Pam's New Hip Doing Well ~ March 2016

There is a secret person, undamaged, in every individual.

Tuesday 1st March 2016

I had a doctor’s appointment for a check on my wound. Dr Beth was happy with the progress and then we had to wait for the nurse to take out stitches and dress the wounds. When we left there we had a drive up to the Memorial Walk to see the progress there and once again were surprised how well they are doing.

We enjoyed a sandwich at Degani’s and then collected our scripts from the pharmacy. Once home I had just enough time for a nanny nap before we were in the car heading out again. This time we were going to Tiger and Trish’s to meet a couple who were looking for a house sitter. We haven’t done any house sitting before and they haven’t had a house sitter before. Anyway we chatted for a little while and then agreed in a couple of weeks Pete Mate and I would go to their house to have a look at it and meet the cat. We were not home long when it was time for happy hour.

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

We went into Yeppoon for an appointment with a dietician. I am always apprehensive where these people are concerned because they are never realistic. The whole reason for going was that I was losing weight and Pete Mate wasn’t. The tables were turned lately, mainly due to the fluid my body was carrying. The dietician, Chris, turned out to be a very practical man who is working with us to ensure we lose weight and keep it off. We can even have our wine! We were duly impressed.

Afterwards we had to go to the bank to deposit a cheque. As it is years since we have done this we didn’t know where to begin. A very nice lady helped us out. When she asked what name the account was in I said, PM & PJ Ransonand then we both laughed as PM is his nickname. The girl must have thought we were mad and I didn’t know my own husband’s name. After we left the bank we felt a coffee was in order. Then we did the supermarket shop plus some wine buying. Once home and the shopping put away we had some lunch and then I had a rest. Happy hour was again very pleasant.

Thursday 3rd March 2016

Iris collected me in her car and took me to the CWA for card making. I really enjoyed the card making and the social side of it as well. They are lovely ladies. Once home again after lunch I had a rest. We then went to friends Jill and Sandy for happy hour. We were a group of ten and it was a very pleasant time.

Friday 4th March 2016

We didn’t do much today, just pottered about. I didn’t feel the best so had lots of rest. Happy hour was good; it was lovely to see Lorna back after her terrible time with shingles.

Saturday 5th March 2016

I had a terrible night’s sleep but felt the best I have felt since the operation. I had more energy to do things and the inclination. Pete Mate went off early to the auction to see how the cherry picker went. Sue invited me over for a cup of tea with Lorna, Barbara and herself. Pete Mate was successful and the cherry picker was sold. At this point he will tell you he did nothing, but forget that, he did all the legwork before hand and then towed the thing there. Without him it would never have happened. I made some cards and I finally resumed my knitting and so far am pleased with the results. We went over to happy hour for a short time.

Sunday 6th March 2016

We decided we would go to Degani’s for breakfast but we awoke to torrential rain and it didn’t let up at all. So we went with Plan B and had breakfast at home. The rain continued all day which was great for this area as it was much needed. We stayed dry inside the ‘van reading, knitting and watching TV. Happy hour was washed out so we enjoyed a glass of vino in the ‘van.

Monday 7th March 2016

It had rained off and on during the night. When we awoke it was very wet though not actually raining. Iris collected me just after nine as we were going to attend an event for International Women’s Day. When we got to Bell Park it was very clear that this outdoor event wasn’t happening.

We went to the library and they confirmed that the I.W.D. had been cancelled. Meanwhile Iris had locked her keys in the car with the engine running. We did not have a phone between us so the lovely Kylie (the librarian) rang the R.A.C.Q. for Iris. It was supposed to be a two hour wait so we were making our way to Degani’s for coffee via the pharmacy when the R.A.C.Q. arrived. It was more like five minutes than two hours. Once the car was sorted we went for that much-needed coffee. By now the rain had returned with a vengeance and we got soaked getting in and out of the car.

I did some more knitting and reading and Pete Mate was on the computer. We went over to Happy Hour as there was a break in the downpour.

Tuesday 8th March 2016

I had a morning appointment with the doctor that went really well. My wound has now been given the all clear but my iron levels haven’t. I had to go and have a blood test ... always a nightmare for me but the lady eventually managed to get enough blood for testing. We left there and headed to Degani’s for coffees and then did the supermarket shopping. After we had lunch Pete Mate went off to work on some equipment he is getting ready for auction. I had a nap and then did a few chores. Happy hour was, as always, very pleasant.

