Cancer gone, back to emu park ~ December 2015

You have a choice each and every single day; I choose to feel blessed, I choose to feel happy, I choose to feel grateful, I choose to feel excited, I choose to feel thankful.

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Another quiet day. I went for my usual walk over to the shops and when I arrived home I realised I had lost my Fit Bit. I retraced my steps but didn’t find it. Nic did have one he was given and is going to have a look for it and send it to me as he doesn’t use it.

It was a very hot and humid day and the air conditioner was working flat out. Thank goodness it cooled down a bit for sleeping.

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Pete Mate had a much better day today. He managed the walk over to the shops but had a rest in Gloria Jeans where we sheltered until the rain stopped before returning home.

Thursday 3rd December 2015

I took my iPad for a walk to see if it could find my Fit Bit. The lady from FB suggested this. I walked into Coles and it connected! I was so thrilled. The lovely young lass behind the service desk straight away went to get it as soon as she saw me - she remembered me asking on Tuesday.

On the way out I dropped some magazines into the caravan park laundry. A young man was loitering outside the laundry and when I approached he asked me if I had I seen his phone. No I replied. He said I must have when I picked up those magazines because they were there when he plugged in his phone. No they weren’t, I had had these magazines for a few days. He immediately looked through the magazines to see if they were the same. Not convinced he stated very loudly that someone had stolen his phone. I told him to go to the office and check with them. He did and it was there but did I get a thank you or an apology? No! The day was cooler and the humidity has gone for now. Pete Mate had a restful day but did spend some time on the computer ... a very good sign.

Friday 4th December 2015

The weather is much cooler which makes it a lot more pleasant to walk. I did stacks of washing which received a heavenly rinse but by afternoon had dried. Pete Mate didn’t come for a walk but I noticed he is moving around more. I did some more card making and knitting.

Saturday 5th December 2015

I did my chores in the morning and then around lunchtime we went for a walk. We enjoyed a light lunch at Gloria Jeans and did some shopping. Then it was back to the ‘van to read, knit and watch some television.

Sunday 6th December 2015

Not much happened just the usual hobbies.

Monday 7th December 2015

I went for a walk to do some shopping. Apart from that the usual chores were done and then it was hobby time. Our days seem to just blend into one.

Tuesday 8th December 2015

Today was the best day Pete Mate has had since 3rd November. He came for a walk, had a hair and beard trim at the barbers and walked home again. He is a lot more cheerful and I can now see Emu Park on the horizon and goodbye Brisbane.

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Another good day here, Pete Mate didn’t come for a walk but is heaps better than he was this time last week.

Thursday 10th December 2015

A huge day for Pete Mate and Billy. We took Billy out for some fuel and a bit of a run. Poor Billy has been sitting ignored for weeks. He started first time. We got some fuel and then drove down to a shopping mall not too far but far enough to see how Pete Mate could manage in the car. We did the shopping and then had some lunch in a café. Once home Pete Mate rested on the bed I put all the shopping away and then I read for a while.

Friday 11th December 2015

We went into the city for the last time. Pete Mate had to see the specialist once more. The great man seemed happy enough with Pete Mate’s progress and gave us the all clear to leave Brisbane. He wants to see PM again in February but thankfully this will be in Rocky. Before the appointment finished I very politely told the specialist how unhappy I was with the after op care. Whether he took notice of what I said – who knows. We left there and headed home to start making plans for our departure.

Saturday 12th December 2015

I did some packing away and sorting out and then I went for a walk. I spent the rest of the day knitting and reading.

Sunday 13th December 2015

We walked over to the Newmarket Hotel and met up with our lovely friend Michele for lunch. It was so good to see her and we spent a good two hours enjoying her company. The food was good too. The excursion really did us good and we returned home with a spring in our step.

Monday 14th December 2015

I did some more packing away and sorted out under the bed where we keep a myriad of things. I then walked over to the shops for one or two things, mainly to post the final Christmas cards. I was a while because I had to sit down and fill out 14 competition forms so I could win a car. For every $10 you spend at Coles you get a form, I had forgotten to collect some previously so had to do it in bulk. By the time I returned home Pete Mate had hitched the caravan up all by himself. He said it was easier to do with me out of the way! The rest of the day was taken up with more preparation.

Tuesday 15th December 2015

We were ready to leave around 10.30am and called in at the office to return the keys and to thank the staff for their help and kindness. We were wished a safe journey and a Happy Christmas and given a bottle of wine. To say we were surprised was an understatement. After the initial treatment we received here this would have been the last thing we would have expected. We had a good run through to Standown Caravan Park near Gympie. We had a drive-through site so we didn’t have to unhitch. We had settled down for the night when there was a knock at the door and the owner was holding my handbag. I had left it in the office. Oops.

Wednesday 16th December 2015

We were on the road again by about 10.00am and this time headed for Gaynah, a small country town. We arrived at lunchtime and found no one in the office. We found a site and settled in. The owner came by later for her money and to give us the amenities keys. It is all very casual but the main thing is, it is quiet. The amenities were new and very clean but not user-friendly. The place was okay for an overnighter but you wouldn’t want to stay longer.

