a bad fall so the class was a short one. Speaking for myself, my movements were disastrous. Never mind there is always next week. We then went into Yeppoon and did some major shopping so we are now stocked up for the next three weeks. Later I went for a short happy hour before heading off to the Bowling Club for dinner. It was a very pleasant evening but the food was a little ordinary. Still, for $20 you can’t really complain.

Saturday 7th July 2012

It rained a little so we stayed indoors.

Sunday 8th July 2012

It rained a lot so again we stayed indoors.

Monday 9th July 2012

We enjoyed a lovely day out with the Tai Chi group. We went by bus to a theatre in Rockhampton where we were treated to a scrumptious morning tea before finding our very comfortable seats in the theatre. We were then entertained for about an hour and a half by Simon Gallagher.

Simon is an Aussie star from Queensland; he used to be in the charts but these days seems to just do concerts. He is a great entertainer and has a wonderful voice, we thoroughly enjoyed the show.

We then all boarded the bus and were taken to a services club for lunch. It was a nice meal and the company very pleasant. I think I was the youngest person on the trip. Once home Pete Mate flopped; he thinks he is getting a man cold.

Tuesday 10th July 2012

Pete Mate is sick and it is still raining so we stayed home. I played computers and read whilst PM spent most of the day sleeping.

Wednesday 11th July 2012

The rained ceased enough for me to walk into the village and get one or two things. Pete Mate is still sick. By afternoon the rain as back with us. Whatever happened to the Queensland sun?

Thursday 12th July 2012

Pete Mate is much better today but now it is my turn. Move over and let me on that bed. The weather is still appalling so I guess if we had to be sick this is a good time as we can’t go out anyway.

Friday 13th July 2012

The rain is still with us. Pete Mate is a lot better and I am getting there. Mr Grey arrived today.

Saturday 14th July 2012

We were both feeling heaps better so we did a few chores and then went into Yeppoon to do some shopping. We were in the supermarket when I lost Pete Mate. Now that is not an uncommon occurrence but when he eventually surfaced I asked where he had been. He went to great lengths to tell me he had been choosing sponges to do the washing up and he wanted good quality ones but they had to be thin. I looked at him and then I started laughing; I kid you not, I laughed all the way home. Pete Mate NEVER washes up! At least he had the good grace to laugh along with me.

Sunday 15th July 2012

The rain is still with us, it would have to be a record number of days in July for rain in this part of the world. We met Colleen and Rob for lunch at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. It was a lovely lunch with lots of wine and good company. A very pleasant afternoon indeed followed by our first Happy Hour in a little while due to our self imposed quarantine and the weather.

Monday 16th July 2012

The sun is shining!!! Are we happy? Yes we are. We did a few chores and then went for a walk, had a coffee and called in at the library. In the afternoon we sat outside and read, basking in the glorious sunshine. Happy Hour was well attended; after all this rain I think people were just glad to be out and about once more.

Tuesday 17th July 2012

Did my chores in the morning and in the afternoon played Mah Jong with some of the ladies in the park.

Wednesday 18th July 2012

The rain returned once more which was a pity as we ladies in the park took our hats to morning tea. The morning tea was held in the village hall and was to raise funds for one of the local churches. It was a lovely morning of entertainment and a very nice morning tea. The local school choir sang for us and then there was a designer hat parade followed by a multi draw raffle. I won a china beaker which I thought was pretty good.

Once home I did a couple of things before having a nanny nap so I could be ready for trivia night at the pub. It was a good night but our team did not win and I had rather a lot of red wine.

Thursday 19th July 2012

I did some chores in the morning, as at last the rain had stopped and I could get some washing done.

I walked over to the village for some afternoon tea with the Mah Jong ladies at the RSL club. There is no set rule about taking 'a plate' but it is expected that every so often you do provide one. I spent the afternoon playing Mah Jong at the RSL whilst Pete Mate spent the afternoon being the official photographer at the Bowling Club. It was a tournament between all the local caravan parks and Bell Park won so there were great celebrations going on well into the night.

Friday 20th July 2012

Tai Chi in the morning and then some shopping, Pete Mate collected me from outside the supermarket. Once home I did a few chores before sitting outside with a book and my knitting. In the evening we went to the bowling club for dinner which was rather nice - much better than usual. A band entertained us and the company around the table was excellent. Plus I won one of the raffles, a bottle of wine.

