Delayed by Health Issues ~ September 2015

Good thoughts bear good fruits. Bad thoughts bear bad fruits.

Tuesday 1st September 2015

Pete Mate spent a lot of time on my computer trying to get the software to work properly. I did a few things in the caravan and then read my book. In the afternoon we went to visit Albert who was quite agitated.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

We left the park early because Pete Mate had a medical appointment in Rocky. As he was going to be a few hours, Sue and Marion came along to keep me company. Once Pete Mate was settled we three ladies went shopping, eating yummy food and drinking coffee. We enjoyed a relaxing day and then collected Pete Mate later. He was fine - so much so we went to Happy Hour which was a little flat.

Thursday 3rd September 2015

I went to card-making in the morning but decided to give Mah Jong a miss. I was really very tired and spent the afternoon reading and resting. Pete Mate spent another day trying to fix up my computer. We gave happy hour a miss.

Friday 4th September 2015

I went to Tai Chi and then had morning tea with the ladies. It was my farewell send off. I at last got rid of the knitted knockers - a lady at the knitting group in the library took them off my hands. Thank goodness. In the afternoon Pete Mate and I went into Yeppoon to do a bit of shopping. We went to happy hour for a short time before walking up to the Bowling Club for dinner. It was a lovely evening with good company.

Saturday 5th September 2015

I did lots of chores in the morning and had a washing and iron-athon. In the afternoon I sat outside the ‘van and read for a while. We met a lovely couple at happy hour, the chap complimented Pete Mate on the Bell Park website. He said it was the best caravan website he had ever seen and it was the reason they had come to Emu Park. There was also another chap on our table who I must try and avoid next time. Enough said.

Sunday 6th September 2015

I did a few chores and then I worked on some paperwork. Happy Hour was quite pleasant.

Monday 7th September 2015

We attended another computer session which will be our last. I learnt a couple of things but not a lot. We then visited Albert and he was much more settled today. I then delivered the last of the Guardian Angel knitting before heading home for Happy Hour.

Tuesday 8th September 2015

I walked into the village to do a couple of things. I read for most of the day and did some knitting. Happy hour was pleasant with some new people. A nice relaxing day.

Wednesday 9th September 2015

I went to have morning coffee with Iris which, as always, was very pleasant indeed. In the afternoon I read some more and did some knitting.

Thursday 10th September 2015

I enjoyed my usual Thursday at card making and Mah Jong. I was pleased with the cards we made but not my Mah Jong score. We enjoyed a very pleasant Happy Hour.

Friday 11th September 2015

Not a lot happened here today, we went into Yeppoon to do some shopping. Happy Hour was a big affair with lots of food and drink plus some good company. We said goodbye to a lovely couple, Jan and Peter.

Saturday 12th September 2015

We enjoyed a very nice lunchtime barbecue with some friends in the park. Yummy food and good company. We then went to visit Albert who was in good spirits. We returned home to watch the Fremantle Dockers beat Sydney Swans in one of the AFL finals.

Sunday 13th September 2015

I did a heap of washing and then cooked a few meals for the freezer. I read a book and then did some knitting. Happy hour was quiet but pleasant.

Monday 14th September 2015

I did few things around the caravan and then in the afternoon we drove into Rocky as Pete Mate had an appointment. We had to wait around a while and didn’t get home until after happy hour.

Tuesday 15th September 2015

I did some computer work for Sue then in the afternoon we visited our G.P., a lovely lady who gives good advice. She recommended another cortisone injection for me and tweaked Pete Mate’s medication. We enjoyed a pleasant happy hour.

Wednesday 16th September 2015

My friend Iris came over for coffee this morning, it is always good to see her and I enjoy her company; we seem to have a lot of common interests. In the afternoon I sat outside and read my book. Happy Hour was quiet.

Thursday 17th September 2015

I went to card making in the morning and then Pete Mate collected me to take me for my injection. We were just arriving at the hospital when I realised I had left the paperwork at home. The receptionist was wonderful and got straight on to the doctor’s surgery for a copy to be faxed through. I had to wait because an emergency had arrived but this allowed enough time for the paperwork to arrive. Phew! The injection was awful and they are not getting me back in there! When we left there we went into the shopping centre for some lunch and some shopping. It was not the best experience as the pain in my leg was bad. Once home I took some more painkillers and rested. Happy Hour was very quiet.

Friday 18th September 2015

I did some local shopping and then rested for the rest of the day. The pain in my hip and leg are not good.

