Back for the other knee mid-month ~ October 2017

We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.          Oscar Wilde

Sunday 1st October 2017

I enjoyed an early morning walk into the village, it has been a while since I did it. We just pottered about doing different things, nothing exciting. Happy Hour was noisy because a family reunion was occupying some of the tables and they were playing a game. It was Stan’s last happy hour because he leaves in the morning.

Monday 2nd October 2017

We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain on the roof. It was wonderful to hear as we have not had any rain since July. It continued all day. We were happy, keeping ourselves occupied with computer things, reading and knitting.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

We visited the doctor’s to get Pete Mate’s report from the specialist. We didn’t learn anything new but he did get a script for some medication. We then had an early lunch at Jolt. I went out with Sue into Yeppoon for the afternoon. In the evening we had a special happy hour for Al’s 88th birthday. It went well and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Iris came over for coffee in the morning. Just after she left Pete Mate got ready to take Billy into Yeppoon for a service. I spent the afternoon knitting and watched Philomena on DVD. It was very moving and sad.

Thursday 5th October 2017

In the morning I did my usual card-making at the CWA; I made eight more Christmas cards. I then made some more at home in the afternoon whilst listening to my library book.

Friday 6th October 2017

I was out early this morning to collect Sue from the car service people. We had breakfast at the Coffee Club and we had just about finished when we were joined by Dave from the caravan park who was also having work done on his car. Sue and I did a bit of shopping before I brought her back to the caravan park. Later, Peter and I took her back into Yeppoon to collect her car.

While in Yeppoon we bought some wine and we took our television into Betta Electrical to see if they could figure out our replacement remote control - the original one died. We could not have asked for better service; the lady assistant must have spent an hour trying to get out TV to work. It turns out Grundig will not work with a universal remote, only a Grundig. We were even given the information where we could buy one on Ebay. Excellent service. In the evening we accompanied Sue and Barbara to Kinka Kippa for dinner. It was very pleasant and the food was good.

Saturday 7th October 2017

I did my early morning trip out to the shops. I then spent the day cleaning and cooking.

Sunday 8th October 2017

Apart from the shopping my day was pretty much the same as yesterday .

Monday 9th October 2017

I worked all day on Sue'a accounts.

Tuesday 10th October 2017

We had our appointment with our care nurse to talk about our care plan. We were weighed and had our blood pressure taken and then the rest of the appointment was taken up by nurse Leah talking about holidays. From there we went into the village and enjoyed lunch at 'Jolt' before doing a few things in the village.

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Pete Mate and I went to Iris's - me for my usual cuppa - PM to see if he could fix her table that houses her sewing machine. He was working in cramped conditions so decided to take the part away with him. We then went into Yeppoon to take a 'thank you' gift the the lady in Betta Electrical. We had some lunch and then went to see Al Crooks, one of the permanents from the park. He was taken into hospital on Monday with fluid on his lungs. We were very pleased to see him looking a lot better.

Thursday 12th October 2017

I went to CWA as usual and made some more Christmas cards. Afterwards I did a few things around the caravan.

Friday 13th October 2017

I went for a haircut to my usual hairdressers. They were all dressed up like they were going to a Halloween party because it is Friday 13th. After my haircut I managed to make an appointment for a manicure. It is my treat day, today.

We went with Ann and John, Mel and Alison for dinner at Jolt; it was very pleasant and Narelle was the singer. We had seen and heard her before and she is good. She does a very good 'Bobby McGee'. When she was standing at our table I asked if she knew 'The Streets of London', she said she hadn't sung it for years. Then she proceeded to sing a couple of verses whilst standing there. A beautiful voice.

Saturday 14th October 2017

I went into the village early as is my Saturday routine. After breakfast I once again got back to the cooking and cleaning; I want to be very organised when I go into hospital.