Saturday 21st July 2012

Thank goodness we are enjoying some glorious days of sunshine and I can catch up on all the washing. I walked up to the RSL club with some of the ladies form the park for morning tea and a ‘one cent sale’. I hadn’t been to one before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a multi raffle where you had lots of chances to win something. I didn’t win anything but some of the ladies on our table did. The morning tea was good and all in all it was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning. In the afternoon I read for a while then had a sleep ready for my Skype session with the family.

Sunday 22nd July 2012

Tai Chi on the beach was cancelled so I decided to get some exercise of a different kind. I cleaned the caravan form top to bottom and did some washing. In the afternoon I played Mah Jong in the park with three other ladies. It was a really good afternoon. I left Pete Mate in charge of putting the lamb roast in the oven which he managed very well. Later we enjoyed a lovely roast dinner.

Monday 23rd July 2012

We spent the day in Rocky shopping and eating. It sure tires you out all this shopping. I was very happy with my new purchases of my own Mah Jong set and some new clothes. Pete Mate had to have some new shoes as his were falling apart and he also had some new clothes. The bonus of the day was my watch battery, I gave the chap a card which entitled me to 10% discount and he said because I had had my battery replaced within the two years it was free. Not often you get a win like that. We were very late getting home and Happy Hour was well under way so we quickly unloaded the shopping and poured a glass of red.

Tuesday 24th July 2012

We walked into the village to do a few things and have a coffee. Apart from that it was a quiet day until the evening. We had wine tasting in the park, it was organised by Gleness with the help of Mary and Gail. They did a superb job and a good time was had by all. We all had to take a bottle over wrapped in newspaper and then everyone had a taste and then rated the wine. The wine that got the most points won, I won the white wine category with an Evans and Tate Sauvignon Blanc and Jim the park manager won the red one with a Jamison’s Run. We had cheese and biscuits with fresh fruit. A top night.

Wednesday 25th July 2012

After doing one or two chores Pete Mate and I had a hearing test here in the park. A mobile hearing specialist came to give free tests to whoever wanted them. We can both hear very well according to the lovely Sonia; she obviously hasn’t been in our caravan and heard the ridiculous conversations we have because we can’t hear what the other is saying. We then walked into the village to do a couple of things and have lunch at the bakery which was all very pleasant. We then came home and spent most of the afternoon doing computer things. In the evening we went to the pub for dinner and Trivia night, it was a good evening but alas we did not win again.

Thursday 26th July 2012

It was a charity golf day out at the local club and one of our Emu Park friends was hit by a golf cart and is now nursing a broken ankle. Not the best thing to deal with living in a motor home. Everyone in the park was concerned and Amos and Gleness received numerous offers of help.

Other than that, I played Mah-Jong in the afternoon.

Friday 27th July 2012

I went to T'ai chi first thing in the morning and then did some shopping. Pete Mate collected me and we went on to Zilzie to collect his trousers that were being shortened. On the way hom we called in at the bowling club to book dinner for tonight. We had a drink whilst watching the bowls. It was quite interesting to see how it is done. In the evening we enjoyed a nice meal with wine and good company.

Saturday 28th July 2012

We spent a nice relaxing day before getting ready to go once more to the bowling club for dinner. This time it was for Chrsitmas in July. What a top night it was, the food was excellent as was the wine and the company. The place was beautifully decorated and the music supplied by a local band was really good. Even Pete Mate and I were dancing.

Sunday 29th July 2012

We had a quiet morning and then I went off to play Mah-jong with a couple of ladies in the park. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon.

Monday 30th July 2012

We drove into Yeppoon for me to renew my passport and for Pete Mate to have an eye test. Once that was done we decided to drive into Rocky to do some shopping and to check out some information for a friend. It was a good day but very tiring and we were glad to be back home for happy hour. Oh, did I mention Pete Mate bought me an iPad for my birthday?

Tuesday 31st July 2012

I went for an early morning walk, something I haven’t done for a while. It was a beautiful morning and the ocean looked like a mill pond. Once home I did a few chores before going off to play Mah-jong in the park.