Goulburn ~ March 2014

Life can only be understood backwards ... but it must be lived forwards.

Saturday 1st March 2014

On this first day of spring the weather was cold and very wet. It rained all day, quite heavily at times. We went into town to check out the Multicultural Carnival. Sadly it was cancelled and who could blame them? We saw about half a dozen bedraggled market stalls but decided they didn't warrant getting out of the car so we continued home, back to the warm caravan and our books.

Sunday 2nd March 2014

The weather did not improve much so we stayed warm and dry inside the ‘van.

Monday 3rd March – Friday 7th March 2014

Our days are pretty much the same here; trains, books and computers. Pete Mate had to work around the weather as we had a very mixed bag this week. The highlight of my week was my Downton Abbey DVD’s finally arriving.

Saturday 8th March 2014

Today is a ‘pink day’ as I have so many credits to use up it is about time! We started the ‘pink’ journey by attending a quilt show. To my surprise Pete Mate came in with me instead of waiting in the car. The quilts were magnificent and any photos I took did not do them justice at all.

We then went on to the Soldiers Club for the Rose Festival. The roses were lovely and were displayed beautifully, especially the ones dedicated to the Red Cross.

It is the 100th anniversary of the Red Cross.
From there we had to climb the stairs to the Weavers and Spinners display. We met some lovely women and saw some really lovely work, so many talented people.

Next was the art section and we wandered through a room full of paintings and photographs. Again we witnessed the work of many talented people and some strange ones if their art is anything to go by. It was difficult to vote for the best painting as there were many really good ones that appealed to me.

Now came Pete Mate’s reward, we found a bar and he enjoyed a well deserved beer.

Sunday 9th March 2014

We were up and ready early as we had two events to check out today. We attended the Heritage Day at Riversdale Historic home. It was very well organised and there seemed to be something happening at all times. Pete Mate shot off to the classic car section whilst I wandered through the market section. I purchased a few things and was more than happy with my bargains. A singer was singing country music songs and he was quite good.

We were treated to a Scottish Pipe Band playing a few tunes. We then walked through the house to the village green to see some young girls and one boy dance around the maypole. It was so funny but sweet to watch them getting tangled up but they all looked like they were having a good time. The same young people treated us to some Scottish dancing including the sword dance.

We then went on to the second event of the day to see the steam engines working at the Pumping Station Museum. We are now in ‘blue’ territory and I found myself a seat in the corner out of the way. I then had a wander outside and found a man stoking the boiler - now that was a lot more interesting.

My favourite part of the Pumping Station
Pete Mate found me and we walked over to listen to a ukulele band in the entertainment area. The performers were not the best singers, or players for that matter, but they made up for that with their enthusiasm. Hats off to them for having a go.


On the way home we stopped to take photos of a particularly interesting building we had seen in town.

Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th March 2014

A pretty normal Goulburn day with plenty of reading and crosswords done.

Wednesday 12th March 2014

We awoke to pouring rain and resigned ourselves to another day of reading and computers. By 11.00am the rain had gone and the sun was struggling to shine so we organised ourselves and went for a drive. We had been told by Karen that the drive to Crookwell was lovely and she wasn’t wrong. The scenery of rolling green hills with plenty of trees, water and animals grazing was magnificent.

Our first stop was at a wind farm lookout. We find the concept of these wind farms fascinating and cannot understand why there are not more.

Cattle Pen Ruin
Next to the wind farm lookout was the ruin of a cattle pen which I felt would make a lovely photo.
What do you think?
We soon arrived in Crookwell and parked the car near the information centre. The lovely lady there gave us heaps of information, so much so we cannot possibly do it all in one day. We walked down to the sock factory which was nearby and were pleasantly surprised by the set-up. We were allowed to watch the socks being made which was so intriguing; the machines are set to do different patterns and colours. It is a family business which was started in 1921 and employs around nine people. Andrew is a fourth generation sock maker and was very willing to patiently show us everything. Pete Mate went back to the car for his camera whilst I browsed through the shop and bought some socks.

Andrew setting up a knitting machine
Andrew, on his knees, adjusting one of the knitting machines surrounded by spools of coloured wool.
Leaving there we wandered through the main street and found a nice little café for lunch. We then drove on to the small town of Laggan which had some historical buildings. Last on our list today was Taralga, a very pretty little town with some historical buildings including an unusual church. It was late in the day so we bookmarked Alice to bring us back another day to do the town justice.

