So busy and a new knee scheduled for mid-month ~ July 2017

Hope is the little voice you hear whisper ‘maybe’
when it seems the entire world is shouting no.

Saturday 1st July 2017

I went as usual to do my shopping early. Usually I buy my lucky numbers from the Men’s Shed chaps but they weren’t there which is very unusual; I just hope they are okay. I then did a few chores before setting up the Mah Jong tiles ready to play. I spent the afternoon playing with Suzanne, Susan and Jeanette. It was very pleasant but I was not on form and scored my lowest score ever.

Sunday 2nd July 2017

A small group of us went in the mini bus to Ferns. This trip was originally organised for Roger to share Ferns with Karen and Peter plus a visit to the Nob Creek Pottery was included. Sadly, Roger had to opt out as he was now sick. The rest of us visited the pottery where a few purchases were made and then we made our way to Ferns where we were met by Sue and Barbara who travelled in the car. It was a really good afternoon and Marto and Genevieve as always looked after us very well.

Monday 3rd July 2017

I worked all day on the accounts and lease documents. I felt like the cold was coming back and it was struggle to get everything balanced. By evening time, I decided I would phone the doctor’s surgery for an appointment, I need to get well for the 17th which is the day of my operation.

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Pete Mate and I had a quick trip into Yeppoon, me to shop and Pete Mate to wash Billy. We then went to the doctor’s. It wasn’t our usual GP as she was away. He was, however, very through and very pleasant. The computers and phone lines were down so he couldn’t access our medical histories. He gave me a script for antibiotics and told me to use a nasal spray. Pete Mate has to have a chest X-ray. Once home we had a quick lunch, I then went over to help Sue for twenty minutes, then Suzanne and I went to Robyn’s (in the park) to play Mah Jong which was followed by wine and nibbles. A very pleasant afternoon.

Wednesday 5th July 2017

Sue and I went into Yeppoon for an appointment which went very well. Afterwards we managed a little shopping, I bought a skateboard, and then morning tea. We then attended the Yeppoon Community Centre where we saw all the stars many groups had made for the Million Star Project.

Star Makers Left: Some of the Star Starmakers. Behave yourself, Judy.                          Right: A sample of some of the stars.

In the afternoon I held a ‘Morning Tea’ meeting for the volunteers. It went really well and I value the ladies input and feel we will have a very successful event. Afterwards Sue and I counted all the raffle prizes and auction items. It is amazing how many we have.

Thursday 6th July 2017

It was CWA morning today, but no card making because Thelma had a medical appointment. I took my jewellery making and it took me a little while with lots of help to remember how to do it. We were about ready to leave when Iris lost her balance and fell over. She cut her head and was quite dazed. BJ drove her car home and I followed in Billy. We then waited for her son and daughter-in-law to arrive. Pete Mate spent the day in Rocky with Roger so in the afternoon I had some peaceful time and a snooze. Happy hour was held at Jill and Sandy’s place. We were a large crowd and it was a very long and very happy, happy hour.

Friday 7th July 2017

I went into Yeppoon with Sue for another appointment which went well. Afterwards we met up with Barbara and Peter for lunch. Then Sue and Barbara went off to do some shopping whilst Pete Mate and I went to the hospital for his chest X-ray. We then had a couple of things to do in Emu Park, one being to see the girls in the library to give them their lucky door raffle tickets.

However, I dropped the book walking from the car to the library. Pete Mate and I searched everywhere for it but didn’t have any success. When I asked in the hairdressers (I had called in there for a donation for the raffle), Cath, the owner gave me another book to use. Very kind. Later I received a message on my phone that someone had handed it in to Cath. It seems I must have dropped it on the road just before a car parked over it.

A few of us went to the Bowling Club for dinner which was very pleasant and, as there wasn’t any music this week, we were able to chat.

Saturday 8th July 2017

I was out early to do my shopping; once again it was much easier than going later. Men’s Shed chaps were there selling their lucky numbers - apparently last week the rosters got mixed up. I bought raffle tickets from a lady selling them to raise money for a local choir. I mentioned the Big Morning Tea I am organising for Friday. The lady said she couldn’t come but gave me a donation of $20! How lovely is that? Once home I had a few chores to do before lunch then I played Mah Jong all afternoon with Susan, Suzanne and Jeanette. I did not do very well again. Happy hour was very pleasant.

Sunday 9th July 2017

I had a busy morning but managed to get a lot of things done. Pete Mate and I went over to the barbecue area for lunch with some of our friends. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday lunch. Once home Pete Mate had his nanny nap and I continued with my 'to do' list. We didn’t go over to happy hour as I was busy. By evening time I was very pleased with how much I had achieved.

Monday 10th July 2017

I had my pre-admission appointment at the Mater Hospital today. Roger came with us. Whilst I had my appointment Roger and Peter drank coffee in the hospital café. Afterwards we went into the shopping mall to buy a few things plus have some lunch. I made the huge error of leaving my walking stick at home. By the time we had finished I was finding it difficult to walk.

Once home it was time for a rest for both of us.

Tuesday 11th July 2017

I had an early morning date with the blood sucker place. Dr Pretorius needs his own set of blood tests. Later Pete Mate and I had appointments with the podiatrist. We then went and had some lunch before doing a spot of shopping.

