Porepunkah ~ December 2013

No matter how serious life gets, you still need that one person you can be stupid with.

Sunday 1st December 2013

Sunday afternoon found us in our usual place at The Brewery. We listened to some pretty awful music, that singer should be told he cannot sing. It was my turn to drive so being sober didn’t help because we all know everything improves with a glass of red. Luckily the acts that followed were really good.

Sunday at Bright Brewery
Sunday afternoon at Bright Brewery. The artistes play under the blue canopy.
We stayed on at the Brewery for dinner, we had heard the meals had improved and were better value for money. Pete Mate’s steak was not the best he'd ever eaten but my meal was very nice; even so, I think it was overpriced.

Monday 2nd December 2013

Summer has finally arrived and we even had to have the air conditioner on. It was a day of reading for me and computing for Pete Mate. Later when the bite had left the sun I sat outside with my book and a lovely glass of wine.

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Apart from a trip into town we did very little else, you cannot beat a good book.

Wednesday 4th December 2013

It is the ninth anniversary of our becoming Grey Nomads. Who would have thought we could still be going after all this time and loving it? To celebrate, the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down all day.

Thursday 5th December 2013

We spent the day doing pretty much the same as yesterday, the only difference being it didn’t rain as much.

Friday 6th December 2013

The weather has improved greatly and we were able to walk around town without getting wet. Our new chairs arrived and were waiting for us when we got home. Sadly, still no motherboard.

Saturday 7th December 2013

A lovely sunny day - it was even warm enough in the afternoon to sit outside and read for a while.

Sunday 8th December 2013

It was a lovely warm sunny day, just right for spending the afternoon at the Brewery listening to the music and drinking wine. The entertainment was provided by a folk group called 100 Acre Wood. There wasn’t a sign of Winnie the Pooh but the music wasn’t too bad, quite pleasant to listen to. We ate dinner there later which wasn’t bad but we have had better.

Monday 9th December 2013

A quick trip into town to see the doctor was on the ‘to do’ list today. It was just for a script so didn’t take long. We then had a few other things to do before heading back home including popping into IGA.

Opposite the check-outs was a life-sized statue of Father Christmas. As we were leaving the supermarket a man entering the shop walked close past the Santa. He must have triggered its proximity sensor and the ‘statue’ suddenly burst into life, jiggling about and singing. This poor fellow, who must have been miles away, shot out of his skin!

We hadn’t been home that long when once again the heavens opened and it poured down. We are having some crazy weather.

Tuesday 10th December 2013

What a joyful day, the mother board has finally arrived! I left Pete Mate rebuilding his laptop and went into town to post the Christmas cards. When I arrived home both computers were up and running and all is well.

Wednesday 11th December 2013

We went into Wangaratta to do some Christmas shopping. On the way we called in at the Milawa Mustard place as I wanted to buy a couple of relishes that had been recommended to me. We accomplished the shopping list in Wang’ which wasn’t difficult as it only had three things on it.

Before leaving we decided to have a coffee. We enjoyed our different brews, used their loos and walked out. It wasn’t until much, much later that we realised neither of us had paid. No doubt about it, we'll be on Crime Watch next week. It is too far to go back and rectify the misdemeanour (72 kilometres each way) so until we are next in Wang’ we have had free coffees.

Thursday 12th December 2013

We went into Bright to send the final lot of Christmas mail and to do some printing at the library.

Friday 13th December 2013

Reading and puzzles were the order of the day. I am totally addicted to jigsaw puzzles on my iPad.

Saturday 14th December 2013

Another day pretty much the same as yesterday except I also went on Skype, maybe for the last time this year as the signal in Temora is very temperamental.

Sunday 15th December 2013

We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at The Brewery. The music was relaxing and with a glass of wine in hand who could ask for more? We stayed after the music to eat which was okay but not the best meal I have ever eaten.

Monday 16th December 2013

It was a day of reading and puzzles.

Tuesday 17th December 2013

We went into town to pick up a couple of things, take the library books back and fill up Billy’s tanks.

Wednesday 18th December 2013

We packed everything away ready for our move tomorrow. It was hot, very hot.

Thursday 19th December 2013

We didn’t leave Punka until about 10.30am but had a good run through to Temora. The temperature sat on 39°C for much of the day but Billy kept us cool. Once we arrived, however, and had to set up camp it was pretty hot out there. The first job was to tune the TV and then shunt the caravan backwards and forwards until we could receive the ABC. We knew from experience that a good signal was possible on this site but you have to be in just the right spot which we found! Then we did some basic setting up before retreating into the caravan and the air conditioner.

Friday 20th December 2013

The night was cool enough for sleeping but once the sun was up the temperature rose quickly and we were soon at 40°C. We wanted to go into town to collect the mail and do some shopping but were reluctant to leave the cool of the caravan. Eventually we left around 3:00pm and drove smack bang into the middle of the biggest funeral we have ever seen. People lined both sides of the main street so we quickly turned off the main drag and saw the the funeral car and hundreds of people spilling out of the church. We did a back street circuit and decided to go to Harvey Norman’s and Woolworths first.

Harvey Norman was not the best experience and I will think twice before buying anything from them again. We had bought a C.D. cleaner in Wangaratta and then discovered it was not suitable for car audios when we came to use it. We'd been specifically told by the shop assistant that it was. Harvey Norman in Temora wouldn’t give me our money back because they are a different franchise. In my book Harvey Norman is Harvey Norman and should look after their customers wherever they are. So I told the assistant exactly what I thought of their store and left.