Thursday 17th December 2015

Our destination today was Cania Gorge, we had stayed there on the way down to Brisbane and really liked it. We decided to stay two nights so that Pete Mate could have a good rest. The owners of the park are really lovely and make you feel very welcome. We set up camp and then tried the TV but no joy there. Warren, the son, came over to help but he couldn’t get a signal either. Ho-hum! We have plenty of books and I have plenty of programmes recorded. Around five o'clock a storm came in and we had a huge downpour but it disappeared quickly enough. Though not before it drenched our neighbours who were out for a walk and returned dripping to find their bedding soaked.

Friday 18th December 2015

We both enjoyed a very peaceful sleep followed by a relaxing day.

Saturday 19th December 2015

We set off for Emu Park early – well early for us. We had a good run through having a couple of rest stops along the way. Pete Mate was amazed how little traffic was on the road until I told him it was Saturday! We received a very warm welcome from Sue, Barbara and Colleen. We were so glad to be back. We set up a basic camp and then has a rest before happy hour.

Sunday 20th December 2015

I went for an early morning walk which was so enjoyable, just being up by the Singing Ship gladdened my heart. We did a little more setting up and then I had to walk into the village for one or two things from the supermarket. Pete Mate came with me and we called in to see Al on our way. Later we enjoyed a very pleasant happy hour.

Monday 21st December 2015

We both went for a walk up to the Singing Ship and boardwalk this morning. I did some washing and Pete Mate did some more setting up outside.

Tuesday 22nd December 2015

We again enjoyed an early morning walk. We then went into Yeppoon to do some shopping. We met two lots of friends whilst in the shopping mall; it was really good to see them again. We didn’t get home until late but we had enough time to unpack and go to happy hour.

Wednesday 23rd December 2015

Apart from our early morning walk we did not do a lot. Some more setting up was done.

Thursday 24th December 2015

We went for our walk and then it was a quick breakfast before walking over to Bell Park. We have enlisted the help of a personal trainer to help get us fit. This was our first session and it went well so that is it we are committed and Rosie seems to think she will work wonders with us. We wish we had her faith. After the session finished we had a few things to do in the village and one of them was to visit Degani’s coffee shop. No we didn’t have cake, just a drink each.

Friday 25th December 2015

We went for our usual walk and were just about to head for home when we saw all these cars parked outside the surf club. We went to investigate what was going on. We saw heaps of people in the ocean either enjoying a swim, a paddle or a surf. We were not tempted to join them! At eleven o’clock Sue took Barbara and ourselves to the nursing home where Albert resides. It was lovely being with Albert even though a couple of hours later he wouldn’t remember us being there. When he was opening his presents he kept forgetting he had already given me a kiss so I received about six which he spoilt by saying, “There you go, Shorty”. It was quite funny and we all laughed. The meal was really yummy and huge servings, we didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day. Once home Pete Mate and I had a rest before happy hour.

Saturday 26th December 2015

We went for our walk which was hard going because it was so hot. After breakfast we finished setting up camp. We are now right for the duration. The heat got to Pete Mate a bit and he had a good rest in the afternoon. We gave happy hour a miss.

Sunday 27th December 2015

It was even hotter and very muggy today so we did a short walk and made our way back to the air conditioned ‘van. Not much else happened apart from a very pleasant happy hour.

Monday 28th December 2015

The weather has changed and we have wind and rain. We had to secure the awning and - typical of Emu Park - one of our neighbours came over to help. I worked on Sue’s paperwork and then later in the afternoon we visited Albert. He was happy and contented and Peter and Albert wandered down memory lane for an hour. I am unsure which one enjoyed it the most. No happy hour tonight – well not an official one.

Tuesday 29th December 2015

The rain cleared around 9.00am so after breakfast we set off for our walk. The temperature was very pleasant. We did a couple of things in the village and called in at Degani’s for a cuppa. Once home I finished off Sue’s paperwork and then did some reading. Pete Mate had another look at my computer and discover the ‘bit’ he needed he had thrown away. Oops! It is working fine so why worry.

Wednesday 30th December 2015

We enjoyed our morning walk and once again the temperature was perfect. We went into Yeppoon to do some shopping and to go to the Telstra shop. We have a query regarding our data coverage. An hour and 40 minutes later we were no neared getting an answer. We finished our shopping and then headed home for a rest before Happy Hour. Then we walked up to the pub for dinner with Sue and Barbara. Sue offered us a lift back but we declined and walked home.

Thursday 31st December 2015

We went for our usual walk, came home, had breakfast and then headed over to Bell Park to meet up with our trainer. This is our second session and boy did she work us hard. We had to lift weights and do squats and all sorts of things. I guess we will feel it tomorrow. We did a couple of things in the village, had a cuppa and then returned home. We both needed nanny naps today. We went over to happy hour which was very pleasant.

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