Wednesday 12th July 2017

We both had a doctor’s appointment this morning for scripts and Peter’s ongoing check-ups. I had an afternoon appointment at the hairdresser's. Apart from that, not much happened.

Thursday 13th July 2017

I went to CWA for card making in the morning. In the afternoon some volunteers arrived to put up the gazebo ready for tomorrow’s morning tea. The men must have learnt a lot from last year because it went up without any drama at all.

Friday 14th July 2017

It rained during the night but when I awoke the sun was shining. I was very hopeful that it was going to stay that way until lunchtime. Pete Mate, myself and my band of volunteers started to get things ready for the Big Morning Tea. Everything was in place by 8.45am and we were ready for our ‘customers’. They soon started to arrive and the raffle ladies were busy selling the raffle tickets. Anne, the cello player, was playing some lovely music and then the thing I had been dreading arrived . . . the rain.

I expected everyone to go home but no, the umbrellas and raincoats appeared and everyone just carried on as normal. We counted the people and found we had 111 people attending - pretty good for an event in the open on a rainy day. We decided, as everyone was huddled under the barbecue area, to serve morning tea. Good decision. Then Jaclyn, our lovely police constable, gave a talk about domestic violence and how common it is, plus how we as a community can watch for the signs. Then the main event happened.

Phil, our auctioneer extraordinaire, swung into action and sold all the items we had on offer. The various raffles were all drawn and then the final item on the agenda - the lucky door prize. This was won by our lovely neighbours in the park, Charlie and Marion and donated by Marto and Genevieve from The Ferns.

That was it - all over for another year. All that was left was a huge clean up and then to start planning next year. Sue, Suzanne and I counted up all the money and Roger totted up the auction items. The grand total came to $3205. An amazing effort by some amazing people.

We ate dinner at the Bowling Club which was pleasant because there was no music and it wasn’t as crowded.

Saturday 15th July 2017

Most of the ladies from the caravan park descended upon the RSL for their cent sale. It was a lovely morning with most of us winning a prize or two. I was amazed how far the results of yesterday’s morning tea had travelled, even the amount we raised was well known. The afternoon was spent working on Sue’s accounts.

Sunday 16th July 2017

I spent the day doing chores in the ‘van plus getting my things ready for tomorrow.

Monday 17th July 2017

The day has finally arrived for my knee replacement. We arrived at the hospital at 6.00am as per instructed. I was quickly processed and then put in a room to wait for the anaesthetist. I waited and waited and then wandered about in case they had forgotten me. Dr Pretorius then came to tell me the scheduled anaesthetist had not arrived and he was trying to get a replacement. This eventually happened and I was wheeled into theatre at 9.40am instead of 8.00am. I opted for an epidural which was given to me, then I asked to go to sleep.

Everything went well until I woke up before they had finished installing my new knee. As I couldn’t feel anything I decided to stay awake. I then went into recovery for a while before being taken to the surgical ward and my room. Pete Mate was waiting for me unaware of the dramas downstairs. Later the physio came to get me out of bed and to walk down the passage way. Once that was out of the way I had permission to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness because bed pans are the pits.

Tuesday 18th July 2017

The day went well, it was a routine of doctors and physio plus visitors. I had some lovely flowers delivered and lots of good wishes conveyed either by phone or email.

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday including the flowers. I am now getting quite a collection. The only difference today was I am now classed as independent and can go to the bathroom on my own.

Thursday 20th July 2017

The morning was the same routine of exercises and doctors. Then in the afternoon I was transferred to rehab for a week. This all went smoothly except I was left in my room without anyone telling me what was going to happen next. Eventually, after asking, I was informed of what would be happening.

Friday 21st July 2017

I went to physio in the gym and did a number of exercises. Then the day panned out with the routine of hospital. Pete Mate couldn’t come to see me as his man cold/flu had returned.

Saturday 22nd July 2017

A normal day in the hospital and Pete Mate was well enough to visit but kept his distance.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Just another day in here.

Monday 24th July 2017

Another normal day in here plus I was back in the gym for physio. I have a high temperature which is causing some concern so blood tests and a scan have been ordered.

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Results of the scan are normal but I am to have more blood tests. Physio went well and I do feel very well; just tired all the time.

Wednesday 26th July 2017

A day pretty much like yesterday.

Thursday 27th July 2017

No blood tests today they have decided that I have had a mild infection which seems to have cleared and my temperature is once again normal.

Friday 28th July 2017

Once I had seen Dr Pretorius and had the all clear to come home it was all systems go . . . which in a hospital is quite slow. Peter came to collect me after lunch to give the pharmacy time to organise my medication. We still had to wait for them. I was seen into the car by Greg, one of the physios, and then we were homeward bound. Once home I had no sooner got on the bed with my leg up when I had a constant stream of visitors which was a lovely welcome home.

Saturday 29th July 2017

Today was a day of settling down with the knee and crutches. I had to find out what I could do and not do. I am extremely tired and spend on lot of time on the bed. Pete Mate is doing a wonderful job of looking after me.

Sunday 30th July 2017

It is a Ferns day today and I had fully intended going. That was until the reality of having a major operation and a new knee sunk in. Suzanne had taken over the running of the day and she continued on and did a wonderful job. By all accounts it was one of the best days and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Monday 31st July 2017

I am beginning to get about a little more than I was. Doing things in the caravan with two crutches is a little trying but at least I am mobile.

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