Cataract Surgery for two, please ~ April 2016

The Most Important Thing About Goals Is To Have One

Friday 1st April 2016

I spent a lot of time trying to sort things out under the bed. When finished I had three large bags of things for the charity shop. Apart from that it was just the usual hobbies.

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Pete Mate was out early to spend the day at the auction yard. I did some more cupboard cleaning and then, whilst having lunch, watched Downton Abbey without the offside comments. I did some reading and knitting plus some cooking. Pete Mate returned home hot and tired but after a short rest and a shower he was ready for happy hour. The auction didn’t go as well as planned but I think overall the result will be good.

Sunday 3rd April 2016

Iris came over at 10.00am and we walked over to Bell Park and had a walk through the markets. Afterwards we were ready for coffees and walked over to Degani’s. The whole village was bustling with people everywhere, lots of happy smiling faces. It was The Festival of Wind.

The sky over the beach was full of kites flying high, all shapes, sizes and colours. It was amazing to see. Pete Mate was off doing his own thing taking photos, so Iris and I wandered for a bit and we sat under the shade of a marquee and watched the Scottish dancers accompanied by the pipe band. On the beach there were sand sculpture competitions and team games plus the Fighting Kites. The idea of the kite fighting was to snap your opponents string and be the last one in the sky.

Iris and I watched for a while and then decided we had had enough for the day and wandered back to the caravan. Iris went home for a rest and I did the same in the caravan. Pete Mate was also home and resting. Later Pete Mate and I collected some pizzas and went up to Sue’s house on the hill to watch the fireworks. It was a cool evening with a nice breeze and was a very pleasant time which rounded off a perfect day.

Monday 4th April 2016

It was a sort of rest day today as yesterday was very tiring. I did sort out two more cupboards though.

Tuesday 5th April 2016

We had a morning appointment with our GP which went very well. We then did some shopping in the village and arrived home in time for lunch. In the afternoon I fixed up the digital photo frame and took it over to the office. It will show waiting customers what the area is like plus how much fun we have here at Bell Park.

Wednesday 6th April 2016

We had to be at the hospital for 11.30am to have our right eye cataract removed. Sue very kindly has offered to be our driver for two days. Sue dropped us off and we made our way into day surgery. We didn’t have to wait too long when we were called in to the nurse’s office to go through reams of paper work. Never mind, we had already filled in reams of paperwork.

We were then taken through into another waiting room where we had to dress in slippers, cap and gowns. We had to lock all our things in a locker, including our glasses. Then we waited and waited and eventually Pete Mate went through to the next stage where they put drops in your eyes every few minutes. Then he was taken into theatre and the procedure took about ten minutes, if that. In no time he was back in recovery and I was still waiting in the first waiting room, I couldn’t read or do anything because I didn’t have my glasses. Eventually it was my turn and then it was all over very quickly.

We left the hospital just after 4.00pm. Sue had to sign for us. The information we had been told was continually contradicted throughout the whole day. We were told we would have dressings and an eye patch. We didn’t. We were told we couldn’t wash our hair for a few days unless we held our head backwards – in fact, we could wash our hair normally the next day. We were told we were not to bend or lift for a week and then we were told we could do that the next day. Once home we went over to happy hour and enjoyed a glass of wine, another thing we were not supposed to have. Day two tomorrow.

Thursday 7th April 2016

Sue took us back into Rocky for our 9.30am appointment for the right eye to be checked. That all went well and as we had some time to spare before we had to be at the hospital we went to a shopping mall for morning tea. Afterwards there was still time to have a look at the shops. I have wanted some decent slippers for a while and saw some in Millers. I tried them on and they fitted. The young salesgirl said, My Nanna has these. I am now the proud owner of Nanna slippers! We also had a quick look in the $2 shop and bought a couple of things. Then it was time for the hospital ...

We knew the routine now and I held on to my iPad for a good while longer so at least with one eye I could do a crossword and a jigsaw puzzle. We did seem to go through quicker than yesterday but we didn’t seem to finish much earlier. Sue collected us and again signed for us. Once home we went over to Happy Hour.