We walked past Billy and Pete Mate noticed that a car had driven into us. Just at that moment the owner approached his car and when Pete Mate pointed how close his car was to ours he apologised. When he backed his car away we saw Billy was okay and the only damage done was to the other car. We then did our shopping and drove home.

The funeral, we learned, was for a young man of twenty three who had taken his own life. Everyone was shocked as he was well liked, living his life to the full, captain of the football team, etc. His fiancée had found the body but could get no phone coverage to call an ambulance. She got back in her car and drove frantically to get help. However, she crashed the car and ended up in intensive care. A very, very sad tale.

Saturday 21st December 2013

It is hot, very very hot, and the air conditioner is flat out trying to keep us cool. Our wifi has given up the ghost but we have wine and the television so life continues.

Sunday 22nd December 2013

Today was a repeat of yesterday except the television decided to behave badly.

Monday 23rd December 2013

We collected a large amount of mail from the post office including one of my Christmas presents. We called in at the Telstra shop and the lovely lady there was extremely helpful and gave lots of good advice. We then decided to check if the Bowling Club was taking bookings for New Year’s Eve as friends Dawn and Phil will be joining us once more. They took our booking and we, of course, had to have a drink, just to get into the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday 24th December 2013 - Christmas Eve

I left Pete Mate in bed and went very early to Woolworths to get the fresh fruit and vegetables. It was so quiet when I arrived but after about five minutes the whole town descended on the store. The staff were very friendly and helpful and were opening up extra cash registers when needed so the flow of customers kept on moving. Well done Temora. Once home I decide to cook the turkey as the weather is lovely and cool but by tomorrow we could have 40 degrees again.

Wednesday 25th December 2013 - Christmas Day

We were blessed with cool weather and after the recent hot spell we enjoyed it very much. It was a lovely relaxing day with plenty of food and drink to help the festivities along. I opened my presents which, incidentally, I had wrapped with my eyes closed. Pete Mate wasn’t expecting anything so he got quite a surprise when he unwrapped a parcel containing aircraft memorabilia.

Thursday 26th December 2013 - Boxing Day

Another day pretty much the same as yesterday except I didn’t have any cooking to do. Leftovers always taste good, don’t they?

Friday 27th December 2013

We went again into town to the Telstra shop but our helpful lady wasn’t there so we decided to leave our questions until Monday. We then went to the Information Centre to see if they could suggest some places we could visit for a day out. The poor woman was running out of ideas then she came up with Coolamon. We had not been there or anywhere near there so we decided we would visit tomorrow. We then called in at Harvey Norman with the offending CD cleaner. I had complained to the head office and received a return email from Temora’s manager who said he would refund the money. He did, but with very poor grace, so I reckon he must have had a kick up the ‘wotsit’ from someone. Finally we checked out a pub that had been recommended to us and confirmed that they would be open for Pete Mate’s birthday on New Year's Day.

Saturday 28th December 2013

The forecast for today was 38 degrees so we got ourselves organised and into the car before it became too hot. We set off for Coolamon stopping at Marrar along the way. Marrar was an interesting little town, history-wise, and had a lovely park opposite where we parked which contained a huge board with the town’s history illustrated. Amongst many other things, the town claims that one of its residents won Australia’s first Olympic Gold Medal.

I remembered that his name was Nick Winter but not much more. Nick was a nickname (no pun intended), his real name was Andrew William Winter. However when I later Googled it to find out more I discover that Edwin Flack was the recipient of Australia’s first gold medal, so I decided to dig deeper. Indeed Edwin Flack had been the first Australian born Gold Medallist whereas Nick Winter had been born in London and emigrated here with his family. So even though he won the medal for Australia he wasn’t a true Australian.

We found the tree around the power lines interesting (pictured on Pete Mate's page 181) and the Catholic Church was lovely, well maintained and had recently had some renovations. I know this because I walked around it trying the doors to get inside but it was locked up tight. Pete Mate kept his distance!

We then travelled on to Coolamon where we looked forward to exploring the Up-To-Date Store complete with Lamson Cash Railway System. We assumed it was connected to the railways but on our arrival we read about it in the shop window and found it was just a way of moving the cash around, not overly interesting as we grew up in a place that used the system on a regular basis. We couldn’t actually see it as the store was closed, as was the rest of Coolamon.

We decided to continue to the next town of Ganmain which is famous for its pies. We thought that sounded rather good and maybe it would have been had the shop been open. We are seeing a pattern here and maybe the Saturday after Christmas is not a good time for sightseeing in these country towns.

We continued to follow the route I had mapped out and each place we came to was closed. I have to say the photos in the brochure are nothing like the real thing. We eventually found our way home to a boiling hot caravan which seemed to take forever to cool down. We did enjoy our day out as it is quite interesting seeing these little places and reading up on how they used to be. Plus it was lovely and cool in the car.

Sunday 29th December 2013

A reading sort of day and trying to keep cool.

Monday 30th December 2013

We went into town to collect some more mail, visit the Telstra shop and pick up a couple of things from the supermarket. We opened up all the windows in the caravan and a lovely breeze passed through keeping us relatively cool. So much better than having the air conditioner roaring away.

Tuesday 31st December 2013

Our lovely visitors, Dawn and Phil arrive today so it was up and get ready in plenty of time; last time they caught me in the shower. We needn’t have rushed because they arrived in time for happy hour which I have to say I had already started. We then departed for the best restaurant in Temora, and believe me the food is very good. We had a few drinks in the main bar of the Bowling Club then made our way through to the restaurant. We enjoyed the food so much we decided to have desserts. Too much food but boy was it yummy.

NYE at Temora Bowling Club
Empty plates and full stomachs. No room for desserts but we had some anyway.
So here endeth 2013 with some well-deserved indigestion.

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