Queensland ~ August 2013 

We don’t need more to be thankful for, we just need to be more thankful.

Thursday 1st August 2013

I did my chores and my exercises before going over to give Sue her lesson. In the afternoon I played Mah Jong at the RSL, which was good. Happy Hour was filled with joy and happiness and that was just me! I had my first red wine for a month and enjoyed it very much, so much so I had another.

Friday 2nd August 2013

I decided to give Tai Chi a go; I haven’t been this year because of my knees. I completed the whole session but avoided any knee exercises and I enjoyed it very much. The ladies are as lovely as ever.

Once home we went into Yeppoon to do some shopping. Whilst there Pete Mate started to feel unwell so when we got home he had a lie down and that is where he stayed. I went off to our Bubbles in the Park party to celebrate the end of Dry July ...

3 Bubble-blowers
L to R: Noreen, me and Suzanne.
Bubble Party
L to R: Bev behind Susan, me, Anne, Joan, Helen, Sue, and perhaps Noreen behind BJ.
Gail is behind the camera.
... which continued into a long happy hour. We had to cancel going out to dinner as Pete Mate is no better. We think he had the flu type bug that is going around the park.

Saturday 3rd August 2013

I was busy for most of the day. I started with a walk then did the ironing and some cleaning followed by some cooking. Later I relaxed outside and read whilst pedalling on my new exercise machine which will help strengthen my knees.

Sunday 4th August 2013

I walked that bit further this morning and did more of my exercises. In the afternoon I played Mah Jong.

Monday 5th August 2013

We went into Rocky to do some shopping but mainly to collect my birthday present which is now ready. Then we came home and had nanny naps before Happy Hour. It was a celebratory Happy Hour because it was Gail’s birthday and it went on a long time.

Tuesday 6th August 2013

I went for my haircut and a pedicure in the morning and then in the afternoon played Mah Jong. We finished our session with a couple of drinks before I headed home for the official Happy Hour.

Wednesday 7th August 2013

I walked up to the medical centre for my physio appointment in the morning. Then I played Mah Jong in the afternoon and then later we went up to the pub to play trivia. We didn’t win but we beat our nemesis for the very first time.

Thursday 8th August 2013

Today was Bell Park Caravan Park’s social bowls day at the bowling club. Pete Mate was the official photographer and I had the job of selling lucky numbers. It was a good afternoon which ended with a sausage sizzle back at the park. We were entertained by a skit performed by some ladies dressed as bats. Then we enjoyed a poem recital by two different chaps, the wine flowed and a good time was had by all.

Friday 9th August 2013

I started my day with Tai Chi, I'm not terrible good at it but I do enjoy it so I keep going. Today’s standard on a scale of 1 to 10 was minus 5, you would have thought it was my first time ever! Afterwards I walked up to the doctors for a check up appointment. Once home I did very little.

Saturday 10th August 2013

I did a few chores in the morning and then in the afternoon we played Mah Jong. Pete Mate went with Roger to the hospital to visit Jim, our friend and manager here in the park.

Sunday 11th August 2013

Quite a few of us - more than forty - went on a bus to the Ferns Restaurant in Byfield. We did this last year as well and had a top day. Jim, the manager here, organised it but sadly he had to miss it this year because he was in hospital. We did drink a toast to him in his absence. The food, the wine and the company were great and the music was excellent. We all enjoyed a really wonderful day which continued back at happy hour once we were home.

During the afternoon it was mentioned to Marto, the restaurant owner and musician, that we had four Leo ladies in our group, me included. So we went up on the stage and had happy birthday sung to us. Then, back at the caravan park, Cath had organised a cake with sparklers. We were joined by two more Leo ladies who couldn’t make it to the Ferns and the celebrations continued.

Monday 12th August 2013

I walked up to the medical centre for another appointment with the physio then once home tried to do a jigsaw puzzle but didn’t get very far.

Tuesday 13th August 2013

I spent the morning helping out with the park accounts again. In the afternoon I played Mah Jong at Robyn’s place, a very pleasant afternoon.

Wednesday 14th August 2013

I enjoyed an incredible day which was, of course, my birthday and our wedding anniversary. Pete Mate and I went out for a lovely breakfast at place by the ocean in Yeppoon. When I arrived home I found cards and present waiting for me and during the day received many more; I was truly spoilt. Pete Mate bought me a ring which we had collected last week but I didn’t wear it until today.

