With neither crutches nor pain ~ September 2014

Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it.
Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.

Monday 1st September 2014

It was another beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in sight. We pottered about the caravan and then had a short trip up to the pub to find out the facts for the Bowls Day yesterday. Happy Hour was pleasant with some more new faces.

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

My day started really well and I showered for the first time since 11th June standing up. It is true the little things in life do make a difference. I thought I was doing really well until I pulled a muscle in my back. Boy was that painful but a hot pack and a pain killer seemed to fix it. I sat outside in the sun knitting and doing crosswords. Happy hour was pleasant but the numbers are dwindling.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

We went into Rocky to do a few things and visit Pete Mate’s doctor. I was really pleased that I walked all around the shopping mall without any pain plus by the end of the day I still was without pain. It is a marvellous feeling and I just want to keep on walking but do realise that too much too soon would be silly. We enjoyed another really lovely happy hour but once again had to say goodbye to some dear friends.

Thursday 4th September 2014

Pete Mate dropped me off at the CWA hall for card making and then met me later in the café for lunch. This week we made Christmas wreaths. I was very pleased with the result. After lunch we did a bit of shopping before returning home. We both had much needed nanny naps because our night’s sleep had been broken by some confounded dog barking. I watched the movie, Diana and was so glad I had borrowed it from the library and not paid for it. We went to a short happy hour before going into Yeppoon for a very yummy Chinese meal. Sue drove and in total there were five of us but Pete Mate was the only male. He coped though.

Friday 5th September 2014

I worked on the park accounts and then did some reading; it was a relaxed sort of day. Aaron the TV man arrived to adjust the television frequency so we all had TV again after the national change over.

Saturday 6th September 2014

Not much happened here today. Reading, knitting and watching a DVD. I spoke with my sister on Skype and then went over to happy hour.

Sunday 7th September 2014

It is Father’s Day today so to celebrate we enjoyed a very nice brunch at the café in the village. We also returned the shower chair back to its rightful owner with a big thank you for the loan. In the evening a few of us enjoyed a lovely barbecue with the meat being provided by Sue as she won the meat tray at the Bowling Club raffles. We all took something along and it turned out to be a really pleasant evening.

Monday 8th September 2014

I worked on the park accounts for a little while and then did some knitting. Pete Mate took Billy in to the garage for a service. The rain held off all day and then just as we were enjoying a very pleasant happy hour the heavens opened and the wind blew and some of us got a little wet. It didn’t dampen our spirits though, happy hour continued.

Tuesday 9th September 2014

Today we have had rain, hot sun and a cold wind. As someone commented, we could be in Melbourne. I sat outside for a little while but then the cold wind arrived as did a screaming child so I retreated inside. I did some knitting and a jigsaw puzzle. Pete Mate is reworking the Bell Park website patrons’ page which seemed to take all day. In the evening we met with friends at the Pizza Pasta place in the village. It was a good evening with good food, wine and company.

Wednesday 10th September 2014

The sunshine is back with vengeance – it is really hot. I did some more work on the accounts. In the afternoon I walked through the park to friend Robyn’s for afternoon tea. Robyn makes the yummiest scones. It was another very pleasant happy hour, John brought to happy hour a charcoal drawing his wife Ann had done and it was excellent. Ann is a very talented lady.

Ann Learmonths Pic
Ann began learning to paint in watercolour a year ago; just three months ago she began drawing in charcoal.
Already she's turning out work like this.

Thursday 11th September 2014

I went to card making this morning and then Pete Mate met me in the café for lunch. We then drove into Yeppoon to do some shopping. Later we went ot happy hour which turned into a very long one.

Friday 12th September 2014

Sad Boy

Not feeling so chipper this morning, could be lack of sleep or too much wine last night or a combination of both. I rested a lot today. Pete Mate and I walked over to Ann & John’s caravan to look at some more of Ann’s pictures. They were amazing. Pete Mate took some photos for the Bell Park website and then we came home for another rest. We went to happy hour before heading off to the Bowling Club for tea. Ann gave me the picture that I really admired - see right. I was absolutely thrilled and will treasure it forever.

The bowling club evening was very pleasant with some good company and yummy food.

Saturday 13th September 2014

Pete Mate took me to the local school fair. It wasn’t terribly exciting but I made a donation which is what it is all about in a small community. I met PM in the café for coffee before we returned home. I spent the rest of the day knitting poppies for the RSL, I believe they need them for Remembrance Day to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of WW1. Pete Mate once again returned to the computer where he is working on the Bell Park website.

Sunday 14th September 2014

It was a day of reading and just relaxing for me. Pete Mate once again spent all day on the computer.

Monday 15th September 2014

I worked on the park accounts for most of the day. Happy hour was very pleasant. I enjoyed a lovely chat with my sister on Skype before cooking a very yummy chicken stir fry.

Tuesday 16th September 2014

The day has finally arrived and I was given the all clear by the specialist to take the moon boot off. Walking without it is a little strange but I will soon get the hang of it. I am using the walking stick once more but hopefully not for long. In the afternoon I tackled the storage area under the bed, and I mean tackled, because when I had finished I was worn out. Now things are in storage containers it should stay tidy. We enjoyed a short happy hour before going up to the pub for tea with Sue and Al. It was a very pleasant evening and finished my excellent day off nicely.

