Things are changing in Bell Park ~ September 2016

Believe you can and you are half way there.

Thursday 1st September 2016

I went to the CWA for card making but didn’t play Mah Jong in the afternoon. I was quite busy at home preparing for Saturday’s move. Happy Hour was a long one and very enjoyable.

Friday 2nd September 2016

I went to Tai Chi with Laraine and then we all went for coffee. I did some shopping before heading home to do some packing away. We went to the Bowling Club in the evening for dinner and it was very pleasant, the numbers are well down now. We had a few more goodbyes to say to some lovely people.

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Pete Mate and Roger went off early to collect the prawns from Ann the prawn lady. I started packing things away inside the ‘van ready for the move today. Pete Mate moved the ‘van without any trouble whatsoever. He reversed down Jim Diamond Drive and into the site first time. We line the ‘van up for good TV reception and then started setting up. It took a while but not as long as we expected. We both had a break for nanny naps which were much needed as we were pooped. By the time we went to Happy Hour everything was in its place, even the flag was flying high. Happy hour was very pleasant, we are now down to one table.

Sunday 4th September 2016

Roger, Pete Mate and I went to Bella Sugo in Zilzie for breakfast. We had to wait a long time for everything but when it came it was really yummy. Afterwards we stopped off at the village to do a bit of shopping. Once home I defrosted the fridge and freezer then spent the rest of the day making jewellery. Pete Mate spent ages creating a map of Tamworth for Roger and his son Noddy. They want to go home via Tamworth because of the Powerstation Museum. Happy hour was once again a small number but very pleasant. Roger, Pete Mate and I then went to Sue’s for dinner and very nice it was too. It was a lovely evening.

Monday 5th September 2016

I worked all day on the park’s paperwork. Pete Mate and Roger went into Rocky to do a couple of things before collecting Noddy from the airport. They had a very nice lunch at The Leagues Club and whilst there they received the bad news that Noddy’s plane was not coming in at 4.30pm as planned but 7.00pm. They waited around for it – the arranged dinner at the pub was cancelled, not that the guys would have eaten much. I went over to Sue’s again and helped her eat up the left overs. It was a very nice evening.

Tuesday 6th September 2016

We went for our morning walk and nearly got blown away, the wind is so strong up near the Singing Ship. Once home we said goodbye to Roger and Noddy who left about 9.30am for the two and a half thousand kilometre return drive to Churchill.

Pete Mate and I went into Yeppoon as I had my last appointment with the physio. She was pleased with my progress but gave me more exercises to do. Pete Mate went to Bunnings whilst I was in with the physio and then we met up at the Coffee Club for lunch. After doing a supermarket shop we headed home. We enjoyed an afternoon of reading and having a nanny nap. Happy hour was cold and windy.

Wednesday 7th September 2016

The weather is still cold and windy, I walked on my own this morning as Pete Mate wanted a lie in. We once again went into Yeppoon this time for Pete Mate’s feet. That all done we went home via Degani’s and the library. I did some car-making, sorting and reading before getting ready for happy hour at Jill and Sandy’s. It was a very pleasant time. Afterwards we went to the pub for dinner with Sue and Barbara. It was trivia night; we didn’t play officially but had a go at the answers.

Thursday 8th September 2016

I went to the CWA for card-making and enjoyed it very much. I have been given the job of looking after registrations on Sunday for the fun run. In the afternoon I did some more card-making at home. Happy Hour was once again cold and windy.

Friday 9th September 2016

The heavy rain has returned. Laraine and I managed to get to Tai Chi dry but when we left it was raining, though not too hard. I went to the beauty shop and hairdressers. I was very pleased with what they did for me and I totally loved the foot massage, it was so relaxing. In the afternoon I did some more sorting out of my card-making things. We went to the Bowling Club for tea which was a lovely evening. A Ukulele band was playing and singing, they were very good.

Saturday 10th September 2016

I had a busy morning running errands and making a pasta salad for the barbecue at lunchtime. Noreen and Lionel invited us to their annual bash. Their friends, Charlie and Gail, were there as were Sue, Trish and Stretch. It was a very pleasant time with lots of yummy food. Afterwards Pete Mate and I had nanny naps before happy hour.

Sunday 11th September 2016

I was in Bell Park just before 6.00am for the CWA Fun Run . . . not that I was ever going to run! I was in charge of registrations which went quite well. We only had one sticky moment when we had a lot of competitors all at once and too many ‘cooks’. Overall it went very well and after the presentations and raffles it was all over for another year. I met Pete Mate at Degani’s where he was drinking coffee, the idea was to eat breakfast there. The queue was a mile long and we know how slow they are so we decided to walk back to the ‘van, get in the car and go to Zilzie for breakfast instead. It was very yummy, much nicer food than Degani’s. Nothing much happened after that, I did some knitting and reading and Pete Mate read a book that Brian had lent him. At the close of happy hour, we said our goodbyes to Laraine and Clif as they are off to Port McQuarrie tomorrow.

Monday 12th September 2016

It was the monthly CWA meeting today. We were supposed to have a guest speaker but that didn’t happen. The meeting was long because there were a lot of new submissions arising from the state meeting. I volunteered to research the health and safety regulations plus to help out with the lunch for the district CWA annual meeting. In the afternoon I read the book I am enjoying. Happy hour was pleasant.

Tuesday 13th September 2016

After our morning walk we enjoyed a day at home doing chores, reading, knitting and watching TV. A nice relaxing day. Happy hour was again very pleasant.