In the afternoon I played Mah Jong with my friends which was very enjoyable. As a treat for my birthday we had afternoon tea, enjoying some very nice cake. After a short happy hour we went up to the pub for tea and to play trivia. We had to wear something to do with animals so it was a fun evening. Again we didn’t win but again we beat our nemesis.

Thursday 15th August 2013

Today was pretty much the same as Tuesday, the only difference was I played Mah Jong at the RSL and not at Robyn’s. Pete Mate and Roger again made the trip into Rocky to visit Jim and came home with the good news that he is much better and coming home tomorrow.

Friday 16th August 2013

My session at Tai Chi was much better than last week which was encouraging, I think! I did some shopping on the way back and by the time I had stopped and had a few chats it was practically lunchtime when I got home. After lunch I went yet again to the doctors but this time she chopped a bit of me off; I will do anything to lose weight. Dr Beth wasn’t happy with a mole I had, so removed it and sent it off for testing. I hope her sewing is neat. In the evening we went to the Bowling Club for tea. The group was large and the evening was another great night here at Emu Park.

Saturday 17th August 2013

I was up and ready early because today was the big Quilt Craft Day in Emu Park. We (ladies) got our seats early and then went for a wander around. There were plenty of stalls to look at all selling materials to make quilts or ready made craft items. Helen and I were quite taken with some quilted mug holders so we bought one each. There were plenty of raffles and we all came home with something. The food was provided by the CWA and was delicious. In fact the whole day was organised by them and it worked like clockwork. Well done, CWA ladies. The quilts on show were beautiful and one lady in the park had hers on display which was outstanding. It was a huge day and I, for one, was completely exhausted and I hadn’t done any of the work.

Sunday 18th August 2013

We enjoyed another wonderful day at The Ferns in Byfield. The occasion today was Sue’s birthday and her husband Jim had arranged for a bus to take us all there and back. It was a great day with lots of good music, food and wine plus excellent company.

Monday 19th August 2013

My friend Bev here in the park gave me a lesson in crocheting. I showed her how to knit a lacy scarf which was easy for me as Bev can knit and picked it up in no time. Now Bev’s task was a lot harder, teaching a novice. First hurdle was holding the hook and the wool. Anyway I did make headway and went home to practice. In the afternoon I played Mah Jong with Helen and Susan. It would be the last time we play with Susan this year as she and Theo are heading home on Thursday.

Tuesday 20th August 2013

We went into Yeppoon for me to see the specialist for my knees. He was very thorough and I also mentioned my ankle. He is now going to fix my ankle and then later will see to my knees. I have to have an MRI on my ankle before he can proceed. He also referred me to a Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist so it is another round of medical waiting rooms.

Wednesday 21st August 2013

I played Mah Jong with Helen in the afternoon and then in the evening Pete Mate and I went up to the pub to play trivia. We came fourth this week and were soundly beaten by our opposition. It was, as usual, all good fun.

Thursday 22nd August 2013

I had to opt out of my usual Mah Jong session at the RSL as we had to go into Rocky so that I could have an MRI on my ankle. I don’t care what anyone says; to put a person’s whole body into a machine just for an ankle is a waste. Anyway, it was done and then we went in search of refreshments before heading home for happy hour.

Friday 23rd August 2013

I went to the Tai Chi session and then met Pete Mate for coffee prior to walking up to the doctors to have my stitches out. While we were sitting waiting for our drinks, an elderly man stumbled and then collapsed on Pete Mate’s lap. We and another chap quickly saw the man was in trouble so we moved tables and chairs and then managed to get him onto a chair. Someone ran next door and got the pharmacist who came to check him out. An ambulance was called as the chap looked pretty sick and his blood pressure was dropping rapidly.

We then had to leave to walk up to the doctors but left our phone number in case the chap needed any assistance getting back to his accommodation in Rocky. He rang later to thank us and to say he was fine and had collected his car and had continued his sightseeing. He was 80 years old travelling on his own and had numerous things wrong with him. We reckoned he had the right attitude to get out there and do things instead of sitting in a chair vegetating.

I had my stitches out. The result of the biopsy was all clear of cancer but there were pre-cancer cells present so I now have to have an annual skin check. Soon I will have my own reserved seat in the doctor’s waiting room.