Friday 8th April 2016

We awoke to the fact we could see and read without glasses; we are so happy! We have to put three lots of eye drops in four times a day. One of them stings like mad plus when I look up to put them in I see a very dirty ceiling. I stepped in the shower and exclaimed, This shower is filthy! It is wonderful to see the dirt even though it means I have to clean it, plus all the colours seem so much brighter and everything is crisp and clear. We went into the village to do some shopping and I bought some magnifying glasses from the pharmacy. I just need them for very small print. The only side effect we have found is we are both very tired but a nanny nap soon fixes that. Happy hour was as pleasant as ever.

Saturday 9th April 2016

Not much happened here today. I did some bookwork for Sue and Pete Mate read a lot, without glasses. We are still in awe of our sight. In the evening we went with Sue and Barbara to the Indian restaurant in Yeppoon and enjoyed a very nice meal. As per usual Pete Mate and I ate everything and then regretted it later.

Sunday 10th April 2016

Another relaxing day, the temperatures during the day and night are now perfect. It is great not to have the air conditioner on all the time. Happy Hour was very pleasant.

Monday 11th April 2016

We had to be in Rocky by 9.00am to have our eyes checked. Everything went well and the specialist was very happy with our sight, though not as happy as we are. After we left there we had a list of things to do. We worked our way through the list and then had some lunch before heading off to Bunnings, the last place on the list. In Stocklands I bought two new bags, a handbag and a backpack bag. I am very happy with both. We were home in plenty of time for happy hour.

Tuesday 12th April 2016

I walked into the village to the hairdressers and was very pleased with the cut. I then met Iris at Degani’s for coffee. Afterwards I called in at IGA and then walked home. Pretty normal things to do but it meant a lot to me as I walked with one crutch and no pain at all. It seems each day now the hip just gets better and better.

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Sue took Iris and I up to Barbara’s for morning tea. It was a lovely time with Iris and Barbara chatting away like old friends. Barbara was keen to show us her card making things and we were very happy to look, she has some good ideas. Once home again Pete Mate and I walked into the village for lunch. It was all very pleasant and I know it is becoming boring but I cannot help myself – our sight and my new hip are wonderful. We went to friends Tiger and Trish’s house for happy hour. It was very pleasant and I have an open invitation to pop up one afternoon and talk craft things with Trish and Jill. I drove the car there – first time with my new hip and it felt very comfortable. Now I do feel truly independent again.

Thursday 14th April 2016

I walked to the CWA for card making and enjoyed it very much. Once at CWA I parked my crutch in the corner and left it there for the morning. It was great to walk about without it. Afterwards I picked up one or two things at the shops and walked home. I spent a good deal of time sorting out my card-making things. Slowly the caravan is getting less cluttered. (I did say 'slowly', Pete Mate). Happy hour was once again just Sue and us.

Friday 15th April 2016

Pete Mate and I walked up the hill to the RSL. He carried on up to the Singing Ship whilst I went inside the RSL with Iris to play Hoy. I have never played in my life and wasn’t sure what to do. I soon got the hang of it and won the first game. I then won a second game and the raffle plus two chocolates. It was much better than I thought it would be and the time passed quickly.

I then walked down to IGA and did some shopping and Pete Mate collected both me and the shopping in the car. The afternoon was busy doing … I have no idea what. All I know is it was soon time for happy hour. Happy hour was very pleasant we met some new people and big Dave was there along with Lorna and Dougie. Dougie is a very lucky man as on Thursday he fell off a ladder at home and got away with just bruising and muscle aches.

Saturday 16th April 2016

We walked up to the Singing Ship, the first time for me since I had the new hip. The boardwalk is closed off because they are still working on the gatehouse. It was quite windy up there but nice and cool for walking. We called in at Degani’s for a coffee on the way home. After breakfast I started to clean; it took me hours and I only did very little. It will take a while to get the place ship shape after being neglected for so long due to the crook hip and not being able to see the dirt.