Saturday 19th September 2015

I was going to walk into the village but Sue took me in her car instead. I had to go to finish off yesterday’s errands that I forgot. In the evening we went with Sue and Marion to an Indian Restaurant in Yeppoon. It was a great evening and the food was the yummiest.

Sunday 20th September 2015

After a really painful start to the day the pains in my body subsided and it looks like the worse is over. Thank God. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at the nursing home celebrating Albert’s 90th birthday. There were ten of us plus Albert, it was lovely to see him enjoy the company and the day.

Monday 21st September 2015

I walked the short walk into the village to do a few things. Once home I did a few chores before sitting outside reading and knitting. I talked to my sister on Skype and then went to happy hour.

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

We had a very busy day in Rocky. We shopped, sorted out paperwork, claimed medical expenses and stocked up on wine. We also changed our Wi-Fi over to the new 4G as we needed a better plan. The girl was very helpful and gave us better deals for our phone and my IPad. The noise in the shop was deafening so she spoke very loudly and laughed even louder - we were exhausted when we left there. We then hurried home to get ready for the barbecue we had organised. As we were providing the meat and the others were bringing the salads I didn’t have a lot to do. The work came later when we cooked the meat. Pete Mate did an excellent job and the whole evening was really nice. Better still, everyone woke up the next morning.

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

I enjoyed morning coffee with Iris - at her place this week. In the afternoon we visited Albert for a while. Later we had another quiet happy hour.

Thursday 24th September 2015

I went to card making in the morning and then in the afternoon relaxed and read a book. I am trying to sort out my knitting projects because we have another Great Grandchild on the way.

Friday 25th September 2015

I went to the hairdressers for my last haircut before we move on. I then did some shopping before heading home for lunch. In the afternoon we went over to Sue’s; I had paperwork for her to sign and Pete Mate was to fix her speakers. I think I had only just sat down when Pete Mate had finished his job. Not sure what was wrong but he was quick. We enjoyed a cuppa with Sue and Barbara. In the evening we went to the bowling club for dinner. We were a large group and we enjoyed a very nice evening.

Saturday 26th September 2015

Pete Mate and I went to the 'Men’s Shed' Open Day. For all those that do not know what this organisation is about, I will explain. First we didn’t all cram inside a small shed at the bottom of the garden. The Men’s Shed is an organisation that is similar in some ways to the Country Women's Association except it is for men only. The men of Emu Park have raised the funds to build a large shed so they can meet there, indulge in their hobbies, make things, chat and in general support each other. This is very much needed in rural Australia as many men feel isolated and then sadly this very often results in suicides. The Men’s Shed is also very community spirited and we see them popping up everywhere. Now the open day; it was very well organised with free soft drinks and a sausage sizzle. After the speeches (of which we only caught the tail end) we were entertained by various local artistes. We missed the belly dancers as they must have been on first. Pete Mate was disappointed. The fire brigade were there and gave a demonstration on how to put out a blazing pan of oil. Firstly they couldn’t get it to light and then they couldn’t put it out. Even the fire blanket caught fire! Then some bright person turned the gas off. God help us if we ever have a fire. We enjoyed the day very much and were kicking ourselves that neither of us remembered the cameras.

Sunday 27th September 2015

Praise the Lord I woke up relatively pain free and vowed I would never, ever have another cortisone injection. There are so many things I had wanted to do but decided that, as it was the first day in over a week that I could walk properly, I would read and knit and get active tomorrow.

Monday 28th September 2015

I went for an early morning walk which I have missed. I just love it up by the 'Singing Ship', it is so relaxing and peaceful. This morning’s peace was broken by magpies attacking another magpie. They had the poor thing on its back and were pecking it, I thought they were going to kill it but they all flew off. Whatever the ‘blue’ was about it was obviously sorted.

After breakfast we took down all the curtains and nets and gave them a long overdue wash. I also cleaned various parts of the caravan – inside of course. Pete Mate then rehung the curtains and nets. It was a busy day but satisfying.

Tuesday 29th September 2015

I did some more cleaning and some baking. In both cases I was pleased with the results. I helped Sue out in the afternoon and then took Barbara to see Albert for a short time late afternoon. Happy hour was very pleasant.

Wednesday 30th September 2015

Iris and Barbara came to the caravan for morning tea. It was a lovely time of chatting, drinking coffee and eating some small savouries which I had made. Just before they arrived I was knitting and noticed I had made an error a few rows down. The lovely Iris put it right for me whilst I made the coffee.

In the afternoon we went to see Albert who wasn’t so good today. We really felt for him, it was so upsetting to see him like that. Later, Happy Hour was very pleasant.

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