Wednesday 9th March 2016

Iris came over for coffee in the morning and then in the afternoon we went into Yeppoon for Pete Mate’s appointment with the podiatrist. After Happy Hour, Sue and Pete Mate drove over to the Kinka Kippa to collect our fish and chip tea. Barbara stayed behind to keep me company. We ate them in the barbecue area which was very pleasant as the temperature was just right.

Thursday 10th March 2016

Iris collected me in her car and took me to the C.W.A. for the morning. I made six cards and enjoyed myself very much. Once home I did a few chores and then made the lunch. I had a minor mishap with the crutches which resulted in my pain levels going sky high. A couple of hours later it all settled down enough for me to cook the dinner outside and then trot over to Happy Hour. Well, more of stumble than a trot.

Friday 11th March 2016

I enjoyed a particularly good day, nothing exciting, just being able to move around more easily makes a huge difference. I suffered no after effects from yesterday’s mishap. I did a few things that had been on my 'to do' list for a while. Pete Mate was also busy with one or two things. We tried to lodge our forms online for our cataract operations. We gave up and decided to do it the old fashioned way and drop them off at the hospital on Tuesday. Happy Hour was very pleasant.

Saturday 12th March 2016

I did some chores that were well overdue and then stripped the bed ready for washing. Whilst I was doing this Pete Mate was with Stretch looking inside containers. They are checking out what has to be sold at auction. Once Pete Mate was home he had to take over the washing as I had gone as far as I could on two crutches. I spent the rest of the morning doing the paperwork for Sue. I went over to Sue’s in the afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat. Later I went on Skype and had a chat with my sister.

Sunday 13th March 2016

We had decided to have breakfast at Degani’s and then go up to the Singing Ship. Then the plans changed, due to a communication misunderstanding, Pete Mate was supposed to be helping Stretch sort out the equipment that is going to auction. Breakfast now become lunch and Sue joined us. It was very pleasant and Sue and Pete Mate discussed a few things to do with the auction. After lunch Sue went off to do some work at the house and Pete Mate and I went up to the Singing Ship. It was so nice just to sit and watch the waves, listen to the sounds and be at peace in a place we love. Once home I cooked a bolognaise sauce on my stove outside the ‘van. I made enough for the freezer and tonight’s dinner. Whilst that was cooking I did some reading. Then before we knew it, it was happy hour and it was very pleasant indeed.

Monday 14th March 2016

Not a lot happened here today - we just pottered about doing mundane things. I did some more knitting and am very happy with the results. Happy Hour was pleasant.

Tuesday 15th March 2016

We had a big day out in Rocky. We both had appointments at the eye specialist to measure our eyes for the cataract operations. That all went well. We then had a list of places we wanted to go to. We managed to get everything done and were home in plenty of time for Happy Hour.

Wednesday 16th March 2016

I had a morning appointment with the dietitian which went very well. He explained my dislike of red wine – our taste buds change every six weeks. I was not convinced and still go with my theory it was the blood transfusion that changed me. After we left there we went to the post office to post some letters and make enquiries about having our photos done for our driving licences. They have the camera all set up and we had them done there and then. Earlier in the day I managed to download and print the forms we need, so all in all that particular task went well. We then did some shopping and were home in time for lunch. It took a while to sort out everything and put it away. Then I did some knitting and reading. Pete Mate was back to his task of sorting out the rest of what has to go to auction.

Thursday 17th March 2016

Iris once more gave me a lift to the CWA. I do appreciate her kindness very much but look forward to the day I can walk there. I made a few cards and then returned home. Pete Mate was back working in the container getting everything ready. Happy hour was pleasant.

Friday 18th March 2016

Pete Mate and I spent all day working for Sue. I am trying to sort out one or two queries but it means going through every piece of paper from 2009. A mammoth task but by afternoon I had got most of it done. There were a few more people at happy hour which was very enjoyable. The only blight on it is the mozzies and midges; we are all getting terribly bitten. Sue has arranged for the 'fogger' to come early next week.

Saturday 19th March 2016

Pete Mate and I again had a busy day helping Sue. Late afternoon we looked after the office whilst Sue took her Mum to see her Dad. It all went well apart from one chap coming in late and not being able to locate the key for his cabin. Our communications had crossed wires. Pete Mate sorted that out and then once Sue was home, we handed back the keys and phone and settled down for the night.