Later I went on Skype and spoke to my sister and brother, then I went over for the last few minutes of happy hour. It was a very happy happy hour judging by all the laughter.

Sunday 17th April 2016

We enjoyed our morning walk and then found ourselves at Degani’s for coffee. This is becoming a habit. Once inside we decided to have breakfast as well. Then we walked home through the markets where I bought a hat, collected the Avon order and met a few people we knew. One lady we saw at the markets was a fellow patient from the hospital where we had our eyes done.

Once home we had to get a move on with showers and things because the bus from the Back-packers' Hostel was calling to take us to the Rainforest Ranch at Byfield for lunch and music. The bus was free and, as we hadn’t been before, we thought we would try it out. There were seven passengers on the bus so no profit was made from us. The place was a bit rough and ready, the music was okay. Well ... some of it was. The food was good and the people very friendly. Overall we had a good afternoon except we were ready to leave long before the bus was ready. For us, Ferns will always be our favourite and we won’t be hurrying back to the ‘Ranch’ anytime soon. We were home in time for happy hour which is becoming bigger as more people arrive in the park.

Monday 18th April 2016

We did our walk and then had our usual coffees at Degani’s. Later I walked back to the village with some ladies from the caravan park for International Women’s Day Morning Tea. This event was cancelled last month due to the weather but today the sun shone and we enjoyed a gentle breeze. Perfect. The event was not well attended and it mainly focused on children, not women. The Mayor and some councillors were there for five minutes. It was different and pleasant. Once home I did some more major cleaning and now the stove and oven are spotless so I will not be cooking anytime soon!

Tuesday 19th April 2016

I had my first session with Rosie since I had the new hip. It went well. I was pleased with what I could do.

Later I had an appointment with the dietician and Pete Mate had a date with Stretch. I was going to go into Yeppoon on my own but PM had finished with Stretch in time to come with me. I did all the driving which was great for me as I had never driven into Yeppoon before. The dietician was happy with the way things are going. Once home I realised I hadn’t posted the birthday cards I took with me to Yeppoon so I walked into the village and back. I had a busy afternoon and then before I knew it, it was happy hour. It was a lovely pleasant time and it ended up with us having an invitation to dinner with John and Ann plus their friends, Sue and Tony. John had cooked the dinner which was lovely and we had a really good time.

Wednesday 20th April 2016

No walk this morning because I ached so much from yesterday. We again went into Yeppoon, this time for Pete Mate to see the podiatrist and for me to see the physio. Everything went well for both appointments. We then had some lunch before doing a supermarket shop. Once home I packed everything away whilst Pete Mate did a couple of things outside the caravan. Happy Hour arrived and tonight it was a special one - we celebrated Jim’s 70th birthday. We had trays of different food and the wine and beer flowed. A happy hour Jim would have loved. Sue provided a pavlova which was one of Jim’s favourite desserts. All in all it was an excellent evening.

Thursday 21st April 2016

I had my second session with Rosie and it went well. After breakfast I walked back into the village to the CWA for card making. I loved the Iris folding we did today. Afterwards I had a few things to do in the village, one of them being a walk up to the Post Office which ironed out the aches from my session with Rosie. Then I attended a funeral in Bell Park with Sue, Lorna and Gail. One of the park’s cleaners, Paula, lost her husband suddenly last Saturday. They are members of a biker group so the park was packed with bikers in leathers and lots of motor bikes. It was a very nice send-off for Glen and very emotional. In the afternoon I was busy in the caravan and then it was time for happy hour. This time we gathered at our neighbours, John and Ann. John made heaps of pizzas and there was other food as well. Once more we didn’t need any dinner. It was a lovely evening.

Friday 22nd April 2016

We went for our morning walk and for the first time in ages we were able to walk on the boardwalk. The gatehouse and the new paths are amazing. The walk wasn't completely open because they were still working on the final touches. At lunchtime I collected Iris and took her out for lunch as it was her birthday. The food and service were great and we had a lovely time. Happy hour was very pleasant as well.