Wednesday 14th September 2016

We did our early morning walk which was very pleasant. I had coffee with Iris then came home for Pete Mate to go into Yeppoon. We had to collect some shoes we had ordered for him plus we had a voucher from the newspaper to get our wine really cheap. We bought up big, really big. Friends Jill and Sandy came to happy hour and we were joined by Brian, Jan, Sue, Noreen and Lionel. It was a very pleasant time and the evening air just warm enough.

Thursday 15th September 2016

I went to card making in the morning for a couple of hours then Pete Mate picked me up and we went into Rocky to have my eye checked out. A black shape has appeared in my vision plus I keep getting flashes. The optometrist was very through and said it wasn’t anything to worry about. An aging process that is common, I was happy with her but not my eye; all that money spent on it in April and now it plays up. We had some lunch, did a bit of shopping and returned home in plenty of time for happy hour.

Friday 16th September 2016

No Tai Chi today because the hall is being used for something else. Pete Mate and I did our walk and then after our usual cuppa at Degani’s we wandered home through Bell Park where all the action was. Heaps of people there setting up for the Beach Day Out. It was a family day but mainly for disabled people to give them access to the beach. After breakfast I spent the rest of the day sitting outside making cards. We walked up to the Bowling Club for dinner with Brian and Jan. Sue and Barbara joined us there. It was a pleasant night without music for once.

Saturday 17th September 2016

I spent the day card-making. The weather was perfect to start with but in the afternoon it got a little too breezy to sit outside. We took Brian and Jan up to Sue’s house for happy hour which turned into pizzas for tea. Sue thought it would be lovely for us all to sit outside and watch the full moon rise. The moon kept tantalising us with its game of hide and seek – it was a cloudy night. However the evening was very pleasant.

Sunday 18th September 2016

We went for a walk and then had a wander through the monthly market before heading home for brunch. It was another relaxing day pursuing our hobbies.

Monday 19th September 2016

We said goodbye to Jan and Brian, a lovely couple. Hopefully they will be able to come back next year. I spent the rest of the day doing Sue’s paperwork.

Tuesday 20th September 2016

I spent most of the morning at the beauty shop having a facial and massage. I felt lovely and relaxed when I left. I then spent the afternoon finishing off some Christmas cards.

Wednesday 21st September 2016

I spent the day catching up with a few chores, card making and knitting. We went to Jill and Sandy’s for happy hour with Noreen, Lionel and Sue. It was a very pleasant evening except for the mozzies. We did have a spray so were not too badly bitten.

Thursday 22nd September 2016

I woke up this morning with a swollen cheek which was very red and painful. I had been bitten by something in the night. My vision was affected and I really did not feel the best. I went to card making but wished I hadn’t as by the time I got home I felt very unwell and my face was painful. I didn’t do much else for the rest of the day.

Friday 23rd September 2016

I still felt unwell when I got up so I went back to bed. I felt a little better when I got up later but really didn’t want to go to the Bowling Club for tea. We went because Lionel and his friends were providing the music and we wanted to support them. When we got there it was a shambles because the club had double booked the acts. Lionel and Noreen were cross as their group got pushed to one side a bit. Eventually they got sorted out and everyone sang and played together but by this time we had had enough and left.

Saturday 24th September 2016

Sue, Pete Mate and I went to the new restaurant at Zilzie for breakfast. Also we wanted to check out the small market there. Not many stalls yet but it isn’t widely known; they really do need to advertise. I then spent the rest of the day doing a few chores and getting ready for tomorrow.

Sunday 25th September 2016

We left the park for a couple of days as we have booked a cabin at Ferns. We arrived in plenty of time to settle in before lunch. The afternoon was magic - the music, food and wine all contributed to a wonderful time. Marto’s friend and ex band member, Angie, sang along with her daughter and they had the most amazing voices. Afterwards we wandered back to the cabin where we relaxed. I took my book outside to read and fell asleep. A march fly decide I had had enough sleep and bit my foot!

Monday 26th September 2016

We awoke to peace and tranquillity – perfect. After breakfast we had a walk around the place. Down by the creek the mozzies and march flies were in abundance so we quickly made a retreat. We enjoyed a really lovely relaxing day. At happy hour time we lit the camp fire and enjoyed our wine sitting around it. It had been a wonderful time and we wished we could stay longer.

Tuesday 27th September 2016

Once more we woke up to the peaceful sounds of the birds and not much else. We slowly packed up and left Ferns for home. If we had come prepared with extra medication we would have stayed another night. We called in at Yeppoon on the way home for me to buy some wool. Once home we unpacked and then read our books.

Wednesday 28th September 2016

I had coffee with Iris who is not so well; she had been away to a grandson’s wedding and had hurt her back. Later I did some cooking for the freezer.

Thursday 29th September 2016

I went to card-making in the morning. Thelma had brought along all my favourite things to do – I was so spoilt for choice I didn’t know where to begin. I really enjoyed my morning. I spent the afternoon doing things on my 'to do' list.

Friday 30th September 2016

I went to Tai Chi in the morning and then for coffee with the Tai Chi ladies. Later I did a few things at home before going out to tea at the Kinka Kippa with Sue and Barbara. We had asked for a table inside as last time we sat outside and got eaten alive. This went well until a group of people arrived. As we knew some of them, we knew they would be loud. We were not disappointed! We ate our meal - which was very nice - and then left.

Thirty days hath September so tomorrow is another month.

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