Thursday 13th March 2014

Another relaxing day here in Goulburn.

Friday 14th March 2014

We went for a drive and got hopelessly lost which is not unusual for us.

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th March 2014

We enjoyed a lovely time catching up with our friends Bev and Greg. We enjoyed plenty of good wine, delicious food and excellent company.

Monday 17th to Thursday 20th March 2014

We spent another good week here in Goulburn with nothing unusual happening. Pete Mate spent some time getting the towing equipment sand blasted and then he repainted it. I did some knitting and reading.

Friday 21st March 2014

We enjoyed a lovely evening with Karen and Peter. The company was excellent, the food delicious and the wine did not disappoint.

Saturday 22nd March 2014

I had a cook-fest today as I did a huge shop on Thursday because Woolworths held a special 10% discount day for seniors. My problem was I had a senior moment in the true sense . . . and forgot to ask for my discount! Anyway, after a phone call to the manager, I went back to the store and he gave me a $30 gift voucher which was more than the discount I missed out on. I was very impressed with him; Danny Jackson you are a star.

Sunday 23rd March 2014

I did some sorting out in our equivalent to a cellar - the dreaded ‘under the bed’ where everything that doesn’t have a home gets put. Now it is in some kind of order - for a short while, anyway.

It was quite pleasant sitting outside, the temperature was just about right.

Monday 24th March 2014

We had a few things to do in town such as collecting my Lotto win, getting fuel and a visit to Bunning’s. It was absolutely pouring down and the roof in Bunning’s leaks. It amused me greatly that they had a large garbage bin collecting the rain when they have all the equipment, materials and know how to fix it. Not really a good advert for a DIY store.

Tuesday 25th March 2014

It was 'get ready' day today. We have mixed feelings about going because we really like it here but we are nomads and we do have to move along sometime. We packed up in between showers; even so Pete Mate did get quite wet. I am fortunate as most of my packing away chores are inside the ‘van.

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Pam and PM

It is still wet but the rain is not as heavy or consistent as the previous two days. In our usual fashion we were on the road much later than the designated 10.00am departure time that caravan parks like to enforce. Well, some do but we have found that most places we have stayed are pretty flexible which is a godsend for us. We said our sad farewells to Karen and Peter; I say 'farewell' and not 'goodbye' because we will be back.

Here we are in the railway enclosure just before we left the Governor's Hill Carapark. Karen took the picture.
It was an uneventful trip through to Temora and we arrived around 2.00pm. Pete Mate got soaked setting up things outside whilst I did the inside and prepared a very late lunch. Apparently the park is going to be busy one of the weekends we are here so we had to push way back on the site so Natalie can fit another ‘van on. It went well and we have perfect television reception which is quite a bonus in Temora. The internet connection is still rubbish and probably will remain so until a politician lives here.

Thursday 27th March 2014

We had a trip out into town to do one or two things and have lunch. It was wet and not very warm and I for one was glad to get back inside the caravan.

Friday 28th March 2014

The weather is still dull but at least the heavy rain seems to have ceased. The caravan door got a good work out as Pete Mate repeatedly shot out of his seat and departed the ‘van to look at planes. When we are here he is like a jack-in-the-box. Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and the arriving planes will delight him. The reason we are here for the coming weekend is because the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia is holding its National Fly-in at Temora to celebrate its 40th anniversary. We'll be staying on for the Temora Museum's 'Aircraft Showcase' the following Saturday.

Saturday 29th March 2014

We awoke to a very heavy mist surrounding the airfield. Not the best weather for flying. It took a few hours but eventually the mist cleared and plenty of planes landed. Pete Mate enjoyed himself wandering amongst the aircraft taking photos and watching them in the sky.

I watched my last Downton Abbey DVD, now I have to wait until next year to get the next set. Later in the day we heard thunder but saw no rain and the bonus was I got all the washing dry.

Sunday 30th March 2014

We awoke to another very misty day but it cleared faster than yesterday. There was plenty of plane activity to keep Pete Mate happy and the weather was perfect for me to sit outside to knit and read. Pete Mate did some more sand papering and painting of parts we use on the caravan. All in all it was a very nice relaxing day. In the evening we drank a toast to our lovely mothers in heaven as it was Mothering Sunday in the UK.

Monday 31st March 2014

We had a trip into town to collect the stands Pete Mate had arranged to have sand blasted. We called in the information centre and also enjoyed a coffee in a different café. It was totally organic so we left there feeling very healthy.

And so ends March.

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