Saturday 23rd April 2016

I had a short morning walk into the village to the shops. Later in the morning we walked up to the Memorial Walk for the opening of the Gatehouse. Luckily the organisers had arranged for lots of chairs because the speeches were long and many. First we were all welcomed by the Aboriginal leader of the district, who spoke very well without any notes. Once all the speeches were out of the way and the church minister blessed the gatehouse the ‘officials’ all cut the ribbon. It was a very long ribbon so they all had a piece at the end of it. Pete Mate, Iris and I then walked down to Degani’s for lunch. Later happy hour once again proved to be an excellent time.

Sunday 24th April 2016

Pete Mate and I walked the complete walk together for the first time. I say together because PM sneaked around the fencing and walked the walk before it was officially open. We popped into Degani’s for our coffees and decided to have a light breakfast as well. We then made our way home to get ready for lunch at Ferns. We were a party of six and we went in John and Ann’s car. Pete Mate drove the car there as he is now impressed with the Jeep. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of music, wine, good food and excellent company. Once home we had a rest before happy hour.

Monday 25th April 2016

We were up and out early for the dawn service. We walked up to the RSL Memorial and it was very, very dark. Where were our torches? – resting at home.

The Cenotaph at five in the morning.
The service was very moving and then to see the dawn and the sun rise was very special even though the sun was shy and hid behind some clouds.

Singing Ship
The Singing Ship at dawn. A memorial to Captain James Cook who was around these parts in 1770
Afterwards we walked home for breakfast.

At 8.30am we walked back again into the village for the march and another service.

Catafaulque party
The catafaulque party at the later service following the wreath-laying.
We saw friend Iris marching with the RSL Ladies Auxiliaries but failed to see friend John marching with the veterans. The service was once again very moving and once the wreaths were laid, Pete Mate and I walked the boardwalk to get a good spot to see the sun rise. The wind was strong and the air cool and PM and I were the only two without jackets or blankets. Yes, some people were wrapped up in blankets. We called in at Degani’s for coffees and then went home. We both had nanny naps in the afternoon. Happy hour was good.

Tuesday 26th April 2016

I went for my session with Rosie and felt good afterwards. A day of trying to do chores but in the end gave up; we have accumulated so much ‘stuff’, it is everywhere. PM and I organised a barbecue to say farewell to Ann and John. They have been extremely kind to us plus Ann gave me a healing session which has helped me enormously. The evening went well and the food and company were excellent. Pete Mate was chef in charge but admits he was under the supervision of John. The wine flowed ... most of it into my body which I regretted later. In true Bell Park tradition we invited two newcomers to happy hour and the barbecue. There is always more than enough food to go around. It was a very good night.

Wednesday 27th April 2016

I went over to Iris’s for coffee in the morning. Once home I took a look at the messy caravan and ... read a book. Later we went over to Tiger and Trish’s for happy hour; it is always good at their place. I gave the body a rest from the wine, plus I was the driver.

Thursday 28th April 2016

We were up and out early. We had a 9.00am appointment at the eye specialist to check our eyes. That went well and they cannot explain why I can see to read without glasses. I am happy. Pete Mate is still having a problem seeing the computer but everything else is good. As usual when being in Rocky we have a list of things to do. We got through our list quickly and were home by mid-afternoon. Happy hour was pleasant and new people are starting to arrive in the park.

Friday 29th April 2016

We enjoyed our morning walk, I now carry the crutch part of the way. I went over to Sue’s to sort out some paperwork. Once home I tackled ‘under the bed’. I took everything out and sorted it. Found room for certain things that had been lying around the caravan. The caravan looks a little better. Then I did some reading and knitting. We gave happy hour a miss as we were going to the Bowling Club for tea. Pete Mate and I walked up and Sue and Kathy arrived later. The meal was fine but the entertainment was dreadful. Once the raffles were over we four left and, I found out later, so did the rest of the people.

Saturday 30th April 2016

After our walk this morning I started to do some more cleaning and sorting. That took me all morning, then later I did some knitting and reading. Happy hour tonight was a long one, some new people joined us. It was the last one with Thelma and Barry as they leave tomorrow.

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