In the afternoon Sue, Kathy, Ann and I went to look at some artwork. It was at the home of Narelle who was the singer at Jolt last night. This type of artwork is called dirty cup art. You mix layer acrylic paint into a cup then this it tipped on to a canvas. Where the paint runs is the art and then you touch it up. It was very interesting and after we had viewed all the artwork Narelle gave us a demonstration which was unexpected as we all thought we were just going to look at the art.

Later I had a quick chat with my sister Sandie on Skype before going over to happy hour. It is Mel's birthday and John and Ann are cooking fish and chips whilst Pete Mate and I provided the cake. Mel was overwhelmed that we should do this for him when he only met him a few days earlier. That is what we do at Bell Park Caravan Park - we welcome everyone and do whatever we can for them. A tradition started by Jim Waterman and we all carry it on in his memory.

Sunday 15th October 2017

I finished my to-do list by cleaning the oven, stove and microwave. I think I am just about ready. I have packed my bag and the crutches are in the car.

We went over to happy hour, it is John and Ann's last night plus I said goodbye to Dave and Glenys because they may leave whilst I am in hospital.

Monday 16th October 2017

The day has arrived. We were at the hospital at 6.00am and I was processed quite quickly. Pete Mate and I said our goodbyes and I went into theatre at 8.15am and the operation took about two and half hours. I didn't wake up half way through this time. I hadn't been back in my room long when Pete Mate arrived to see how I was. He stayed a little while then went home. I kept drifting in and out of sleep all afternoon. The operation went well and now it is the tough task of recovery.

Tuesday 17th October 2017

I had a reasonable night's sleep. I was well looked after by the nursing staff, many of whom remember me from July. It was a day of blood tests, X-rays, drips and cannulas. I somehow pulled mine out. By late afternoon everything had settled down and I was feeling much better. Pete Mate spent the afternoon with me, which was good.

Wednesday 18th October 2017

A day pretty much the same as yesterday. Apart from a lovely visit from friends Jill and Sandy.

Thursday 19th October 2017

Another day enveloped in the routine of the hospital.

Friday 20th October 2017

Same old routine here. The highlight of my day is Pete Mate's visit, even though we run out of conversation sometimes and I nod off. It is just good to have him here.

Saturday 21st October 2017

I should have been transferred to rehab today but they have closed the rehab department. Not enough patients. I am to stay in my room and the physio will collect me and take me to the gym.

Sunday 22nd October 2017

I went for a long walk along the corridors today because there is no physio on a Sunday. I did my exercises. Friend Robyn called in for a little while which was lovely. Pete Mate visited as usual in the afternoon.

Monday 23rd October 2017

It is very confusing sometimes, when you are in the surgical ward. You have two sets of physios, surgical physios and rehab physios. Me staying in the surgical ward but under rehab seems to have confused things. Rowan, the surgical physio, came for me and we did the exercises and the stairs then half an hour later the rehab physios arrived to take me to the gym for basically the same exercises with a couple of new ones thrown in. But no stairs.

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Another day of routine plus a trip upstairs to the gym for my physio session. All went well.

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Another day pretty much the same as yesterday.

Thursday 26th October 2017

I was woken up at 4.30am by a dreadful pain in my leg, it was the whole of my leg. I got out of bed and walked a little and the pain eased somewhat. The lovely nurse Anitta gave me a pain killer and I rested the leg. Dr Pretorius visited me and had a look at the leg, everything seemed to be in order but he suggested I stay another week in hospital. I spoke to the nurses about it and the physios plus Pete Mate and the general consensus was I should stay.

Friday 27th October 2017

I went to physio as per usual and the rest of the day was like any other day in here. Pete Mate came for his usual visit which was good.

Saturday 28th October 2017

No formal physio today but I did my exercises and three walks around.

Sunday 29th October 2017

A day like yesterday.

Monday 30th October 2017

Dr Pretorius visited me in the morning and said he was happy with my progress and signed me over to the rehab doctor for the rest of my stay. Physio was pretty much the same as Friday. Friends Robyn and Ray came for a visit which was lovely.

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Usual day here in the hospital.

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