Wednesday 17th September 2014

I enjoyed a busy day doing lots of different things in the caravan that have been on hold until the boot came off. Happy Hour was a celebration of my recovery and removal of the boot. I took lots of nibbles over and wine of course. Lionel and Noreen provided some home made Baileys which was very nice indeed. A good time was had by all.

Thursday 18th September 2014

I went to card-making in the morning and then met Pete Mate in the café for lunch. We did some shopping and then PM took me up to the local school to collect the raffle prizes I had won in Saturday’s raffle at the fair. I won four travel mugs, a barbecue tool set, a voucher for Spotlight and a free coffee voucher. I was very happy indeed.

When we arrived home our friends Greg and Marilyn had arrived. It was so nice to see them and once they had set up we had a cuppa and a long chat. We then started happy hour early before heading off to the official one. Later we enjoyed the dinner I had made earlier and finished the meal with a nice slice of apple pie from the bakery.

Friday 19th September 2014

We took Greg and Marilyn to the museum, which was of interest to us also because it is a few years since we were there. Nothing much had changed but it was interesting. We then bought some sandwiches from the bakery and enjoyed a picnic at the Singing Ship, a favourite place of mine.

Singing Ship
Here we are at the Singing Ship. There was enough breeze for the Ship to 'sing' a little.
Once home I had a nanny nap before sitting outside in the sunshine. We enjoyed a very pleasant happy hour and then took Marilyn and Greg to the Bowling Club for tea. It was a very pleasant evening but alas we didn’t win the raffle.

Saturday 20th September 2014

I spent most of the day sitting outside either reading or knitting. Greg and Marilyn went into Yeppoon for a look around. Pete Mate spent all day again on the computer working on the Bell Park website. Later we started happy hour early, as you do. We then continued it over at the official one before joining M & G for dinner. We said our goodbyes as they are off early in the morning.

Sunday 21st September 2014

The weather has changed and we now are enjoying wind and showers. The rain stopped enough for me to walk through to the markets. I met Pete Mate at the café and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast, more so because I didn’t cook it or wash the dishes. Once home we read and watched some DVDs as the wind blew and the rain lashed down with a vengeance. We enjoyed a happy hour in the ‘van, just the two of us.

Monday 22nd September 2014

The rain and wind are still with us but we are warm and cosy inside the ‘van. I did some computer work, finished my book, did some knitting and watched a DVD. Pete Mate did all of the above except he hasn’t finished reading his book and he gave the knitting a miss.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the pub with Lionel and Noreen. The food was yummy, the wine was nice and the company excellent. On the way home I wanted to call in at the library but it was closed due to a power failure. The supermarket shopping we intended to do was also cancelled for the same reason. Once home we both had nanny naps and then I went over to the office to help Sue out. Happy Hour was very pleasant.

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Pete Mate took Lionel and Noreen’s caravan to where they store it whilst I went out for morning tea with friends. Before I went I said my farewells to Lionel and Noreen. Hopefully we will see them again during the year. Morning tea was lovely with some good company. The rest of the day was more or less taken up helping Sue out. Happy hour was a long one and very enjoyable.

Thursday 25th September 2014

Pete Mate dropped me off at card making and then we met later at the café. I had a very good physio session and feel I can now improve my walking. After the physio we did some shopping before heading home. Happy Hour was pleasant but small in numbers.

Friday 26th September 2014

Sue organised a Blue September morning tea for today. It was very well done with lots of yummy food and beverages. Belly dancers gave some good entertainment and our friend Dianne had a go as well. I won one of the raffles, a bottle of wine. The event raised over $500 for cancer research. After a very short Happy Hour, Pete Mate, Sue and I went to the Bowling Club for tea. It was very pleasant but again we did not win the raffles. I guess I cannot be too greedy.

Saturday 27th September 2014

I had a ‘wash-a-thon’ today which involved stripping covers from anything that didn’t move. Apart from a quick trip to the supermarket I did very little else.

Sunday 28th September 2014

We packed our bags and headed out to The Ferns Hideaway for lunch and a stay in one of their cabins. We arrived in plenty of time to unload some of our things inside the cabin. We couldn’t do it totally because the lovely lady was still cleaning. We were joined for lunch by four others and as always at Ferns, a good time was had by all. The food, wine, music and company were excellent. Once lunch and the music were over we said goodbye to the others and headed back to our cabin for rest time. I sat outside with a book and a cup of tea whilst Pete Mate had a nanny nap. It was so peaceful - unbelievably silent - surrounded by dense rainforest; a truly wonderful place to be.

Monday 29th September 2014

We enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Tea Tree farm not far from the Ferns. We were joined by a bus group from the Emu Park RSL. It was lovely to share the experience with people we knew. We spent an hour on a boat on Water Park Creek which was one of the best boat trips I have ever enjoyed. It was so peaceful, just a hum from the battery-powered boat and the sound of nature all around us. We saw a lot of Water Dragons sunning themselves and some of the group saw a tiny blue Kingfisher but I missed it. We enjoyed a morning tea before we were driven around the farm and had things explained to us. The final stop was the distillery where they extract the tea tree oil to sell. It was all very interesting and of course we bought some oil. We headed back to The Ferns, I read and did a short walk around, and Pete Mate slept.

Tuesday 30th September 2014

It was time to leave and head back to the caravan. We enjoyed our time out here in the peace and tranquillity of the rain forest. It was just the break away from everyday life we needed to recharge the batteries and to give us the push to get back on the road and see new and wonderful places.

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