I bought some daffodils as it was Daffodil Day and I gave one to all the ladies I could think of. Next year I will have to buy more as I ran out. I walked back to the village after lunch to have a manicure; by the time I got home I was pooped with all this walking about. I still found enough energy, though, to have another crocheting lesson from Bev. In the evening quite a few of us went up to the Bowling Club for dinner as some of our friends were leaving. It was a good night and the food has improved greatly since last year.

Saturday 24th August 2013

We walked up to the Surf Lifesaving Club to view some cars on display. It was Hot Rod show raising funds for the lifesavers. There were some really nice cars on display plus some really gaudy ones.

Grave Digger's Car
COFFINS New and Used
Some hours must go into these cars, not to mention dollars.
We then walked down the hill to the bakery for coffees and were joined by Gail and Jerzy. Once home I read and did some more of my crocheting. In the evening after happy hour we joined Sue and Jim with another couple of friends at the Pizza Parlour. We all ate far too much but it was a very pleasant evening.

Sunday 25th August 2013

I did a few chores before cooking brunch and then in the afternoon I settled down to play Mah Jong with Helen.

Monday 26th August 2013

I went into Yeppoon with Sue, Helen and Marion for morning tea. It was really lovely to spend some ‘female’ time. We enjoyed a naughty but scrumptious morning tea and had a browse in two gift book shops. All good things to do when accompanied by females. In the afternoon a few of us dragged the official photographer (Pete Mate) into the adjacent park so he could take photos of us blowing bubbles. It was just as much fun as the last time and I do think I should do it more often as it lifts the spirit.

Tuesday 27th August 2013

What an absolutely lovely day. After completing one or two chores Pete Mate and I set off for a walk. I did my circuit and he walked to the places he wanted to take photos from. We met at the bakery for coffees and were joined by two other couples so it was a long and leisurely morning tea.

In the afternoon I played Mah Jong and then we had an extended happy hour for our Bailey’s party. We drank a few different sorts. There was the classic, home made, coffee flavoured and then some chocolate type. We dipped tim tams, chocolate teddies, different types of other biscuits and strawberries. Some of us even mixed custard with the Baileys and there were snacks and cheeses to eat just in case we were hungry. At five o'clock the Baileys party merged seamlessly into Happy Hour; I think I can say that everyone had a good time. I know we did.

Wednesday 28th August 2013

We walked up to the physio for my next session which went well and the physio said he could see an improvement. I left there feeling rather good. We stopped off at the bakery for coffees before calling in at the library and supermarket. We also bought some beautiful fresh prawns - just off the trawler - from the local butcher. He doesn’t have them all the time so it is a treat for us. The downside is I have to sit and peel them, not a pleasant task. After lunch we took the laptop over to Irene and Kelvin to show them the Bell Park web site as they don’t have access to a computer. The main reason for doing this was to show them the photos from when they were at the ferns and it was their 61st wedding anniversary. In the evening we went up to the pub for trivia which was a little hectic for me tonight as we had new people in our group. We didn’t win but came a level forth with another team. All good fun.

Thursday 29th August 2013

In the morning we walked over to the village for coffee and to collect a couple of things from the supermarket. I played Mah Jong at the RSL in the afternoon. It was a good afternoon and I enjoyed it, scoring quite high for me. We stayed afterwards and had a drink; it was lovely to sit and chat.

Friday 30th August 2013

The Tai Chi session this week was not the best, too much pain happening. Afterwards a few of us enjoyed morning tea at the bakery. I then called at the library to collect the knitting I am taking to Bright for a charity; I got the shock of my life when I saw how much this lady had knitted, it puts my small efforts to shame. Pete Mate and I went into Yeppoon to collect some maps and do some shopping. In the evening we went to the Bowling Club for dinner as a few of our friends are leaving. It was a good night and we had a few laughs.

Saturday 31st August 2013

I did my usual walking circuit before breakfast. I did a few chores and some cooking for the freezer. The afternoon was spent playing bingo at the CWA hall; it was a fund raiser for SIDS. Having never played bingo before I had a quick lesson or two and then we were off. I won one game and received a lovely prize of hair products. The afternoon tea served was scrumptious and I think a good time was had by all. Our friend Bev won the main prize of $125 which was thrilling for both her and us, and I caught up with an old friend, which was good. I enjoyed myself but decided I would never be a serious bingo player as it was a little stressful and I would rather play Mah Jong.

And so ended August and winter.