Sunday 20th March 2016

We enjoyed a lovely relaxing day. We walked into the village to have a late breakfast at Degani’s. It is the longest distance I have walked with the new hip. Breakfast was so yummy and filling it kept us full all day. So much so we only had a snack dinner instead of a cooked meal. The walk back was difficult and tiring plus it was now very hot. I had a rest on the bed and then I was fine. We did some reading and I did some knitting. I finalised a few things with Sue and then we went over to happy hour. It was very pleasant with a few more people there. The park is now getting busier as Easter is around the corner.

Monday 21st March 2016

I went for another morning walk, this time just around the caravan park. After breakfast I did a few chores and Pete Mate did a couple of loads of washing over in the laundry. We then read, knitted and I did some card making.

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Another day pretty much the same as yesterday. Pete Mate was once again busy getting things organised for the auction. We stayed inside as much as possible as the mozzies are dreadful. They are so bad in this area that IGA has sold out of insect sprays. The fogger came through just after 6.00pm so hopefully things will have improved.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Pete Mate had an early start as the truck coming to take the final things to the auction was due at 8.00am. He was away most of the morning, supervising. I used the opportunity to get my chores done early. We enjoyed a sandwich lunch at Degani’s and then did a supermarket shop. I didn’t want to be in the shops on Thursday because - as we all know - people go mad buying. Usually it is because the shops are closed on Good Friday but IGA in Emu Park is open. Am I alone in wondering why?

Happy hour was very pleasant ... not nearly so many mozzies about.

Thursday 24th March 2016

Pete Mate dropped me off at the C.W.A. as Iris, my usual lift, is unwell. I enjoyed the card making. Afterwards I walked home and felt pretty pleased that it went well. After lunch we drove into Rocky as Pete Mate had to go to the auctioneers and show them how to open the containers. We filled up with fuel and wine and then returned home. It is so nice to see the caravan park come alive with all the Easter campers, it is like a breath of fresh air. Happy Hour was longer tonight and very pleasant indeed.

Friday 25th March 2016

Pete Mate dropped me off at Iris’s where I spent a lovely hour and half chatting and drinking coffee. Iris was a lot better today. The rest of our day was pretty much like any other day here at Emu Park.

Saturday 26th March 2016

A day pretty much like any other. In the evening I spoke to two of my sisters on Skype. My eldest sister, Angie, and her husband Dave told us they are coming out to Oz for a holiday. It is very exciting; we'll love showing them our favourite places.

Sunday 27th March 2016

We decided on the spur of the moment to go out to lunch at Ferns Hideaway in Byfield. It is a favourite place of ours. When we arrived Marto was well into his music repertoire with the help of his friend, Mark. The food was really good as was the wine and music. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. Happy Hour back in the park was very pleasant.

Monday 28th March 2016

We walked into the village before breakfast, the temperature was perfect. Then the day followed the pattern of most days here, doing our hobbies. For lunch we sat outside and ate fresh crab. Our neighbours caught and cooked it and gave it to us. Our table was set with cloths, newspaper and hammer and we still managed to make a mess. It was very nice but a lot of work for very little return.

Tuesday 29th March 2016

We both had appointments with an exercise physio, Kate, at 9.00am. We were there on time, she wasn’t. We were not impressed by her lateness or the place as she had a small room with no ventilation in a very noisy gym. Kids in day care were screaming, music blasting out and generally noisy people. Kate arrived at 9.15am and eventually we started our appointments. She redeemed herself as she is a very good physio and straight away saw what my problem is. I have been relying too much on my good leg and not giving the new hip the workout it needs. I now have new exercises to do. Pete Mate was put through his paces and he also has exercises.

In the afternoon I had to have my hip X-rayed as it is now six weeks since the operation. I then saw the specialist. Everything went well, the hip is healing and he was very pleased with my progress except for the small hitch picked up by the physio. He was happy that I am going to work on it and I will see him again in three months. I hope by then I will be skipping into the consulting room. Afterwards I went clothes shopping for one or two things. It is so nice to have to shop because I need smaller clothes. Happy hour was pleasant.

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Iris came over for coffee in the morning and then in the afternoon we did our usual hobbies. We enjoyed an extended happy hour with Sue. For dinner we enjoyed some fresh barramundi caught and filleted by our neighbours. Yummy.

Thursday 31st March 2016

I went to CWA with Iris and enjoyed myself very much. The style of card making we did today is a favourite of mine. It's called 'Iris Folding'. It takes more time to do but the results are always good. I won the weekly raffle of fruit and vegetables. So all in all it was a good morning. The afternoon was once again spent doing our hobbies. Happy Hour was pleasant but the sand flies and mossies are back.

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