Queensland ~ June 2013 

Great Minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Saturday June 1st 2013

I went for my early morning walk and then did some cleaning. Pete Mate did some more cleaning on the outside of the ‘van and the car.

Sunday June 2nd 2013

A relaxed day of reading and not a lot else.

Monday June 3rd 2013

We were to go into Rocky today as I had a mammogram appointment. We were in the middle of doing a few jobs when the phone rang and a voice enquired why I hadn’t turned up. I protested that my appointment wasn’t until the afternoon but it soon became clear that I had made a mistake with the time. Another appointment was made with lots of apologies from me. Oops! I then walked into the village to do the chores I was going to do on the way home from Rocky. Two walks in one day is punishment enough, I think.

Tuesday June 4th 2013

It was a very pink day today. I visited the hairdresser and beautician; my hair and feet were well out of control. After two hours of grooming I emerged a much happier Pam. Once home I sat outside reading until it was time for Happy Hour. We were entertained by John who is staying in the park with his family. He was really good and sang a variety of music.

Wednesday June 5th 2013

We had our eyes checked today. Pete Mate walked out with his wallet unscathed; I however am applying for a mortgage. I need new lenses and a prism which will accommodate my lazy eye muscles and hopefully I will be able to see more clearly.

Thursday June 6th 2013

We both walked into the village today, to the library and shops. Apart from that it was reading, computering and knitting.

Friday June 7th 2013

Our days are pretty much a repeat of the days before except most mornings I go for a walk on my own. I enjoy the early walk it seems to kick-start my day and my joints.

Saturday June 8th 2013

The only difference today is our WiFi decided to give us a hard time. It was so naughty I only had about five minutes Skype time.

Sunday June 9th 2013

The WiFi seems to have settled down a bit but we will take into the Telstra Shop when we are next in Yeppoon. Sunday was spent relaxing as most of our days are. We had entertainment again in the park, he was pretty good.

Monday June 10th 2013

Not much happened here today.

Tuesday June 11th 2013

In the afternoon I played Mah Jong with Robyn and Bev which was really good as I haven't played in a long time. Then in the evening Johnno kept us entertained with his music which was excellent.

Wednesday June 12th 2013

I collected my new glasses and was amazed how well I can see now. It illustrated how bad my sight was without them. We did a bit of shopping before returning home. We also called in at the Telstra shop. The chap said he could fix the WiFi but it would cost $30. I replied I don’t think so! All the years we have been with Telstra and the money we have spent. $30 was not mentioned again. Eventually after long wait Pete Mate was shown how to delete the SMS’s that are giving us the problem. Well, actually he wasn't shown - we watched the chap do exactly what Pete Mate had already done and came up with the same result. Back to square one!

Thursday June 13th 2013

Another relaxing day here in paradise.

Friday June 14th 2013

We had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. We waited in the waiting room for an hour and twenty minutes then spent an hour in the surgery. We totally understand a doctor can have emergencies and run late but we felt the receptionist should have said something instead of ignoring us. More importantly, when we finally emerged from the medical centre we were late for Happy Hour.

Saturday June 15th 2013

We walked into the village to pick up our scripts and joined Gail and Jerzy for a coffee at the bakery. A little shopping was done before we headed home to do some chores, reading and computering.

Sunday June 16th 2013

I went for my walk and then on the way home visited the markets. I bought one or two things and plenty of vegetables. Carrying them home was a feat in itself. Then I cooked brunch and much later we sat outside reading until it got too cool.

Monday June 17th 2013

We walked to the doctor’s to give our blood samples, not the happiest of people as we hadn’t had our first coffee of the day or any breakfast. Afterwards we had breakfast at the bakery. Later we went into Yeppoon so I could have the X-rays the doctor ordered. It was torture with a capital T. Once out of there we called in at the optometrist before heading home for Happy Hour. After Happy Hour we enjoyed a barbecue tea with Gail and Jerzy. It was very pleasant indeed.

Tuesday June 18th 2013

After the pain of yesterday I enjoyed my walk this morning very much. After the chores I sat outside with a book and later was joined by Pete Mate. As the afternoon progressed it got colder and colder so in the end we retreated inside until Happy Hour. We wrapped up well and sat back and enjoyed the music which went well overtime as everyone was having a really good time.

Wednesday June 19th 2013

We went into Rocky to do a few things but mainly for my mammogram. I managed to remember the appointment this time and arrived on time. I was in and out as quick as a flash, they are so efficient and friendly there, and the best Breast Clinic I have ever been to.

From there we went into the large shopping centre and everywhere we went we received excellent service. Pete Mate’s glasses were a bit tatty and he enquired about having new frames, the young man suggested he put new plastic sleeves on instead. It worked and well and didn’t cost us a penny. The girl in the Telstra shop fixed the WiFi without any trouble at all with no mention of a charge. It was such a good productive day we didn’t mind getting home late and missing Happy Hour.

In the evening we went up to the pub to play trivia. We came third again but we feel we did better than the opposition as they had larger teams. On the way home Pete Mate got pulled over for a breath test; he had no worries as one beer in a week isn’t going to make the policeman’s machine go wild. He was a very nice and friendly chap.

Thursday 20th June 2013

On my way home from my walk I took a photo of our resident Frogmouth Owl. He/she sits in the tree very close to our caravan but is not always easy to spot.

Our resident Frogmouth sees all but says little.

Friday 21st June 2013

We went again to the doctors, this time for our results. We certainly came away with food for thought. Then we did a few chores in the village and enjoyed a cuppa at the bakery.

Saturday 22nd June 2013

I gave Sue another MYOB lesson and then did little else until it was Skype time.

Sunday 23rd June 2013

We enjoyed a terrific lunch and afternoon of great music. We were taken out by Jim and Sue to The Ferns restaurant in Byfield which became a favourite of ours last year. Everything was excellent, the food, the wine, the music but most of all the company.

Monday 24th June 2013

There was great excitement in the park at happy hour as the signpost for the newly named street was unveiled. The story of how this came about is on the Bellpark website which is worth a look if you have a moment. The webmaster is of course Pete Mate who does a great job. The address is http://bellparkcaravanpark.com.au. (Go to News/Mail on the menu bar at the bottom.)

Tuesday 25th June 2013

We went to the hospital yet again this time for a scan for Pete Mate. I think we are turning into those retired people that spend their days going from one medical waiting room to another. In the evening we enjoyed another great happy hour with music supplied by Johnno. He had written a song for Jim about his Diamond Jim Drive. It was very well received as it was really good.

Wednesday 26th June 2013

Just a normal relaxing day here in beautiful Emu Park.

Thursday 27th June 2013

I went up to the RSL to play Mah Jong for the first time since I arrived back. I received a warm welcome and it was a very pleasant afternoon playing in the company of some lovely people.

Friday 28th June 2013

We were away early this morning. This time it was my turn for a scan. We spent about and hour and a half at the hospital before going into Yeppoon to do a few things including some supermarket shopping.

Saturday 29th June 2013

In the morning I gave Sue a MYOB lesson and then in the afternoon Sue and I went to a workshop in Yeppoon. It was all about healing yourself from within and it was very interesting. It was very similar to The Secret Teachings.

Sunday 30th June 2013

I did quite a few chores including washing my hat! I washed it then blew a balloon up inside it to keep it in shape and left it in the shade to dry. I thought it was pretty ingenious thinking on my part. We sat outside for a short time but the breeze was a little too breezy so we retreated indoors. I read and Pete Mate worked on the computer until it was time for happy hour.

And so ends June.